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The movie is like life itself - funny and dramatic.

Author: agentm-1 from Hamburg
12 October 2006

I watched the movie at the film festival in Hamburg and it surprised me in a very positive way. Like the director said, this movie is a love song about his hometown. All characters ale drawn quite perfectly, they match into the whole plot. The actors made a very good work, cause I'm sure, that it really isn't easy to play a role, which shows quite every aspect of life. Sometimes their reaction seems to be illogical, sometimes just funny and sometimes full of tears. Especially the main actress makes her job in a impressive way. The director wrote just the perfect screenplay for a female actress and she is exploiting the material as good as it is possible. With all these colorful characters this movie shows really good how life is. Crazy, funny and dramatic in the same time. Thumbs up!

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How can one woman be responsible for so many people?

Author: helenw-3 from Australia
4 August 2007

The film summary wrote: "But the journey to greatness effects her life and the lives of her family - her unemployed husband, her trouble children, her unstable mother, and primarily her sister".

I cannot disagree strongly enough. Her journey to greatness was stymied at every point by a lazy husband and children, and disturbed parents, sister and brother in law. But this was never the result of Aviva's own actions. She worked a long day job, ran the household, visited her parents, supported her sister and wrote when she could. Aviva's journey, successful or otherwise, was through her own heroic effort.

There were some really funny lines. I wish the English sub titles were more accurate.

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Even More Relevant at the end of 2008

Author: shmulik-cohen from Israel
26 December 2008

When this film was made in 2006 the problem of growing gaps in Israeli Society was quite clear. But in December 2008 when I saw the movie it is even more relevant. A combination of economic pressures with political and security pressures makes life crazy. It reminds me of a recent French movie I saw Claude Lelouch "Roman de gare" 2007. Also a writer and the crazy pace of "Modern" Society. With the present growing uncertainty and Economic Crunch that we do not know when it will end I give 10 to "Aviva my Love". In recent years Israeli cinema has grown in international Popularity and this movie can be compared with Assy Dayan's work.

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funny and heartfelt

Author: sgwdem
10 September 2006

I really liked this film. The acting was uneven, as often happens for some reason in Israeli films. The daughter and the professor were played unnaturally; you could "see" them acting. But this is made up by the wonderful lead role and her husband, who were just great.

The film vividly outlines the life of a normal person, bent under the burden of providing for her family, dealing with a crazy mom, unemployed husband, and kids with problems. But she's also different, because she's driven to write. There's no space for her to do this, and her problems stack against her NEED to create her stories. I definitely felt sympathetic for her, and she came to life for me.

And its FUNNY - so rare with Israeli films >>>>

Also GREAT cinematography; it makes Tiberas look so beautiful.

Well worth it.

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Difficult take on a female artist's struggle

Author: Don Muvo from Encinitas, California
22 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this movie attractive, funny in parts, yet difficult to grasp. I certainly felt the disappointment in the husband's and sister's struggle for employment. Everyone in the movie was equally struggling for identity and the artist/mother, Aviva, at the center of it, was holding it all together.

At the beginning of the story, Aviva is asked by her dentist to undress to forgive a large dental bill. She refuses, but she does hear some encouragement to do a bit of prostitution from the other women in her life. Later she agrees to become a ghostwriter for her writing professor who's talent has dried up, by allowing him publish revised versions of her stories.

I suppose the movie makes clear the extent to which we attempt to subvert own greatest possibilities of success by making it subordinate to our internalizing the cares of those other individuals we identify most closely with.

After accepting the initial deposit for her stories to be re-marketed by her professor, Aviva soon shuts down all of her normal relations with her family, imperfect as they are, since she believes she no longer merits their esteem. The catharsis begins late in the movie, when Aviva's mother leaves Aviva's father. Aviva herself gradually realizes that she must stop selling herself piecemeal, acknowledges the powerful woman she is, and allows herself with the encouragement of her family to return to becoming a professional writer.

