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Good But Not Great !
ahmed elshikh24 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
(Alain Delon) is one of my favorites. Although I don't see him as The Great Actor. But he is a great star, and I don't mean it in a bad way for sure.

In the 2000s he did a lot of work for TV. One of them, (Frank Riva: L'homme de nulle), is what I just finished watching. It's a nice police story. And that old presence of (Delon) is still working so fine. However, the emotional scenes are more than any action ones, there is no flashy car chases, or comic relief at all, and the pace is quiet slow. While I can defend by saying that maybe they intended that for making something serious and not that American, there were other problems.

The idea of a returning legendary inspector (which is very good by the way) had a few faults; like how he wasn't lost in a city he didn't walk in its streets for 20 years ?!, and honestly how he could come back easily to his work after that long retirement from service or rather that 2 decades vacation ?! The mystery wasn't perfect, with too-complicated-to-follow details. And the fact that this is a pilot for next 5 (Riva) TV movies, doesn't justify that too many characters had to be presented in such limited time.

But anyway, the end's theme song was so wonderful, sensitive and one of the most distinguished potentials here. The script managed to be sometimes hot with some surprises. And it was especial fun apart to watch the old (Delon) in action again as isolated idealistic man who returns to a world he used to hate for a revenge mission. It's great formula indeed; like an old (Dirty Harry) meets (Get Carter), with the romantic (Delon) in the mix. Though, unfortunately, the movie itself wasn't that great.

At last, I was astonished when I didn't find anything at the commenting section about this movie since its production in 2003 ! Why is that ?? Where is the French movie mania ? Are there no French people watched the movie ?, or no body loved it or hated that much to comment ??, or maybe no one of them wanted to add something about it in "English" ?! HEY GUYS.. Where are you ?? I'm a poor cinema lover from Egypt and I'm the first one (and the only one till July 2007) to write about it !!??, for god's sake aren't you ashamed ?!!!
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