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bevyof119 October 2006
This show is an excellent look at the creative process. Duff and his employee/friends are imaginative and funny. Their cakes are infinitely diverse and brilliant! I enjoy it very much. Duff is an unusual employer. He expects excellence, but he allows room for individualism. His abilities in decoration are always tested. Each week, he must do something he has not done before. He is always up to the task. It is fun to watch these real people do their very real work and succeed so wonderfully.

Please take time to watch and you will see what I mean. Everyone should have a job that allows you to excel at your own special gifts.

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One of the best offerings on The Food Network!
winchform25 November 2006
ACE of CAKES is amazing. If you haven't seen it, make the effort to do so - No excuses with TIVO and DVRs. Duff and his crew of incredible artists create a roller coaster of a show each week. The artistry and creatively executed cakes are always a delight and the antics and hold-your-breath moments are such a surprise - you never know what's coming next.

There's something for everyone with this show - including a pretty good look into the business aspect of running a bakery, dealing with disasters and set-backs, as well as quickly, creatively solving problems related to all aspects of the fabulous Charm City Cakes Bakery. The best is when they do an outstanding job and they know it! They get such a kick out what they do and just when you wonder how could they do anything more special, they do - in spades - oops - a pun; get it spades/ace hahaha. Lots of Yin and Yang here. It's REALity TV that's REALly REAL.

Food Network scored a hit with this one! To quote Chef Duff "AWESOME!"

This fan can't wait for next season; I've already got this season memorized. HURRY-UP FOOD NETWORK!
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How can this show be so much fun and constantly entertaining?!
MartinHafer24 December 2009
This is an odd concept for a show--at least on paper. It follows a super-unique cake business that makes amazing and very expensive cakes. Each week, several of this wild cakes are created and then, in many cases, shown to the recipients. This is THE show...and it sure sounds dull. After all, it's only cake...right?! Well, no...there's a lot more to it than that--thanks to interesting personalities. It seems that everyone in the place is amazingly talented and a bit quirky--so much so, that you tune in to see them as much as the cakes. My particular favorite is Geoff. He's probably the most talented decorator, but also he is just plain weird--so weird, you never know exactly what's going to come out of his mouth. He's just an odd but highly entertaining guy. Now the show is not all Geoff, as the others also have quirky and very immature senses of humor--making this the place that practically all viewers want to work. Overall, despite being on many seasons the show is still going strong and works well despite its simple concept.

By the way, you can only get new DVDs of this show from Target (through season 3 as of this time). Also, for the bestest cake (yes, I know that isn't a word), see the show with the Exorcist cake--I still smile when I think about that one!!
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