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The lead actress steals the film

Author: Nozz from Israel
7 December 2012

After this film, Shemi Zarhin also wrote and directed "The World Is Funny," also set in Tiberias and also featuring some of the same actors. Also, in fact, involving attempts by the characters to write fiction. In both movies, an ordinary person seeks out help from a celebrity whose fame rests on his past. But it's been complained on these pages that in "Aviva, My Love" there are too many characters. I think that in "The World Is Funny" there are more, but the story is balanced among them and it's a more pleasant story. In "Aviva, My Love" much more attention goes to the female lead than to anyone else, and you can imagine why. Although she's supported by some of Israel's best actors, Assi Levy is consistently magnetic on the screen here. She won the country's best film actress award for this performance. It's not surprising that the film winds up giving little time to, for example, her adolescent children. How many are there, three? Pretty much the same film could have been written with two or even one. Not that I'm complaining. It's more gratifying to see someone make an impressive film like this and then a more impressive one like "The World Is Funny" than the other way around.

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Not a comedy, Not a drama, Not too sure what's this movie is all about...

Author: badatz from Canada
6 March 2011

I read good reviews and decided to give it a shot last night. the plot is about a "writer" that's trying to publish a book but she's not good enough of a writer. In between the main plot, that are a few mini-boring plots related to her sister and her mother. Most of the movie is focusing on her attempt to publish a book.

There are no jokes, no suspense or any dramatic events. It felt like a huge waste of my time. There is nothing really special going on in the movie, while watching it, I noticed that it was boring but was hoping for some sort of a twist at the end. What a huge disappointment, this movie is boring!

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Not another excellent Israeli family drama

Author: Eyal Allweil from Tel Aviv, Israel
26 August 2006

Unfortunately, the movie disappointed me tremendously. Poor characterization (too many characters), a trite treatment of the themes that were raised, a lack of development and resolution in the plot and a lot of general sloppiness. I couldn't help but compare it to Broken Wings and Nina's Tragedies- and found it sorely lacking. It seemed- in general- to lack quality.

On the other hand, the audience around me seemed to like it. And it's been very well reviewed in Israel- receiving an average of 4 out of 5 stars, making it the 5th best reviewed movie in Israel at the moment.

My guess is that if you liked Sof Ha Olam Smola, you might like this, too, even if it's more pretentious and less fun.

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I agree, it was disappointing

Author: ithinktfiam from Israel
29 August 2008

I finally rented it. As the other commenter mentioned, it was received very well here in Israel. That just says how flat our industry is. Anything not terrible is great.

The movie was very predictable, had too many characters, and just didn't say anything new. The characters seemed taken out of a catalog of stereotypes.

I'll admit, I skipped about 30 minutes in the middle (gotta love DVDs!) just because it looked so predictable. Sure enough, as I continued the movie, everything seemed as expected.

It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's very average, and not deserving of the raves it received here.

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Faux-Feminist Movie Disappoints

Author: conlaw from Canada
25 March 2007

I found this movie largely disappointing. The main character is an Israeli woman trying to fulfill her dream by becoming a noted author but her dream is appropriated by the self-interest of her professional counselor Sound familiar? I sensed it was a re-telling of "Running With Scissors" from the mother's perspective: Mother wants to be a writer; dream stymied by professional adviser; gay son; dysfunctional family.

By telling the story from a woman's perspective, the male director allows himself to explore a feminist perspective. But is it truly feminist? As a male viewer, I was insulted by the depiction. All male characters, without exception, are weak and act like jerks. Isn't this the kind of stereotyping that the woman's movement found so offensive in its argument for equality. If the tables were turned and the movie was about a male protagonist stymied in his attempt for advancement by foolish females, woman would rightfully heap scorn on such a portrayal as sexist gibberish.

The ending seems contrived. Without being a spoiler I simply suggest the ending doesn't match the rest of the story.

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