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There's a kind of tough beauty to this deft, satisfying thriller.
Tries rather feebly to examine complex questions of morality. It does a better job of capturing a sense of shattering grief, but it gets too caught up in plot contrivances and coincidences to be believable.
Unrelentingly bleak, the movie is nonetheless a riveting drama with some outstanding performances.
Miami Herald
Instead of a tense, emotional and psychological thriller or a thoughtful exploration of grief and guilt, what we end up with is ... soap. Whether you choose to wash your hands of it is up to you.
It's hard to watch two fine actors working themselves into a lather for so little reward.
The book tore at my heart; the movie left me strangely unmoved.
Even the best actors -- and I'd rank Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo among their generation's finest -- can't save a movie that aims for tragedy but stalls at soap opera.
Despite some solid acting, the film is lacking in surprises. For all the suffering that these characters endure, there's very little payoff.
George, director of "Hotel Rwanda," is better at directing actors than visual storytelling. Every time the camera tilted to suggest a character's shaken world or distorted worldview I didn't feel heartache, I felt headache.
The Hollywood Reporter
Paints itself into a corner, creating a static situation in which everyone is either stymied or wracked by indecision, leaving the movie free for its two male leads to wallow in self-pity, remorse and bad behavior.
A deadly earnest and deadly dull psychological thriller.

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