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There's a kind of tough beauty to this deft, satisfying thriller.
The A.V. Club
It's a relentlessly downbeat, well-acted melodrama that's easy to admire, but intentionally impossible to enjoy.
The book tore at my heart; the movie left me strangely unmoved.
Chicago Tribune
The best efforts of the performers cannot authenticate a plot that no longer feels inevitable. It feels contrived. And the audience stays at a remove instead of entering someone else’s nightmare.
Rolling Stone
Even the best actors -- and I'd rank Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo among their generation's finest -- can't save a movie that aims for tragedy but stalls at soap opera.
There is no reason why Reservation Road could not have been great. George has co-written some powerful films in the past, including two for Daniel Day-Lewis, "In the Name of the Father" and "The Boxer." He is not wrong to want to mainline intensity here, but the inner lives of these men have not been explored, only displayed.
Paints itself into a corner, creating a static situation in which everyone is either stymied or wracked by indecision, leaving the movie free for its two male leads to wallow in self-pity, remorse and bad behavior.
A dramatic situation that should be wrenching is mostly tedious in Reservation Road.
Village Voice
Reservation Road itself may twist and turn into the New England night, but emotionally and dramatically, the movie that bears its name is a dead end.
A deadly earnest and deadly dull psychological thriller.

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