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  • An unsold TV series pilot about three single witches living together who try to conjure up their idea of the "perfect man". One day, their wish comes true when a seemingly perfect man named Darryl Van Horne moves into town and sweeps them off their feet by making all their dreams come true. However, they soon realize that "perfect" isn't exactly the best word to describe their devilish new man after strange and unexplainable incidents begin occurring. The pilot was inspired by both John Updike's original novel and the 1987 movie that followed.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • This unsold TV series pilot opens with three young women, named Alex, Jane, and Sukie, playing in a little league game when they hear the coach make a sexist remark. All of a sudden, it starts to storm! We then see them laughing and running home in the rain as Alex screams: "Ok, who conjured it?". "We all did!" yells Jane. The girls are apparently witches and all live in the same house together. They are also single and none of them have any children. That night, after much drinking and gossiping, they start talking about what the perfect man would be like and whether or not he really exists or is just too good to be true. Sukie then suggests that they just conjure him up using their powers. After much debate on whether or not this would be a good idea, they finally decide to try it.

    The next morning, a very obnoxious man comes knocking at the door. He's apparently just moved into the neighborhood and stopped by to borrow a cup of sugar. When Alex answers the door, he barrages inside without even introducing himself and goes right on trying to swoon the girls off their feet by ranting and raving. After a while, he finally introduces himself to be Darryl Van Horne! Both Jane and Sukie find him charming, but Alex knows better. She knows exactly who he is. Later that day, as Jane is teaching the kids music lessons at the school, Darryl arrives to surprise her. As Darryl begins to play the piano for her and the children, the school headmaster, Raymond Gentry, comes in to see Jane. As Jane listens to Darryl's beautiful music, the headmaster suddenly grabs Jane from behind. Jane then turns around and violently slaps him senseless in front of everyone! Embarrassed by what's just happened, Raymond fires Jane on the spot! That night, at a fancy restaurant, Jane tells the others what happened to her at the school. Jane is convinced he was under Darryl's spell and is determined on getting rid of Darryl once and for all. Alex agrees, but Sukie likes him and wants him to stay. After a lot of fighting and a lot of talking, they finally all agree that it would be best to send him back.

    The next day, Alex stops by Darryl's mansion to talk to him. After Darryl gives Alex a personal tour of the house and all of it's artwork, she then sneaks away for just a moment in order to get some of his hair from one of his combs and his old shirt. They later go up to his bedroom, where he unsuccessfully tries to seduce her into his bed with him. For a moment, Alex is tempted but she then resists him and goes home. There, she, Jane, and Sukie mold a voodoo doll using the old shirt, his hair, and cookie dough. They then cast a spell on it so that "When it dries, it'll crack and turn to dust. And so will Darryl." Just as they are cleaning the kitchen afterwards, Jane gets a phone call from Raymond, the school headmaster, who wants to apologize and give Jane her job back. That night, Jane arrives at Raymond's house to make amends. They both make up for what they did, but it becomes clear that Raymond is still trying to take advantage of her by trying to get her drunk with wine. Unaware to either of them, Darryl is watching them. He puts a spell on Raymond so that the entire truth just comes out. Suddenly, Darryl then appears in the room out of nowhere to save Jane while Raymond, dumbfounded, still stands there scratching his head because of what just happened. As Jane and Darryl are walking out of the house, Darryl suddenly collapses. He becomes very sick and very pale. Jane, realizing Darryl might just not be such a bad guy after all, brings him to their house for help. As Darryl slowly dies away, the girls start to fight about whether they should help him or not. But to their horror, the voodoo doll already dries up and crumples to dust before their eyes. And suddenly, to their shock, Darryl himself bursts through the door, alive and well! It seems that since they changed their minds in the end, the spell didn't work! And following behind him is his butler, Fidel, with a tray full of exquisite feasts. The episode then finishes with the whole gang of friends sitting in front of the TV, watching "The Exorcist".

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