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just be yourself (4.5/10)
disdressed124 January 2009
that seems to be the overriding theme in this animated film.young kids will probably like it due to the bright colours and loud noise.the message is good,but the movie itself is not that is obviously family friendly,as there's nothing objectionable i can think parents.can be pretty confident they can set their kids down in front of this by themselves with no worries.the CG animation is pretty good,and i liked the voice plods along pretty slowly though to its inevitable conclusion.still,it's not a horrible movie by any stretch.and it's less than 80 minutes,so that's a good thing.and it's a really positive movie.for me,The Nutty Professor(2008)is a 4.5/10
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Wouldn't call it the best sequel I've ever seen!
Irishmoviereviewer3 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I decide to watch this as Drake Bell from "Drake and Josh" and the legendary Jerry Lewis were doing the voice overs in the film. I found the movie not the best because I thought some of the characters eyes weren't corrected properly. It's like one eye is looking straight into the other characters face while the other one was looking at another direction. The animation wasn't really that good, I think it would be better if this was in real life then in 3-D. It would be nice to see the real actors faces and of course, the pair of fellas looking the biz when they transform into Buddy Love/Jack. If this was based for real, I definitely would give this a 10 star rating like I did in the 1963 version. I have to admit, I was disappointed that Evan Spiliotopoulos decided to ruin the Nutty Professor, years later! Jerry Lewis should've made his own sequel if that was the plan in the first place! They really should have done this better instead of messing with it! Even a child wouldn't be too gone on looking at this since the animation is quite poor!
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