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Bigger, pinker... and not as good

Author: Fluke_Skywalker from United States
24 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plot; The Enterprise crew once again find themselves knee-deep in Tribbles.

This is sequel to the live action episode in every sense of the word. It was even written by David Gerrold. The tone here is a bit darker, at least initially, with the Klingons having a deadly new super weapon, but as the episode goes along it lightens up substantially.

It never quite reaches the merriment of the original episode, but I was impressed by the sophisticated nature of the storytelling in an animated episode. I also really loved the animation. The articulation and movements are a bit limited, but the character models are fantastic, perfectly capturing their real world counterparts.

- This was apparently going to be a season 3 episode from the live action series, but was ultimately dropped when Roddenberry's exit helped usher in large budgetary cuts.

- The actors from the original ST series reprise their roles here, save for Chekov, who wasn't in the animated series. Also returning was Stanley Adams as Cyrano Jones, the Tribble salesman.

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Great Story, Terrible Animation!

Author: mike48128 from United States
30 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All 22 (or so) animated Star Trek Episodes were well-written with voices from most of the original series actors, but, oh, that bad animation! Basically a moving "storyboard" with minimal movement, from the "Clutch-Cargo" (only the mouths move) and Hanna-Barbara school of "short-hand" animation. Almost like watching a "scanned" comic strip or linked still-pictures! Also, you could tell that the whole thing was produced like a "radio-play" as there was no interaction and very little humor in the series. Not even the original music! Indeed, all the actors never sat down together at the same time to record their lines! Saved from being unwatchable garbage by the fact that Gene Roddenberry had a hand in the production. Originally, every major character was to have a "Jr." sidekick in uniform--what an incredibly stupid idea! However, it was food for the "starving Star Trek fans" until the many movies and spin-offs followed. As noted, good story, bad animation! As for the story, see a much better produced "Tribbles" reprise on a much superior (and funnier) live-action "Deep Space Nine" episode!

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Prizes at a County Fair

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
17 March 2017

The Klingons move in and chase good old Cyrano Jones in a cruiser. After destroying his little ship the Enterprise is inundated with tribbles. They need to be gotten rid of because of their voracious appetites. They are attracted to grain and can never get their fills. This episode is another one that substitutes decent writing and imaginative plot lines for cuteness. For some reason the original episode was one of the more popular. It was attractive to people who didn't really care for science fiction. This does nothing to improve on the whole tribble thing.

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Another lousy episode...but with tribbles.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
9 April 2015

I realize that ANY episode in the Trek shows that features tribbles will be adored by most die-hard Trekkies. I guess my love of decent animation and good writing exceed my love for Star Trek and I'd consign this to the category for fans only!

When the show begins, the Enterprise is on some mission about 'quintrotritacle'--why it wasn't called 'quatrotriticale' like it was in "The Trouble With Tribbles" is beyond me. Along the way, they come upon a Klingon ship trying to destroy a shuttle. The Enterprise unwisely intervenes and finds the ship piloted by Cyrano Jones (Stanley Adams once again) and it's stuffed with sterilized tribbles. What follows is pretty much what you'd expect...and is totally unnecessary. Mildly interesting at best and filled with giant PINK tribbles.

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