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Stupid, predictable...but still funny !
TheDawg647 February 2009
Even though I knew the movie had been panned by the critics, I still agreed to go along with my friends to watch it. As the credits rolled in the end, I sat wondering what were the critics expecting from the movie...

Of course the plot is stupid, the end is predictable. But the movie delivers what every comedy intends to deliver...lots of good laughs ! If the reviewers were expecting a thought provoking plot, Oscar winning performances, or a great achievement in "moving image"...perhaps they bought the wrong movie ticket. Also, I have not seen the original Peter Sellers movie. Looks like every Peter Sellers fan hates the new series. But I really don't see why shouldn't I enjoy the jokes in Pink Panther 2 just because Peter Sellers was funnier.

This may not be the funniest movie of the year. But its 1.5 hours well enjoyed ! Don't get swayed by the critics...go and have fun in this movie !
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Harmless Fun
canuckteach16 February 2009
I'm not ready to get out the torches and pitchforks and lead a lynch mob after Mr Martin -- not yet anyway! Having read the early reviews here, I went to the cheapo theater with low expectations, and emerged pleasantly surprised. There were some genuine laughs from time-to-time, plus a great cast (shoulda got more out them). My daughter and grandchildren were delighted.

The overall plot is reasonably clever -- so, that leaves the gags. Some work - some don't work that well, as evidenced by the fact that many IMDb'ers want to talk about why some of the gags don't 'feel right', or seem to 'take too long'. (No really successful comedians ever had people talk about how their gags don't seem to be working -- people just talk about how much they laughed. When people start analyzing why your comedy isn't funny, it ain't workin'). But we had a few chuckles in this one, if not a bunch of sustained belly laughs.

Everyone says we should stop comparing Steve Martin to Peter Sellers, but, if you watched the original films, how can you stop comparing? Sellers created this character, just as Atkinson created Mr. Bean and Cleese created Basil Fawlty. And Steve Martin tries to do Sellers anyway (his 'little yellow friend' line?). He can't quite pull it off, and he hasn't really found a shtick that works. For one thing, his eyes are always popping, like he's trying to pass gas. Sellers' eyes were quiet. His Clouseau was genuinely 'clueless'. And, I've mentioned elsewhere at IMDb that Sellers was a major Radio comedy star before doing films - that puts him in a league with Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen, Bob Hope and Jack Benny. These guys built amazing gags that kept both live and radio audiences in stitches, using well-constructed devices such as bizarre characterizations, rapid exchanges, and nifty voices. Mr. Martin's roots in comedy are from a different - and later - era.

Overall, though, if you need an amusing and harmless diversion, go see this at the reduced-price theater. For $4, I'm in - $20 for a date and me, plus popcorn? where are those torches and pitchforks?

6/10 canuckteach
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An Honest Attempt
Elswet21 February 2009
As I said in my review of the first installment of this line: Steve Martin has walked in the Valley of the Kings. He has faced some pretty amazing obstacles, and he has stood in some pretty big shadows. Let's face it. Although his rendition of, "The Out-of-Towners," was amusing, he's no Jack Lemmon. While I LOVE his Sgt. Bilko portrayal, he's not Phil Silvers. Cheaper by the Dozen wasn't horrible, but he's not Clifton Webb, either. He's Steve Martin.

You may not appreciate his style of comedy, but the Peter Sellers-venerated character of Inspector Jacques Clouseau made for the best use of Martin's prolific use of pratfalls, ironic wit, and in your face sarcasm than any other character he has tackled previously.

But the character portrayed by Martin herein has something I never saw in Sellers' portrayal after the second installment...genuine heart. This is sweetly honest in its attempt. I feel that this will actually turn into a legitimate franchise reboot, if the average movie-goer will stop attempting to compare Martin's Clouseau to Sellers' Clouseau. They are two different actors, and Martin has stated to the point of nausea that he is NOT attempting to "do" Sellers' interpretation of the character!

As far as the MOVIE goes, it is sweet, funny, and enduring with a strong story, a stronger relationship element, and a great cast. I did not miss Kevin Kline nearly as much as I supposed I would. John Cleese was a perfect Dreyfus, showing us the beginnings of Herbert Lom's trademark twitch, when dealing with Clouseau. Very nice!

