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Great 2006 Christmas Story
whpratt121 December 2006
Figured this TV Film was going to be the typical Christmas Story and since I like Rob Lowe, I decided to give it a try and was completely surprised through out the entire film. Rob Lowe (Robert Harlan) gets fired from his job and then decides to try his hand at writing a book with the constant encouragement of his wife Paget Brewster (Allyson Harlan). All of a sudden Robert's life changes completely and so does his soul, so to speak. The rest of the story will make us all face up to the fact that we sometimes focus too much on material things and neglect just plain Love to our neighbors and family. This has the makings of being a great Christmas tradition for all families to watch and enjoy and take good heed to the story which is revealed to us in this Wonderful TV Film. Enjoy every year.
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Surprisingly good film
gaer-112 January 2007
I was pleasantly surprised after watching A Perfect Day. I expected clichés and something rather "cute", although reviews had warned me that the film has a dark side.

The names Rob Lowe and Christopher Lloyd are very well known, but Frances Conroy, known to many as "Ruth Fisher" of Six Feet Under, was a bonus, playing a key role.

The plot itself was not particularly original, but the treatment of the story was quite ingenious, and I was quite pleased with the acting.

Robert Harlan (Rob Lowe) is fired at the beginning of the story by a man who says, much in the manner of Scrooge, "It's only business." This theme is repeated throughout the movie, very effectively.

Allyson (Paget Brewster), Harlan's wife, is completely supportive of him and encourages him to write a book. We discover that he has already begun this book but has little confidence in his ability to do anything with it. He completes the book and is soon contacted by Camile (Frances Conroy), a literary agent who gives him his first big break, soon catapulting him to unexpected, incredible success.

This is where the story really takes off. Michael (Christopher Lloyd) plays a mysterious role in Harlan's new life; the exact nature of that role is not fully revealed until the end of the movie.

While many events are fully predictable—it is soon clear that Harlan's life is becoming increasingly unhappy as he becomes more and more successful—there are major plot twists that will leave many viewers quite surprised at the end and perhaps even eager to see the movie again.
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priorities and values with a dark twist
g404c19 December 2006
Robert Harlan (Rob Lowe) is a loving husband and father who is down and out looking for work. His wife Allyson (Paget Brewster) is confident he will get back on his feet, and she encourages him to resume writing a book he has been working on sporadically for quite some time. Robert decides to give it a try and he suddenly finds himself in the throes of success, fame and fortune, with assistance from a literary agent, Camille (Frances Conroy). Ultimately, Robert allows his newfound success to alter his priorities and compromise his values.

This morality tale is darker than some of the others on TV this time of year, but that is part of its appeal. I really like this movie. Lowe is competent, Brewster's character is completely realistic, and Christopher Lloyd is effective. Worth watching if you happen upon it.
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terrible---you'll never get this time back in your life
shawlawoff23 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is awful. At the end of it you will realize that several hours have been stolen from your life that you can't get back. The "twist" ending is very contrived. The character development leading up to this ending is not consistent with their final actions at the conclusion. Ninety minutes of preparation-- with the premise that the Rob Lowe character will die on Christmas Eve-- is explained away in literally ninety seconds of "No we were just tricking you." Then the Rob Lowe character is not even upset about it! "I will forgive you if you can forgive me," is as upset as he gets. If someone took weeks to convince me I was about to die and then said "No, sorry , just fooling you" I would raise some serious hell. I don't feel bad about giving away the spoiler because I might be able to save some of you out there from watching. Please save yourself and DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE.
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Never judge a book by it's cover...
adonis98-743-18650326 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A family man and suddenly-successful author encounters a mystic stranger who warns him he has only 40 more days to live. Based on a novel by Richard Paul Evans. A Perfect Day is a 2006 TV Movie about Christmas but it's mostly on top of many different seasons except December to be honest and although it started kinda slow and boring it picked up really fast once Rob Lowe started getting his fame as an author and Christopher Lloyd did a great job as this mysterious man named Michael and although the twist is something that i should except it really got me by surprise and overall although it had some problems i still found enjoyment the cast was great and that little girl was pretty good as far as it goes for a child performance and it was a pretty good film and i'm gonna give it an 8/10
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Decent enough for a made for TV Christmas movie
juneebuggy22 November 2014
Not bad for a made-for-TV- Lifetime Christmas movie, although in saying that there's nothing outstanding or new here either. Rob Lowe makes this worth watching however and I enjoyed the beginning where he's an out of work, struggling author who ends up digging ditches to support his family.

As the story goes on Rob's first book becomes a blockbuster and he hits the big time, going out on an endless book tour complete with a new ego, groupies and a progressive case of neglect for his family.

With the introduction of Christopher Lloyd's mysterious angel/conscience character, the plot lost my interest a bit and ultimately, as interesting as that idea was it was never fully fleshed out so that in the end you're left saying what!? Based on a novel by Richard Paul Evans. 12.24.13
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In no way perfect
studioAT19 April 2013
I always like Christmas themed films and had enjoyed Rob Lowe's Sam Seaborn in The West Wing so had high hopes for this film.

For the first hour or so it's a decent film. We've seen the concept of a small town writer getting a hit and becoming famous only to lose his family lots of times before but for the most part it's an enjoyable plot with Lowe giving a good performance and Paget Brewster stealing every scene from him.

But then the change happens. It gets dark, it gets twisted and grim which for a Christmas film you don't need. The ending is trite and rushed leaving you wondering why you cared for these characters in the first place. I can see why the writers felt that it needed to shake the film up a bit but this was far too much.
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Typical Lifetime Channel Fare
joelbklyn22 April 2011
"A Perfect Day" is tolerably preachy, tolerably predictable, tolerably sentimental -- and provides a perfect (mind-wandering) way to wile away 90 minutes with your eyes half-glued to the TV set (and possibly wishing Rob Lowe were 20 years younger).

The "guardian angel" surprise at the end (if not all that convincing) was appreciably clever enough to allow me to award the film three generous stars.

Without expecting anything intellectually challenging or profound, go right ahead and watch it once -- then make a gift of it to a simpering relative.
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Nice, pleasant, TV Christmas movie for family , previously seen Many Times .
Jay Harris7 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My summary says it all,

We have seen this type film so many times before & yet due to some fine acting & knowing its a TV movie from TNT. I did not expect more than I saw.

Rob Lowe can to this type role in his sleep, He is a very fine actor but has yet to find a role to match his potential,.

The rest of fine cast is from TV, they include,

Christopher LLoyd,Frances Conroy, Rowena King, Paget Brewster &

Meggie Geisland as cute daughter Carson, You must have a cute

child in this type of film.

I also liked the fact the film was not cloyingly clever.

It is a pleasant 91 minute DVD. with NO annoying

out of place song score.

Eatings: *** )out of 4) 81 points (out of 100)IMDB 7 )out of 10)
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