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As the title suggests, slowly slowly it grows on you

Author: Peter Young from Earth
19 November 2009

Ahista Ahista is one little small brilliant. I started watching it, and at the beginning I got a little bored since the pacing was slow and the main idea of one guy meeting a girl who is lost was not really new. But as the film went on, I started getting increasingly and gradually engaged by the film, the fantastic writing and the charming romance. The film was extremely simple and natural and after some time I felt I was watching a real documentation of one guy's life. There's one very good reason the film got this feel, and it's the fresh talent called Abhay Deol. He is extremely convincing as the simple, kind-hearted and struggling Ankush, whose new love motivates him to make amends and fight for a better life. Throughout the film, he is presented as an ordinary mischievous prankster, but also as a helping and loving person, who, like anyone else will do anything to protect his love. Deol portrays all the different shades of his character, whether positive or negative, naturally and with complete ease.

Shivam Nair's direction is very good. His depiction of the life of people in the rural neighbourhood is excellent, but what gets to be even more impressive is his portrayal of Ankush's relationships with the different people who surround him, including his friends and his love interest Megha who he is ready to do anything for. I also immensely liked the way Nair portrayed his interaction with his friend's loud and plump mother whom he calls 'khala' (aunty). He likes to drive her crazy and annoy her on every occasion, yet we see that she occupies a very special place in his heart and is like a mother-figure to him as evidenced in several scenes. Except for Abhay, the rest of the cast performed well. Though Soha Ali Khan did not stand out according to me, she was good and had some of her mother's charm. The actors who played Ankush's friends were very good as was the actress who played Ankush's 'khala'.

Apart from the performances, the film's writing was outstanding. The dialogues were sort of ordinary yet brilliant, and the script was also fantastic. That's mainly because despite a not-so-new story it was never overdone or melodramatic and there were no attempts to make it look larger-than-life. The film's biggest weakness was Himesh Reshammiya's uninspiring music which was unsuitable for this film. Otherwise, Ahista Ahista was a delightful watch and it got only better with every scene. The concept may not be new, but the film manages to look fresh and becomes increasingly heartwarming as the story goes by. The ending was bittersweet, kind of sad yet optimistic. In short, this movie really grows on you slowly, and this can be easily attributed to the wonderful writing, the moving moments, the charming romance, the realistic proceedings, and of course Abhay Deol's memorable performance.

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A very common story carried very well and transformed to a wonderful experience.

Author: Deep Ganatra from India
18 August 2006

The story is about Ankush (Abhay Deol) - who is professional marriage witness, in short he acts as a witness for couples in marriage registration office - and Megha (Soha Ali Khan) who ran away from her home at Nainital to get married to her love interest Dhiraj (Shayan Munshi). The story starts with Megha waiting at the marriage registration office for Dhiraj to show up but for some reason he does not show up. So Ankush comes in the picture here, who had approached Megha with the intention of earning Rs. 200 for his Witness job and he ends up helping her by providing shelter to her. Ankush grows on his side by working in a bank as an Agent… Ankush falls in love with Megha and she too falls in love with him (or kind of love), both agree for the marriage and Dhiraj comes back in the picture. Unexpected circumstances happen, actually I should say, expected circumstances with unexpected reactions and then….

Actually the movie story is bit different than the movies we see and I do not think so it will be accepted by the masses but if you are a movie freak like me and love to watch something different, then you will definitely like the movie. The movie is just an innocent love story drafted very well by the characters of Abhay Deol and Soha Ali Khan. The characters are so natural that you feel as if things are happening to the guy next door. The background music of the film also plays a very good role, it is just too good. The way Delhi is shown is very good and gives a fresh feeling.

so let's cut it out and sum it up.

Story: A very common story carried very well and transformed to a wonderful experience.

Music: Well, as it was Himesh Reshammiya creation, so I did not expect much but still I liked couple of songs of the movie including the Qawwali.

Acting: Abhay Deol was the most impressive, very natural and innocent acting but he should stay away from singing in the songs. Soha Ali Khan, she is a doll, a very cute doll I must say. Again very innocent and natural acting and these both actors perfectly fit into their characters. Apart from these two, Shayan Munshi needs some acting lessons and may be few layers of fat to cover the bones. Other actors did their job well.

Stars: I would also give it 3.5 stars out of 5. You will enjoy the movie if watched in the theatre, I would recommend watching it in theatre if you are a movie freak and accept uncommon stories. Otherwise wait for the DVD to arrive. The movie will definitely won't be liked by the masses and the business it can do is from word of mouth publicity.

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Unexpected but good.

Author: azizbaghadia from United Kingdom
24 October 2009

Watching film i was in very light mood and also this film is light but the end of the film is just unexpected which leaves a long lasting memories in one's mind.

movie starts with Abhay and his profession of being witness during registrar marriage. Soha comes for marriage and his boyfriend doesn't, leaving Soha alone on to the street she cant go back home and she don't have any thing to live on here in this situation Abahy turns out to be a helper for her, this is the base of story.