I think, when looking back, Steve Martin's Jacques Clouseau will be remembered fondly by the new generations, just as prior generations stubbornly cling to Sellers' character in spite of Martin's superior portrayal.

All in all? I love it. It is a(n almost) violence-free, blood-free, honest attempt at a family film. This is great! and I cannot wait to get it into my collection.

It rates an 8.4/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Funny and entertaining follow-up with the clumsy Inspector Clouseau-Steve Martin
ma-cortes19 July 2010
Again the Pink Panther with Steve Martin as the inept , botcher inspector . Three important burglaries shock Governments of Britain, Italy and Japan where are robbed the Japanese Imperial sword, the Great Bill , and Shroud of Turin prompting governments to set up a detective 'dream team' to resolve these crimes supposedly committed by a criminal named 'Tornado'. France there are a great mayhem for the robbery of his ¨Pink Panther¨ an enormously expensive diamond and assigns bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau, his assistant Gilbert Ponton (Jean Reno), and Secretary, Nicole (Emily Mortimer), to this issue . Although Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese replacing Kevin Kline)from the Surete would much prefer seeing Clouseau issuing traffic tickets. The team, consisting of detectives from Britain (Alfred Molina), Japan (Matsuzaki), and Italy (Andy Garcia), and Sonia Solandres (Aishwarya Ray) who attempts to woo Clouseau with shady aims . They travel to Italy where 'Tornado' reportedly inhabits , being the main suspect an aristocrat (Jeremy Irons). This is where they will face their worst mission . Bungling Inspector Clouseau hasn't clues but it doesn't mind . He along with his helper Gilbert Ponton are going into disgraces, mishap , botches and wreak havoc from Paris to Rome. Then the international dream team is humiliated and newspapers publicize: ¨ Bungler Clouseau a disgrace, entire nation loses panache, French detective idiot ¨ .

The film gets entertaining and fun with hilarious moments here and there and never slowdown although contains others ridiculous and disappointing . The picture takes parts from previous entries Sellers' movies (Pink Panther, Shot in dark,The return,revenge,Panther strikes again). As Steve Martin struggles with two kids imitating Sellers and his Kung Fu fighting with Cato -Burt Kwouk- . Steve Martin combines splendidly his comic talent at his peak doing a witty spoof of the absurdities of Peter Sellers character. Evolves famous costars as Alfred Molina, Andy Garcia , John Cleese , a gorgeous Idian star as Rai and many others ; furthermore a magnificent opening cartoon titles. As always lively and jolly music ( arranged by Christophe Beck ) by the great Henry Mancini. Several chuckles and gags ,the result of which is a funny film . Film gets memorable occasion for amusing and entertainment. This sequel is better than Steve Martin's former entry .
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Better than I've expected to be!
argstyl16 February 2009
My opinion is that it was better than the 1st one. It was quick,the plot very interesting,I was easily absorbed(I did not realized how the time passed).As I was watching it in Greece some jokes were not very funny for those who do not understand English(as some quotes were like rhyming).I certainly would watch it again-I like this kind of humor. The actors were like a surprise to me because I did not know about the cast. The only thing that made made make a face was the pronunciation, from the beginning of the film mostly Mrs.Nicole made it too pronounced-of course "they were" french people but it was too much pointed out.The whole film was too good,I laughed with tears,the audience was attentive, everything went well-so good that I was not expected it -I have the opinion that part 2 can not be as good as the 1st one.Regards!
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An odd, sexy brother in a dress … The Pink Panther 2
jaredmobarak3 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmm. Does America really hate itself this much? I guess it does. I'll start off by saying how I'm not much of a fan of Peter Sellers Pink Panther let alone watching Steve Martin laugh himself to the bank with a couple of remakes, (I did not see the first). But alas, I found myself in a theatre full of elderly people laughing and younger people walking out, (it was a free screening, I don't much blame them), and I envied my two friends who both said they fell asleep. I unfortunately kept awake in order to sit through the—Inspector Clouseau had the perfect adjectives—drab and disgusting display on the big screen. It was obvious from the beginning, overlong in the pacing and especially the repetitive beyond belief jokes, and just plain sad for the big name actors involved, many of whom I enjoy and some that I love—I'm talking to you Emily Mortimer. While others laughed, I found myself yawning with a delicate, slow moving pat of the mouth as though I was as stale as the script. Maybe my generation just can't understand this type of film, but if that's so, how could the first have warranted a sequel? We have the originals with a superstar in Sellers and yet we repackage for the youth of today? We need Hollywood to start taking control of the economy because they must be doing something right despite the utter absurdity of their decisions.

