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Star Trek: Charlie X (1966) (TV Episode)
Charlie Evans returns after 40 years looking for James T. Kirk
Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966) (TV Episode)
An older Gary Mitchell appears in a reality where James T. Kirk was never born
Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever (1967) (TV Episode)
The Guardian of Forever causes another time paradox
Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror (1967) (TV Episode)
An alternate version of the Mirror Universe is presented
Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles (1967) (TV Episode)
Pavel Chekov receives a Tribble as a gift
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Relics (1992) (TV Episode)
Scotty's disappearance is mentioned by Nyota Uhura
Star Trek: Generations (1994)
James T. Kirk's heroics on the Enterprise-B are mentioned

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Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly (2015)
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