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Hang on to your seat
johno-2127 August 2006
I saw this at the 2006 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. What a fun short film this is. A bright, witty fantasy comedy with a nice romantic angle. Great casting too. Ben Zlotucha wrote, directed, edited and produced this gem. Paul Hungerford plays a compassionate likable loser named Ernie who is a parking enforcement supervisor who takes his job seriously and wants to come up with an invention someday to make driving safer. Marisa Petroro is an attractive bartender named Alex who befriends him and he is enamored with. An unexplained phenomenon is happening that's grabbing the world's headlines called spontaneous loss of gravity that has been given the acronym of SLOG. Alan Thicke as himself is the most well-known person to become affected by SLOG. You are bound to have a 23 minute long smile on your face throughout this and a little afterward too. I would give this a 9.0 out of 10.
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a good one
ruphus614 November 2006
will it be up online for us to see sometime? One of those that helps make the short film festival feel worthwhile. Alan Thicke actually impressed me, he was really very good. noticed the music was mostly OG, and pretty decent...clever use of actual/made up news footage. and the whole loss of gravity effect was pulled off well. Some of the other acting falls a bit short, but the story seems to make up for it well. Random people sucked into the sky? Alan Thicke's expressions are priceless. funny movie, now, go make us another one!

Plot Outline: A Los Angeles Parking Enforcer falls for a beautiful bartender in the midst of a strange phenomenon where random people around the world are being sucked into the sky.
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