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"My Little Margie" Hillbilly Margie (1953)

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Vern (Charles Farrell) and Margie (Gale Storm) make plans for Vern's day off from work, but are surprised by the sudden arrival of Vern's boss, Mr. Honeywell (Clarence Kolb), who says that he needs Vern to take an important trip and purchase stock from a family, the Tollivers. He explains that they are "mountain people" and cannot be contacted by phone or wire, and that Vern must go personally to their out-of-the-way home. Vern is nervous, especially when he learns the fate of the last employee who attempted to do business with them, but Margie says that she has "an angle" and disguises Vern and herself as simply "country folk." They venture out to the Tollivers' home, and though they are first given an unfriendly greeting, they are invited inside once they claim to have relations in the area. They end up sharing a dinner with the odd family, including brother Luke (Robert Easton), who takes a liking to Margie, and sister Ellie Mae, who is intrigued by Vern. They are also offered a homemade beverage, which Vern finds to be exceptionally strong. When he finally makes his bid for the stocks, which the Tollivers have glued to a door, they suspect that they are being tricked and demand that Vern and Margie shoot the McGrews, a rival family, to prove their honesty, and they make a run for it.

Back in the city, Vern explains the situation to Honeywell, who says that his boss, Carruthers (Charles Halton), will be displeased. However, they soon receive a letter from the Tollivers saying that they have reconsidered and are coming to visit the Albrights in their home, and Margie hurries to recreate their "hick" personas, even bringing some live pigs to the apartment. When the Tollivers arrive, Luke covertly switches Margie's harmless cider for the strong drink. At the dinner table, Luke attempts to kiss Margie, but she evades him and distracts him with a dance, and soon everyone joins in. Honeywell chooses that moment to arrive with Carruthers, who is taken aback by the festivities, but is soon drawn into the hoedown as well. Eventually, the Tollivers agree to sell their stocks--still glued to the door--and Carruthers is pleased...until he accidentally takes a drink of the Tollivers' homemade brew.


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