The Pink Panther 2 (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

inspector clouseau
team italy
detective diamond
artifact pink panther
panther theft
france bumbling
2000s throwing the bouquet
havoc champagne
wedding kiss marriage proposal
switch red dress
falling down stairs fire hose
dumbwaiter electric shock
pie in the face elevator
shot in the chest laser
newspaper headline police tape
voted out falling from height
rorschach inkblot flag pole
swiss guard reading lips
binoculars fireplace
secret romance horse riding
karate trophy
flip alias
calling card fingerprint
broken glass smart car
deduction speaking with an accent
diamond theft bottle of wine
accident prone freak accident
password commando
portrait medal of honor
excuse robbery
kicked in the head hand caught in a window
windshield wiper measuring tape
looking at self in mirror falling off a balcony
priest nun
catholic priest vatican city
tutu traitor revealed
traitor in the ranks surveillance camera
surprise attack stakeout
singer as actor singer acting
security camera rome italy
private jet police surveillance
police stakeout parking ticket
paris france marital problem
man dressed as a woman juggling
juggling act jet
interracial relationship fire
falling down a chimney elite team
closed circuit tv citroën
citroen cctv
cctv camera camera
banging head against wall balcony
returning character with different actor villainess
traffic policeman suicide note
sexist sequel to remake
ring restaurant
researcher racist
purse murder
master thief martial arts
key japanese
italian investigator
investigation indian woman
hostage heist
gun gem
french foolishness
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship electronics expert
disguise decoy
dancer criminology
bullet ricochet briton
asian arson
apparent suicide airport
wedding pope
eiffel tower paris shroud of turin
sensitivity training political correctness
numbered sequel digit in title
color in title animal in title
sequel trenchcoat
police policeman
famous score famous opening theme
animated title sequence animated credits
number in title surprise ending

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