It all started okay—short, quick glimpses of priceless artifacts being stolen around the world. Maybe there'd be some seriousness to the comedy. Then came the obligatory look at the cartoon Pink Panther wreaking havoc in the opening credit sequence and the soon fun began. Ends up the stolen items were red herrings, only brought out to hopefully let us understand the importance of the pink panther diamond. You see: if that diamond could be spoken in the same breath as the Shroud of Turin, it must be quite the hot item. And who is sworn to protect it you might ask? Well the imbecilic French of course, (I'm sure France LOVES these films), headed by a Brit, for whatever reason, in John Cleese and the "hero" of the film, Martin's bumbling Clouseau. We've seen this thing a million times—of course the idiot will idiotically stumble into solving the case; it's just a matter of wading through the nonsense runtime padding until that fateful moment graces us with a conclusion. Hell, even the American "The Office" uses this device every week; no wonder it is a water-downed facsimile of the British original.

What does that padding consist of though? Credible guys like Alfred Molina, Jean Reno, and, why oh why did he do it, Jeremy Irons joining the ranks of hammy ex-serious actors like Andy Garcia and Lily Tomlin to make faces and fill the frame with reaction after reaction shot of Martin's shenanigans. If the film is good for anything it is using Aishwarya Rai's sexuality and introducing me to Yuki Matsuzaki who entertains for the most part. Otherwise it is all excruciatingly painful to watch, mostly for the fact that you realize how little you make a year and how much they all made for doing practically no work on a film that will be thrown away after opening weekend and probably given a third installment.

I really feel bad having very little in the way of backhanded praise for this film. I realize the amount of time and work put in, yet can't help but think of how many other more important things that time could have been spent on. When you have to sit through a ten minute exchange between Martin and Tomlin of him checking out an attractive girl in the hall, her calling him out, him denying it, her not believing, and then him looking again—repeat … three more times, you know that hell has arrived on earth. On top of that come lines like "But I can't fly!!" and an impromptu sing-along manifested from a shampoo name, JoJoBa pronounced HoHoBa; you can imagine the worried looks to watches wondering how much longer it could go on. Yet there was laughter! I can't fathom it either. People ate some of this stuff up like it was the most hilarious thing they've seen since The Pink Panther 1. I guess I'm just out of touch, or else just way too cynical and jaded. Either way, if you are like me, stay far, far away at all costs.
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French, Fun
turk_rooster28 February 2009
True to the first installment, The Pink Panther 2 begins with much promise by way of Inspector Clouseau's own brand of semi slapstick humor, loses its way somewhere around the middle, and then finds it again to round off a fairly watchable movie. As far as humor is concerned, one gets the feeling that there is an overlap of far too many elements – the stereotypes, the action sequences, the warped logic, the karate kid family create sequences that are delightful but in certain instances a trifle too much. Good to see Aishwariya in a substantial role, not the least towards the end. The ending is definitely not guessable, though I am not sure whether it is entirely logical. Well, all is fair in Clouseau's end-justifies-the-means-and-hilarity world
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Not as bad as I thought it would be.......
milescorn10 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
But then again, Steve Martin is no Peter Sellers. I know that a lot of people are comparing this film to the original Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers films of the 60's and 70's, but I have to say that in all fairness, these people that are making the new films must not have paid much attention to the older ones. Yes some things are there, Peter Sellers used to call Cato his "Little Yellow friend" that line is heard here, but in a different context. The surprise attacks by Cato are used here, but only by children. What is missing? "Yes I knew that" "What was that you said?" The way Dreyfus hates Inspector Clouseau, Herbert Lom was just so great in that part, nothing aganst the former Monty Python alumnist, he was even better that Keven Kline, but something was missing three. Just to name a few things. Now for moment lets look at this film. Did I laugh? Yes, with some parts of the film it was hard not to laugh. Were some things over the top? Yes, the part with the Pope was a little over done. The Pink Panther seemed to a bit bigger than in the first movie and looks more like the one from the original films, bigger.
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An insult
Mark7 February 2009
This movie is a huge insult to Peter Sellers, The Pink Panther, and everything concerned. It's also an insult to the once-funny Steve Martin's past, and it's tragic he doesn't seem to realise it (which is almost unbelievable). Why? Because it's not funny, it's that simple. Had it not been for the legacy, it would simply be another not-funny-at-all mess that regretfully made some money for the schmucks that produced and wrote it (I guess people will go see it because of all the stars, which should be enough). But because of the legacy, many young viewers will have their experience of the real Pink Panther series biased and maybe spoiled for ever. It's like spitting on Peter Sellers' grave. Another review I've just read says "The Pink Panther 2 proves Steve Martin is now nothing more than a paycheck-cashing hack" - now, that's harsh, at least I didn't say that myself!
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Did not need to be made
doug19396 February 2009
This is a good example of a film that was totally unnecessary. The original "Pink Panther" films starring Peter Sellers were very funny and artfully done. The Steve Martin ventures are basically unfunny crap. Spending money to view a film as awful as Martin's "Pink Panther 2" is an unpardonable waste of resources. You would be better served by buying a DVD of the Peter Sellers rendition of "Pink Panther 2".

