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11 Aug. 2007
Hot Marriage Bed
When Nat and Alistair are assigned to test out mattresses for a show segment, it leads them to consider testing the boundaries of their relationship. Meanwhile' Liz realizes her relationship with Steve could benefit from fewer boundaries. And Brooke tries to broaden her dating boundaries with Ty, to just being friends... with benefits. With guest expert sex columnist Chanelle Gallant.
18 Aug. 2007
Out of the Closet and Into the Fire
When his parents visit the Smart Woman studio, Reggie is terrified they'll discover the big secret he's keeping - he's the show's makeup artist. Meanwhile, Brooke discovers a whole new 'vintage' retail therapy. And Alistair and Liz work together to hide a mutual obsession for a forbidden dance.
25 Aug. 2007
Check Your Insecurities at the Door
When husband Steve spurns one of her romantic advances, Liz becomes insecure about her sexual appeal. Meanwhile, Brooke's new-found monogamy makes her uncertain about her ability to keep a man's interest. And, Nat's excited to finally shake her self-doubt by booking a big name co-host for Lana's International Home Show appearance, until she realizes she's stumbled upon Lana's biggest fear.
1 Sep. 2007
Break Free
When Liz's 'hot cop/flirty felon' afternoon with her husband is interrupted by a crisis at work, Liz needs to break free of her need to be in control - and the playtime handcuffs her husband has put her in. Meanwhile, Nat realizes that to break free of Phil's amorous intentions, she'll have to do away with niceties altogether. And Alistair agrees to swap workloads with Brooke to break free of his traditional job role, bringing him face to face with a fake vagina, and a gynecologist interview.
8 Sep. 2007
The Attack of the Ninteen-Year-Old Know-It-All
When Lana's 19-year-old, precocious niece visits the Smart Woman studio, she forces Lana's team to consider realities they'd never thought of before. Liz wonders if she may be a hindrance to Gracie getting into a good private school, Brooke questions if she should be in another profession, and Nat discovers Alistair may not have eyes for only her. With special guest expert, New York Times bestselling author, Alexandra Robbins.
15 Sep. 2007
The Smart Man Survival Guide
When Lana realizes Reggie's keeping secrets from her, she forces him to promise to be open about everything in his life. Only it turns out there are things she really doesn't want to know. Meanwhile, Brooke thinks Ty's being too open, and becomes interested in a man of mystery, Phil (yes, Phil). And a horrified Nat stumbles upon her father's secret weapon, Viagra.
22 Sep. 2007
The Sharp Point
Let the games begin! When Lana's sexual nemesis, lifestyle host Pete Sharp, challenges her staff to a game of volleyball, Lana jumps at the opportunity, and it's winner take all. Meanwhile Liz and Brooke are up for the same producing award...and Lana will only give out one reference letter. And Alistair tries to prove he's a good match for Geneva on and off the volleyball court. With special guests, Olympians Conrad Leinemann, Mark Heese, and Marc Dunn.
29 Sep. 2007
Sweet Charity
When an article is published declaring that Lana is stingy, she gets the staff to create a foundation on her behalf. Meanwhile, when Liz realizes she's the least philanthropic woman at "Smart Woman", she's eager to do something charitable...and ends up donating far more than she can afford. Nat tries to be charitable towards Geneva, and Lana takes to the street to find a worthy cause. With special guest expert, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Craig Kielburger.
6 Oct. 2007
The House That Pride Built
When Lana purchases a new house, she manipulates the network into giving her free renovations by promising to deliver a cross-promotion show with her sexual nemesis, Pete Sharp. However, the sabotage spectacle that she and Pete put on is not a show the network can air. Meanwhile, Nat steals Alistair's idea to make a behind-the-scenes featurette. And Brooke has to come to terms with the fact that some guys really do get over her.
13 Oct. 2007
Full Moon
When Lana tries to prove it's inept temperature control, and not her hormones causing her hot flashes, she makes an enemy of a superintendent with a short fuse. Meanwhile, a waft of Reggie's pheromones leaves Alistair questioning his sexuality. And a surge in Liz's hormones turns her into a woman on a mission. A baby-making mission.
20 Oct. 2007
Pass the Buck
Lana impulsively creates a Smart Woman book club, leaving the staff to read a 300-page novel before taping the segment with the author - at the end of the day. Meanwhile, Liz has to bake 200 cookies for the PTA. And Nat owes the phone company more than she can pay. When Alistair is saddled with saving the day, he starts a chain of passing the buck, where everyone hands off their work to everyone else and nothing gets done. And then the author arrives...With special guest, Camilla Gibb, author of Sweetness in the Belly.
27 Oct. 2007
Diet Wars
When Lana is offered the opportunity to become the spokeswoman for a new clothing line she decides to go on a crash diet before the photo shoot. To bolster her morale, Reggie lures the rest of the office into starving along with her. Meanwhile, Nat's new diet affects her lunch date with Ike. And Alistair weighs his relationship with Geneva. With special guest expert Rick Gallop, author of The G.I. Diet.
3 Nov. 2007
Smart Parents
Lana decides to shoot a segment on the trials and tribulations of being a new parent, and mentions glibly to a friend that she knows all about life with a newborn. Mistakenly thinking Lana has actually become a new mother, her friend invites Lana into the exclusive Mothers with Money Society, an invitation Lana readily accepts. Now all Lana needs is a baby. Meanwhile, Brooke discovers a penchant for motherhood. And Phil learns even god-parenting is not as easy as it looks. With special guest, parenting expert Barbara Coloroso.
Earth Day
When Nat sets up an interview with Rob Stewart, director of Sharkwater, Lana decides the next step in building her media empire should be an environmental motion picture. Meanwhile, when all the credit for Liz's hard work is given to another member of the PTA's Green Roof committee, Liz decides to teach her adversary a lesson - that undermines all the hard work she herself has done. And when Phil realizes Reggie's been using him to try to win a hybrid car, Phil decides to compete for the car for himself. With special guest expert, Rob Stewart, director/producer of ...
17 Nov. 2007
Breach of Contract
When Liz realizes it was her sexual appeal, and not her mental capabilities that landed Smart Woman a big-time celebrity lawyer in a multi-episode appearance, she attempts to renegotiate without her va va voom. Meanwhile, Brooke puts her romantic desires with a cute cameraman on the dotted line. And Lana lands in jail.
24 Nov. 2007
Debt and Taxes
When Alistair realizes that he forgot to prepare Lana's tax return, he begs the Smart Woman team to help get things in order. Meanwhile, Nat has forgotten to budget for her tax payment costs, and needs to find a lender, any lender. And Liz's taxes are complete, but for one last receipt - the receipt from Gracie's day care manager. Who's always had it out for Liz. As the tax deadline looms, will the Smart Woman team take accounting matters to new creative lengths?
1 Dec. 2007
Old Flames
To get Lana into an exclusive celebrity dinner hosted by Jamie Kennedy, Nat has to ask a favor of her old boyfriend Wyatt, and Reggie has to deal with a dry cleaner who's seen him with his clothes off. Meanwhile, when Brooke dates Liz's former beau, Liz tries to prove once and for all that you really can get over your ex.
Mother's Day
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Dec. 2007
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Just Do It
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