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Absolutely, probably more comfortable with human romantic complication than the usual stuff released on Valentine's Day.
San Francisco Chronicle
A sophisticated story of disappointment and accommodation.
Definitely, Maybe gets too coy in spots, and Brooks is a sharper writer at this point in his career than he is a director. But for a film with a half-dozen fully-formed characters that spans 15 years and works in a swell detail about a 1943 edition of "Jane Eyre" - well, it definitely works. No maybes about it.
Chicago Tribune
Keeps you interested in its characters and isn't afraid of complicating your sympathies a little. In these dog-day months for romantic comedy, that means a lot.
A lot fresher and bit more sophisticated than the ordinary run of maudlin chick flicks and crude gross-out sex farces that now pass for romantic comedies.
Brooks' take on the ups and downs of modern romance and the unexpected turns it takes is smart, funny, and (above all) uncommon. It's not hard to recommend this on Valentine's Day or at any other time.
It's generally enjoyable, amusing and more sophisticated than most films in this genre.
It's a decent Valentine's date-night flick, and should earn Reynolds the attention he'll need to snare stronger leading roles.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film is far from a complete washout, and this is chiefly a tribute to its immensely attractive and appealing cast. Ryan Reynolds proves to have the stuff of a true leading. man.
To sum up, Definitely, Maybe is crap with compensations.
There's no maybe about its standing as romantic comedy -- definitely bad.

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