Steve Martin needs to find fresh new material that has never been previously filmed. He used to be funny, and has made some very enjoyable films in the past. His recent remakes of previously done material have been awful stinkers.
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Steve Martin Is Losing It
Trombonehead6 February 2009
Sorry, but Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau just does not make it. There is only one Clouseau, and that's Peter Sellers. I can't understand why Martin has done this, except his ego has gotten so big he thinks he's funny enough to pull it off. Well I have news for Steve: Forget it! Both of these Pink Panther remakes are totally lame travesties and nothing more than cheap imitation cash-grabs. Steve Martin, go back to doing what you're good at, being Steve Martin, not a second-rate, amateur, really bad imitation of Peter Sellers. As for John Cleese, he must be hard up for cash. That's the only reason I can see him doing this. Obviously the Hollywood marketing people have aimed this piece of junk at the juvenile market which is too young to know about Peter Sellers.
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Awesome celebration of Peter Sellers the King!
Charbax19 February 2009
I am the most gigantic fan of everything Peter Sellers ever did on camera, and I have seen the original Pink Panther films dozens of times over and over. And I think Steve Martin's modern takes on this concept are fantastic, awesome and very welcomed.

I would only wish Steve Martin to announce that he is going to produce and make more Pink Panther films. Thanks to Steve Martin's efforts, the spirit of Peter Sellers work can live on through modernized takes on the energy and ingeniousness that this state of mind represents.

I certainly think Steve Martin's Pink Panther 2 is better than his first attempt. It seems he has somewhat won a greater artistic freedom in creating this second movie, as it seems the movie now has less "Hollywood-moments" in it and is more about being a constant pure fun experience which is what Pink Panther movies should be about. Sure this is a commercial success, especially in Europe and developing countries like India. Well I think that this is only a really great thing cause it should make it a natural thing for Steve Martin to then hopefully agree to make a few more Pink Panther movies and see if he can be even more crazy, cool and funny in the next ones.'

I was at the Danish premiere yesterday, the cinema was far from being full, as I think today's youth prefer Hollywood mega productions than witty humor. But I did notice that the people present in the cinema were laughing a lot more than people usually laugh in comedies. The laughing was sometimes really extreme with some certain people in the cinema, me inclusive, sometimes even laughing continuously for a minute. This is what The Pink Panther should be all about.

Please Steve Martin, if you read this, please consider making another Pink Panther movie rather than to release another Banjo CED or whatever you were planning to do. And when you do, please make sure that you and other creative people are in control of the show, rather than the people that only think about continuity and Hollywood ethics and who sometimes end up slowing the rhythm down to make it less weird. Make it weirder, crazier and put in even more energy for the next one.
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I liked it
espen-417 February 2009
Many critics dislike this movie. Reading their comments I still do not understand why. The movie has many funny moments. The audience I watched this movie with seemed to like it.

