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Frank Miller uses comic book authors as company names in the film, for example 'Feiffer'. Another (Ditko, a reference to Steve Ditko) appears on the side of the truck driven by Silken Floss.
In an interview with Total Film magazine, Frank Miller admitted that he shouted "Cut!" instead of "Action!" just before filming Paz Vega's scene because he was so distracted by her costume.
The names of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos for three of the characters in the film are from Aristotle, who suggested that these three elements are necessary for persuasive rhetoric.
The underwater scenes were all shot dry-for-wet, which greatly relieved Eva Mendes who doesn't know how to swim (at least at the time the movie was shot).
Some scenes were shot using a new digital camera called The Phantom that can shoot at up to 1000 frames a second. Most of the film was shot with Panavision Genesis cameras.
All of the henchmen clones' names end in "-os," and the last two seen on screen are "Adios" and "Amigos", in order.
Ebony White, The Spirit's sidekick from the comics, was omitted, largely because he was typically portrayed as a 1930's racial stereotype. Frank Miller disliked the idea of The Spirit having a sidekick, so the character was completely removed, rather than updated.
A few seconds after Octopus mentions "Star Trek," Silken Floss says the words "cling on," similar to the race "Klingon" in the Star Trek universe.
There are several references to other comic book characters throughout the film: Sand Saref mentions Robin, Morgenstern mentions the Electra complex (based on the daughter of Agamemnon, the basis for the Marvel character Elektra), and The Spirit mentions Thor's hammer.
Stana Katic's character Morgenstern gets told twice: "You'll make detective in no time." and in the TV series Castle (2009), her character Kate Beckett is the youngest woman to ever make detective in the NYPD.
Shot on green screen in 50 days.
Dolan uses the phrase "hard goodbye" as a metaphor for death. It is also the name of Marv's Sin City story, written by Frank Miller.
The character, Morgenstern, the name means "morningstar" in German.
When the Spirit finds Sand Serif's derrière photocopy and says, "You shouldn't have signed it", the phrase was from one of Frank Miller's early Daredevil comics.
Eva Mendes wanted to work with Frank Miller before even seeing the script for The Spirit (2008).
While a character in her own right from the comics, Sand Saref's seduction of and marriage to wealthy men only to have them killed is a trait taken from fellow Spirit femme fatale P'Gell.

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