The rest is just watchable and the end of the story is bitter sweet that Abhay has to face which keeps you at the edge of the seat.

Dialogues and music are good songs are OK direction is good and so as the screenplay you do feel that movie is slow but looking to the demand of story it is all right.

A truly watchable especially with light mood i enjoyed this at home with coke and peanuts. my rating for this is 8/10

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A different kind of love story

Author: vjkaram
31 May 2008

This is a kind of movie that will stay with you for a long time. Soha Ali and Abhay Deol both look very beautiful. Soha reminds you so much of her mother Sharmila Tagore. Abhay is a born actor and will rise a lot in the coming future.

The ending of the movie is very different from most movies. In a way you are left unsatisfied but if you really think about it in real terms, you realize that the only sensible ending was the ending shown in the movie. Otherwise, it would have been gross injustice to everyone.

The movie is about a professional witness who comes across a girl waiting to get married in court. Her boyfriend does not show up and she ends up being helped by the witness. Slowly slowly, over the time, he falls in love for her. It is not clear if she has similar feelings for him or not. Watch the movie for complete details.

The movie really belongs to Abhay. I look forward to seeing more movies from him. Soha is pretty but did not speak much in the movie. Her eyes, her innocence did most of the talking.

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Mohabbat Rang Layegi Janaab..... Ahista Ahista

Author: Avinash Patalay from Middle Earth
17 June 2009

This highly critically acclaimed movie had been on my list for quite a while and finally last night I got around to watch it. Indeed Shivam Nair shows a lot of promise in his first outing.

The characters are well established. The construction of the scenes deserve special mention. For instance if you take the Marriage Registrar's office, the subtlety incorporated into it gives quite an authentic feel to it and you perceive almost being in there. Also the spirit of Dilli-6 is very well captured.

Ω Abay Deol:: As Anurag Kashyap rightly states "While actors are aspiring to become heroes, this guys is attempting to excel as a character". He forges his might over the "new-age cinema". Minor aberrations are his costumes which seem beyond the financial means of the character, but nonetheless it can be safely ignored. Should add that he looked great in his chequered shirts, flat-fronts & the golf jumper.

Ω Soha:: For the first time I noticed a performance which deserves special mention. Perhaps because of the character which is subdued owing to which she keeps her mouth shut in the initial few reels.

Ω Shayan Munshi:: Seemed misplaced here perhaps owing to his look viz. unkempt hair & unshaven, costumes.

Ω Music:: The songs though good were kind of show-stoppers to the narration. Having said that owing to the huge popularity of HR, I guess it did the job of marketing the movie well.

The interaction of Abhay with Kamini Khanna is well fleshed out. The Father does a good job as well. Abhay's friends lend adequate support.

And the ending couldn't have been better.

PS: And if you thought there are bits n pieces which resemble Jab We Met, it because of Imtiaz Ali lending help in the back-stage.

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Grows on you slowly

Author: HeadleyLamarr from United States
29 February 2008

Abhay Deol's second film, written by Imtiaz Ali, maiden directorial effort by Shivam Nair. Soha probably has her first (?) meaty role as Megha, a girl who has run away from home and is waiting at the Delhi marriage registrar's office for her boyfriend Dheeraj (Shayan Munshi) to meet her. She waits and waits and finally is spotted as a damsel in distress by Ankush (Abhay Deol). They spend many days together as he extricates her from one distressing situation after another and finally falls in love with her. Then the boyfriend returns! Aage pardey par dekhiye! Sound familiar? This is yet another adaptation of Dostoyevsky's White Nights with a tiny bit of borrowing from Le Notti Bianchi (very tiny though - Ankush keeps the lovers apart by telling the boyfriend she is dead!). But this is an earthier and more realistic (duh) adaptation than the much hyped and overblown Saawariya. I wonder why no one brought this little gem up when we were all discussing Saawariya like crazy a few months ago.

The Delhi settings are wonderful - there is the obligatory run through old Delhi, shots of Jama Masjid from a roof top, Connaught Circus, streets with rickshaws (What? How?). The colorful light fixtures in the hotel are enough to tell you this is a seedy joint with rooms for hire by the hour!

The more I see of Abhay the more I like this young man. In this second film he is quite good as the for hire witness who is given a purpose in life by a beautiful woman. Soha looks beautiful, and when she smiles she fits the role, but I found her unconvincing in the more serious moments. I am not quite sure that she has it in her to be a great actress, or maybe she will blossom late like the brother. The music by Himesh Reshammiya is not that great and in fact the movie falters at the songs, they kind of interrupt the narrative and do not sit well with the characters trying to sing them. The supporting cast is excellent and I give this White Nights adaptation a thumbs up. BTW - the fact that I love Abhay Deol's cute dimples has NOTHING to do with my rating.