I wonder what people expect from a silly movie about a bumbling policeman getting into embarrassing situations. The most usual comment from critics is that Peter Sellers was a much better Clouseau. I am a big fan of the original movies. What Peter Sellers had that Steve Martin is lacking is the arrogance. I am talking about the arrogance Peter Sellers' Clouseau displayed when had just made a fool of himself. Nevertheless, I think Steve Martin made a good Clouseau. I would definitely recommend this movie. Relax and enjoy.
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Pink Panther 2 Movie Review from The Massie Twins
GoneWithTheTwins5 February 2009
It's unfortunate that you won't know until the end of the film that the best part of Pink Panther 2 is its opening credit cartoon. The impressive cast and grand locales almost manage to overcome Steve Martin's utterly horrendous impression of Peter Seller's infamously bumbling Inspector Clouseau, but the trite gags and immature pranks tire quickly. A few laughs do find their way into the antics, though perhaps more in pity than true amusement, leaving part two on par with its deplorable predecessor.

When notorious national treasure thief The Tornado returns from years of inactivity, a group of the world's finest detectives are assembled to investigate. Due to the fame garnered from his past (mis)adventures in recovering the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) is asked to lead the team of specialists, including Vicenzo (Andy Garcia), Pepperidge (Alfred Molina), Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki), and Tornado expert Sonia (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan). With his unorthodox and clumsy method of sleuthing, it's not long before Clouseau has publicly embarrassed the team of detectives and must now simultaneously regain his image and solve the mystery, as well as attempting to foil the advances of Vicenzo on this longtime sweetheart Nicole (Emily Mortimer).

Obviously the best thing to come of Steve Martin's ludicrous sequel to a pathetic remake is the desire to watch the original Blake Edwards' Pink Panther movies, of which there are plenty. In Martin's defense, there is something momentarily amusing about adults bumbling around like children, cavorting about in absurd dance sequences, and muttering in terribly stereotypical accents - but it doesn't last long. Several scenes are so ridiculous they're funny, but the majority of the film is so obnoxiously immature that it's just plain stupid. The few genuine laughs are quickly covered up by exasperating slapstick and pointless characters.

The unpronounceable "hamburger" gag, overly destructive karate, and strained semi-French lingo are all reused - it's clear that what worked for the first film (commercially, not critically) has returned, leaving no room for fresh creativity. Clouseau is still a small-minded nitwit, eye-candy supporting ladies are ever-present, and the Chief of Police still unbelievably allows the scatterbrained inspector to solve crimes while carelessly destroying evidence and embarrassing the nation. Although you'll lose brain cells watching Steve Martin reprise his mind-numbing role, at least the opening title sequence animation and jazzy music remain as accompaniment.

  • The Massie Twins
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Dream Team Fails to Acquit Pink Panther 2, But Entertaining Enough to See
Kakueke10 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Pink Panther 2" is not a great movie, but it is not as bad as some say. A new villain, The Tornado, snatches away the Pink Panther diamond. But The Tornado has also swiped other big-name treasures: The Magna Carta, The Shroud of Turin, and the Emperor's Sword. It is an international "Dream Team" of detectives, not just Inspector Jacques Clouseau, who investigate. Joining Steve Martin (Clouseau) are some accomplished actors: Andy Garcia plays (very well) Italian businessman Vicenzo, Alfred Molina is British inspector Pepperidge, and Yuki Matsuzaki is Japanese electronics expert Kenji. The odd lady out, and a very key person, is the exotic and very pretty Sonia (Aishwarya Rai). She is an expert on criminology and, specifically, The Tornado.

