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Village Voice
The real value of this film is its treasure trove of archival footage, rare clips that document this genius of an artist as a young man.
Entertainment Weekly
Surprisingly square portrait of avant-garde artist and director Robert Wilson.
Chicago Tribune
Not only does this film offer a comprehensive portrait of a fascinating and underexplored leader of the American avant-garde in the late 20th Century, it ends up making some compelling connections between his works and the rich, occasionally self-destructive trajectory of the life that forged them.
A surprisingly conventional portrait of a decidedly unconventional man.
There is plenty of substance in Absolute Wilson, as it provides a concise and absorbing portrait of a powerful creative personality.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film penetrates the myth and mythos surrounding Wilson, making his works more accessible and open to those of us who sometimes puzzle over the methods and meanings in his cerebral, psychologically complex expressionism. The film should engender an art house following in sophisticated urban venues before its HBO broadcast.
The New Republic
This film is a valuable signet of Wilson's carefully articulated independence.
The result is a rather conventional, Biography Channel-style portrait of a man who helped change the face of theater in the last quarter of the 20th century.
Absolute Wilson may not be original, but Wilson absolutely is. And for the glimmers of that originality that shine through here, the film is worth watching.
Absolute Wilson changed my views of Wilson as a person tremendously, and at least gave me some useful context for his art.

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