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Bitter Sweet

Author: AJU GEORGE from Rourkela, India
17 January 2007

Abhay Deol meets the attractive Soha Ali Khan and greets her "Hello Sister"!!!. This sets the tone for a remarkable debut film by Shivam Nair. Soha, a middle class girl has run away from her home in Nainital and come to Delhi to marry her lover, Shayan Munshi. But Shyan doesn't turn up leaving Soha heartbroken & alone in the big bad world. . Abhay, the lower class next door guy turns protective towards the vulnerable Soha and helps her get a job & shelter in an old age home. Slowly romance blooms and Soha agrees to marry Abhay. Then Shyan re-enters into Soha's life.

A sensitively made film with a very unusual story, lovingly shot in Delhi, revolves around the delicate Soha. This well crafted film has moments which will forever remain etched in one's memory – the awkward first kiss & Abhay's swift apology; Abhay describing Soha as "class wali ladki" & hastily adding "that he doesn't love her"; his gifting a churidar to Soha & asking her out for a date.

The music is good & the background music excellent. In a scene where Soha rushes & embraces Abhay the sound track disappears. The stillness conveys both the awkwardness & tenderness of the relationship.

The poignant ending makes for a bitter sweet film, the memories of which will linger for a long long time.

A must see I will rate it 8.5/10

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Slowly, Gradually...This One's a Gem!

Author: Chrysanthepop from Fraggle Rock
25 May 2008

'Ahista Ahista' comes like a breath of fresh air when romantic movies are becoming less frequent in Indian cinema when compared to before. It's a very loose and brilliant adaptation of Dostoevsky's 'White Nights'. Imtiaz Ali's writing is very down-to-earth as he tells the story of ordinary people and adds his own touch.

Among the songs, the Qawali number and a solo that plays in the background stand out but the ones sung by Reshamiya in his usual ghastly voice. The songs should have been left to the background because the ones filmed as dream sequences aren't effective and they hinder the narrative flow. However the background score flows smoothly.

'Ahista Ahista' is carried by Abhay Deol. Deol is simply wonderful as Ankush and he gives a natural performance. His Ankush reminds me of Shahrukh's Sunil from 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa'. The characters are quite different but they face a similar dilemma. Soha Ali Khan isn't as impressive. Also we don't see much of Megha's final decision from her point of view. She appears to be weak and have difficulties with making her own decisions. In the beginning, Soha's expressions lack spontaneity and her responses look forced but she does a better job later on (except in the end). It's not a bad performance but one that could have been better. Shayan Munshi is alright, nothing great. Anyway, this is Deol's film so even though Soha and Shayan do not exactly hit the mark, it doesn't take away too much. The supporting actors who play Ankush's friends are good too.

Debutant Shivam Nair's direction is quite good but I wonder why he used slow-motion in some scenes, that too, so poorly (in stop motion format). Otherwise the director does a very commendable job and he makes great use of Delhi (where the film is set) by giving us glimpses of the busy streets, the small alleys etc.

Some of the moments that stood out for me was when Ankush impulsively kisses Megha which is followed by an apology, when a cheerful Ankush goes to visit Megha with a bouquet of flowers and is confronted by an unexpected surprise, the final conversation between the two...well there are lots of such little great moments. In a few words, 'Ahista Ahista' is a fine and down-to earth adaptation of a classic. This one's a gem.

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Very predictive and raw although the simplicity in the movie makes it a decent watch

Author: Praveen Sharma from India
7 May 2016

Ahista Ahista is a noble idea that revolves realistically around a real love story that is trying to seek its destiny. The story and screenplay by Imtiaz Ali as expected is of a decent quality and the movie promises a lot in parts but it never takes off. The parts looks detached from each other and songs randomly joins the screenplay. It just lacks a rhythm. Soha Ali Khan and Abhay Deol, two brilliant actors does really well and does true justice to their parts. They make their love story believable, lovable and real. But again what is missing is the finishing and expected story line.Supporting actors have done just an okay job, nothing exceptional there, some over-acting in between is notable. The director, just lacks the skill a bit but all and all it is just a fine movie which lacks some pace and runs out of ideas in between and it leads to an abrupt end eventually. But what keeps going for you is an honest love story and some soulful music in between. Himesh Reshammiya does a fine job and music is as per the feel of the movie.

Overall its a decent watch, but I totally expect a lot more than this from a combination of Abhay Deol, Imtiaz Ali, Soha Ali Khan.

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Sweetest Love Story of all time

Author: bunnymehra1985 from India
2 November 2009

This movie was disaster at Box Office, and the reason behind that is innocence of the movie, sweetness of the story. Music was good, story is very simple and old, but presentation of such story is very good, Director tried his best. Abhay is excellent and impressive and he shines once again in his role, he did his best in comedy or in emotional scene. Soha looks so sweet in the movie. Rest star cast was simply okay. Music and all songs are good, Himesh is impressive as an Singer here. Don't miss this movie, its a wonderful movie and a feel good one for us. Abhay best work till date. I will give 9/10 to Ahista Ahista.

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