***The following may contain spoilers***

Martin is no Peter Sellers. The Englishman ever had poise and charm as Clouseau: Something about him fit so well into a French policeman's uniform or a trench coat. Sellers carried himself well when not tripping over something, and when he did, he seemed oblivious. His manner of speaking was deliberate yet natural: sophisticated, arrogant, comedic aplomb, if you will, and one reason he was funny was that he was almost always serious. Martin's Clouseau is also egotistical and certainly has presence, but not the same poise. He is too goofy. He is taller and gawkier, older, and more nervous. He also gets depressed when he screws up. Martin is fairly funny when he engages in French-to-English mispronunciation dialogue, but I take Sellers' smooth manner over Martin's verbose. In fairness, part of the problem is the script. Attempting to make the movie funny, the screenwriters concocted a substantial amount of cheap lines, especially politically incorrect dialogue and behavior, for Martin, having him contradict his political correctness mentor Mrs. Berenger (Lily Tomlin) by ogling women and making a bad joke about his "yellow" friend Kenji and sushi. He embarrasses a comrade in front of others by saying "I'm sorry you cannot satisfy your wife," and of his secretary, he says to a group of detectives: "Nicole is here to service your needs...use her in any way you wish." The low sexual humor, of which there is plenty, is not always terrible; but if you go there, limit it and assign it to characters other than Clouseau. Blake Edwards' Clouseau had wit, not cheap humor, including in romantic situations.

As for the slapstick and other humor, it is often predictable and silly. In a less-than-stellar scene at the film's beginning, Clouseau bumbles a parking ticket issuance in a hint of more forced humor to come. Still, there is enough here for viewers to laugh at and enjoy, exerting the right to relax. The same restaurant is accidentally burned down twice by guess who [?], and Clouseau has a meeting with the Pope that ends up with Clouseau encountering some fearsome heights. There is a lot of crashing, bashing, and banging; at some point, this is overdone. Vicenzo and Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese) have a few good moments of humor. An encounter between The Dream Team and a falsely accused Tornado (played by Jeremy Irons) is fairly funny. This is one of a few moderately good twists concerning The Tornado and those in the villain's orbit.

My favorite aspect of the movie is the romantic tension between Clouseau and his sweetheart of a secretary, Nicole (Emily Mortimer). She is the most compelling person of the film. Finding it difficult to express their love for each other, Clouseau and Nicole still feel it, and this makes for a good climax (seriously, no pun intended). Nicole is very beautiful and so is Sonia, who has a sexier look and, for a while, eyes for Clouseau.

But the reality is that the overall script does not match the four great "Pink Panther" works. In the original series of movies, things started going downhill in "Revenge of the Pink Panther" (and continued much further in the follow-ups without Sellers). Sellers could not salvage "Revenge," in which there was too much klutzy humor including overuse of Cato. But Cato fighting is better than fighting with a colleague's young karate kids, as Martin does here. Overall, the silly overrides the witty or sophisticated in "Pink Panther 2."
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Shockingy Unfunny.
K-e-r-m-o-d-e15 February 2009
Atrocious. Abysmal. Deplorable. Unacceptable. Lamentable. Unforgivable.

These nasty cash-ins really must stop. How Blake Edwards hasn't stalked everybody involved in these fiascos with a shotgun, I'll never know.

The first one was sickeningly unfunny and now we are faced with another trauma to deal with.

Peter Sellers was born to play Clouseau. No one else dare step into his shoes. That way lies disaster and ridicule.

How these abominations make it to the big screen is a mystery. When they are filming them, surely they must know that it isn't working out. Then again, it's hard to show restraint when even your underwear is made of $100 bills. Rich people making themselves richer, even at the cost of their own reputations. Very sad.

This thing makes even 'Curse Of The Pink Panther' look like a defining moment in cinema history. At least 'Curse' had Herbert Lom.
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We may just be entering a genuine second golden era of Pink Panther films
Warning: Spoilers
In 2006, The Pink Panther was revived, with Steve Martin playing Jacques Clouseau, the bumbling French idiot detective we all have come to know and love. The movie was made by Shawn Levy, and now we have The Pink Panther 2, this time with Harald Zwart behind the camera. And as much as this has been getting hugely negative reviews, I am pleased to announce that I liked this movie a lot! This movie is definitely one of the funniest entries in the Pink Panther legacy. Martin's performance was just as funny as Sellers' performance.

New to the arsenal of actors, we have John Cleese as Dreyfus (instead of Kevin Kline), Alfred Molina as Pepperidge, Andy Garcia as Vincenzo, Yuki Matsuzaki as the nerdy Kenji, and the ever-so-sexy Aishwarya Rai as Sonia. All are wonderful in their performances! The characters are all lovable, and yet a new plot has been cooking up too.

