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(2007 Video Game)

Plot Summary

  • The third movie-video game adaptation brings Spider-Man back to the crime ridden streets of New York City which are more dangerous than ever. Whilst Spider-Man deals with three new gangs (Apocalypse, Dragontail and Arsenic Candy) who have declared war on Manhattan; Peter Parker suffers from a disdainful Harry Osborn, pleasing his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and competing with an unscrupulous and cocky rival photographer at the Daily Bugle- Eddie Brock Jr. This is just the beginning as matters worsen with Dr. Connors morphing into the hideous Lizard and the powerful yet bittersweet Scorpion flees from an experimental hell. When an alien substance known as symbiote bonds with Spider-Man making him almighty, the dangerous streets are cleansed of crime but at the price of Spider-Man/Peter Parker's metamorphosis into a filthier and malevolent being.

    - Written by commanderblue
  • In this video game adaptation of the movie, Spider-Man obtains a mysterious black suit, which changes his personality as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. With this internal struggle, he must battle Sandman, the second Green Goblin, and eventually his most challenging foe yet: Venom.

    - Written by hallowethe
  • Spider-Man is back to save the city with his usual hero work, only this time he bonds with an alien substance known as symbiote which turns his hero days and personal life into something ugly.

    - Written by commanderblue


NOTE: The summary concerns the Xbox360/Ps3/PC versions of the game and not the Wii/Ps2. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man aka Peter Parker...

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