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Witty, urbane and thoroughly entertaining.
Like her (Cholodenko) other movies, this one has vivid characters and strong performances and flows like a slice of life set in an appealing, interesting world. But this one also has a good story and, if you're paying attention, a distinct point of view.
Wall Street Journal
A thrillingly funny and casually profound film.
This warm, funny, sexy, smart movie erases the boundaries between specialized ''gay content'' and universal ''family content'' with such sneaky authority.
Every scene has its highlights, from amusing observations about sex to poignant truths about parenting and partnerships. But what you'll remember most is the exquisitely lovely final scene, in which Cholodenko reminds us that all we need is a single moment of perfection -in a family, or even in a film - to believe that somehow, things will always be all right.
"All right" doesn't begin to describe it. The Kids Are All Right is wonderful. Here is a film that respects and enjoys all of its characters, the give-and-take and recklessness and wisdom of any functioning family unit, conventional or un-.
More universal than it is alternative, except in one sense: There's nothing else on the contemporary movie landscape like it.
It's a classic Hollywood domestic comedy with a mischievous twist.
This gem features five topnotch, multidimensional performances in one of this summer's most engaging films.
The actors are to die for. Bening and Moore nail every nuance of a relationship going adrift. And Ruffalo is dynamite as a man keeping himself at a distance. Kids makes its own special magic. It's irresistible
Here are five gifted actors at the top of their games as five characters in search of what makes a family.
This love letter to gay-marriage supporters is respectably entertaining filmmaking, it's just not exceptional.

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