In this hilarious new entry, there is a new thief in town, entitled The Tornado. The Tornado is an artifacts thief that has been stealing various artifacts around the world, and this time has stolen The Pink Panther. This is now the second time the Panther has been stolen. That being said, Clouseau is appointed by Dreyfus to a team of just as idiotic yet less bumbling detectives called The Dream Team. The Dream Team are assigned to search the globe for The Tornado, and save the Panther, but are held back by Clouseau's idiocy which involves having to constantly be reminded by Mrs. Berenger about political correctness, Clouseau's burning down a Spanish restaurant, dealing with two bratty kids of his partner in the wrong way, and much more.

Simply put, there is no need to compare this to the older entries, because this is just as funny as the older ones. Martin is wonderful yet again as Clouseau, and is at the top of his game, giving his best performance since his performance as Orin in Little Shop of Horrors. Cleese is hilarious too as Dreyfus, and Molina is pretty funny too. But who really steals the show is Lily Tomlin as Mrs. Berenger. She definitely has some of the funniest scenes in the movie, and my favorite scene of hers is the scene where she asks Clouseau what he would do (without objectification) if he saw a woman's clothes being torn off while she tried to pick something up. Just how she always jumps in with the Political Corectness factor makes you laugh out loud.

Sure, there are some discrepancies- Yes the opening credits (while funny) carry on for on a tad longer than they need to, yes some jokes are a bit repetitive, but overall, this is a hilarious success, and one of the best Panthers. Just be your own critic, and see this movie.
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"PINK PANTHER 2" -- Silly but Enjoyable
jimchudnow-15 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I've always enjoyed the general purposeful nuttiness of the "PINK PANTHER" series of films, both with Peter Sellers & recently with STEVE MARTIN. Martin stars as the bumbling-but-successful French Inspector Clouseau. This time, he joins a "Dream Team" of sleuths (including one played by ANDY GARCIA) who are trying to track down the "Tornado" who's been stealing very famous artifacts from around the world. Although she's somewhat wasted in this film (compared to the fine work she was allowed to do with Martin in 1984's "ALL OF ME"), LILY TOMLIN appears as a woman trying to help Clouseau with being more "politically correct" (which is a pretty fruitless endeavor!). While it wasn't great, the audience (including loads of kids) responded with a bunch of LAUGHS to the shenanigans going on, & the adults seemed to like the mild romantic elements. While I didn't find this as good as previous episodes, it's a generally pleasant distraction (and we could certainly use that in these times).
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To call it chronic would be a compliment
Tim Dearing29 July 2009
I like Steve Martin a lot, and had hoped it would be an improvement over the last PP he made, but sadly it is not.

Even without the obvious comparison between the Peter Sellers originals, it still doesn't stand as a film with any kind of thoughts of its own. It's a repetition of half baked ideas and gags used over and over to no real avail.

Where is the movies own sense of style? I really have to wonder where the film industry is going when it has to churn out this kind of drivel (all be it harmless drivel) just to turn a buck or two.

Few laughs and almost no originality.

Why make it in the first place?!
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mlfrdrdg14 February 2009
Steve Martin is embarrassing. The movie is downright awful. Martin's attempt at a French accent is simply annoying.

There are scenes that are visually entertaining, such as the wine juggle. John Cleese, as usual, is quite funny. Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau was funny in the original movie. However, Martin in the same role is simply foolish. I got up from my seat and left the other four in my party when I just couldn't stand it anymore and went to the plex next door to see part of a lame romantic comedy rather than risk hating myself for wasting my life watching another minute of The Pink Panther 2. I haven't walked out of a movie in probably 40 years! I met up with the group later, the were decidedly disappointed in the film-- and no long fans of Steve Martin.
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More Like The Pink Crap-ther
gabbymoron7 February 2009
I've had poops full of more laughter -- intentional and unintentional -- than "The Pink Panther 2." Where to begin? Well, Steve Martin is no Peter Sellers. Here the silver-haired comic comes off more like a bad Robert Hegyes impersonator with Styrofoam chips in his mouth. He hasn't been this bad since "The Crotch Chronicles," and that is saying something. Where is the man who made us giggle with characters like The Jerk and "Sloppy Ivan" French? The plot, if you want to call it that, has no coherence. Since when was physical violence funny? Or people falling from buildings? Tigers that wipe their own butts? It's all a mishmash of hokum that never lives up to its potential. Why didn't they bring in Bull from "Night Court"? He'd be on target in the hilarity department. In conclusion, I do not recommend "The Pink Panther 2."
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fkkemble19 September 2010
I cannot understand why this movie was made? How can Steve Martin live with himself? He should be buried alive for foisting this abomination on the viewing public. Peter Sellars was a true genius and an unrivalled master as a comic actor in this role. His acting was both intelligent and inspired; Steve Martin on the other hand has simply made himself look utterly stupid. In any event I feel that Kevin Klein would have made a far better job of the Clouseau role if it had to be done at all. A great part of the charm of the Pink Panther movies was derived from the exclusively sixties flavour, the vehicles, the fashion and above all the actors who were extraordinarily well cast. The original Pink Panther movies attracted a varied and selective audience whereas the modern Pink Panther could only attract the accolade of the terminally stupid. Could we perhaps organise a petition to stop Steve Martin from repeating this offensive twaddle or maybe have a whip round and buy him off.
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Martin continues the tradition in this harmless chapter of the series
george.schmidt9 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
THE PINK PANTHER 2 (2009) **1/2 Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, John Cleese, Yuki Matsuzaki, Aishwarya Rai, Lily Tomlin, Jeremy Irons. Martin returns in this not-bad sequel to the re-imagination franchise of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the buffoon French policeman who winds up as part of an international 'dream team' of investigators trying to stop "the Tornado", a globe trotting cat burglar, while attempting to regain the love of his life back in good graces (the sweet Mortimer). Martin proves to still be an agile performer in this decent blend of slapstick, double entendres and general goofiness for this benign chapter of the series. (Dir: Harald Zwart)
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An abomination.
galileo319 February 2009
The Pink Panther 2 (2009)

I am a fan of Steve Martin, in fact I think he is a very funny man, however his latest film is something of an atrocity. A sequel to the 'loose remake' of the Blake Edwards films with Peter Sellers, the latest instalment in the overextended Pink Panther franchise is flat, with only a one or two funny moments. At least its adequate predecessor managed to be entertaining and times hilarious and sustained the film.

Pink Panther 2 runs dry pretty quickly. As I was watching it, I felt I was watching a school play - the bad sets (I don't care about that), the bad jokes and the lazily made up storyline all amount to a huge disappointment. Of course the film has some funny moments, but we have seen it all before. Most jokes are slight alterations from the first film. Even an all star cast that includes Andy Garcia, John Cleese, Jean Reno and Alfred Molina does not amount to anything. Cleese, a comic mastermind, is used as a prop, playing the lifeless Inspector Charles Dreyfuss.

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Slapstick comedy with total incompetence
(Synopsis) Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) the legendary French Officer of the Law, who single-handedly saved the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, has been working outside the museum where the diamond is on display writing parking tickets for the last 6 months. Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese) assigned this duty to his bumbling and inept police officer to get him out of his hair. Recently, treasures from around the world have been stolen by the Tornado, and an international dream team of detectives is being assembled to capture him. Chief Inspector Dreyfus is ordered to assign Clouseau to the dream team. As soon as Clouseau joins the team, the Pink Panther Diamond is stolen by the Tornado. Now Clouseau must not only capture the Tornado, but save the diamond again.

(My Comment) This is your typical Pink Panther story of the French police Inspector Clouseau who is a little strange and very lucky. The storyline is not a great detective novel, and it never was supposed to be. It is a slapstick comedy of total incompetence. Steve Martin is a wild and crazy guy and does a good job of being the dim-witted Clouseau, and he is very good at slapstick. John Cleese did an excellent job as the Chief Inspector. The movie is entertaining enough, but I wouldn't want to see it again. I did laugh at many of the slapstick scenes that are classic, but it alone isn't enough to carry the whole movie. (MGM, Run Time 1:32, Rated PG)(4/10)
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