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A few minutes into the movie, they test the bomb. This was around WW2 (1940s). for a split second there is a shot of a flag with 50 states. Alaska and Hawaii did not join the union until 1959.
In the opening scene set in 1999 Ford has a series of toys on the floor. One of those is a Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder (Model 4500-1), that particular version was not released until the year 2004. Model #7130 was the Lego Snowspeeder that was available in 1999.
Dr. Serizawa shows his father's pocket watch stopped at the time of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. This indicates either his father died in the bombing, making Serizawa (played by Ken Watanabe, born 1959) at least 68 years old, or he survived the bombing and later had Serizawa, making it unlikely that he was carrying the watch at the time of the bombing.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

The male Muto is about 30 meters, but when he dives into the ocean, his head's size is clearly as big as the warship he dives into, and right after, his head is about the size of a car.

Character error 

Near the beginning it is stated that the MUTO left the Philippines for the "nearest" nuclear source in Japan, yet Hong Kong has a nuclear power station hundreds of miles closer.
The characters use "echolocation" to refer to the study of sound waves. Echolocation involves an organism using sound waves bouncing off of objects to determine the object's size and location.
Throughout the movie, Dr. Serizawa refers to Godzilla as Gojira, the Japanese name, except for onetime when speaking with his Japanese colleague he says Godzilla.
Dr. Seriwaza and other human characters describe Godzilla in contemporary terms as an "alpha predator" and state he is "hunting" the MUTOs. However, his aggressive behavior toward the other creatures is hardly typical of solitary animals hunting their prey.

When confronting the MUTOs, Godzilla exhibits threat behavior, such as the iconic roar. Predatory animals make these displays to scare off competitors for territory, food, or mates - not prey. After defeating them, he also does not show interest in feeding on the remains.
As the tsunami hits the shore, a dog waits expectantly for its death, seeing as how it is chained to the ground. However, as soon as the camera pans back to the dog, it has somehow broken free of its chains, and runs from the tsunami.
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During the battle between Godzilla and the two MUTOs, many of San Francisco's skyscrapers, such as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, are destroyed multiple times, then reappear after their collapse.
When Godzilla swims under the bridge, he is able to swim under the boats. When he stands up in the water, it comes to about his knees. The level of water in the second shot would've been too shallow for him to submerge completely.
When the tsunami comes to Hawaii, all people run in panic and leave a dog tied to a tree on an empty beach. But in the scene where the dog barks at incoming Tsunami, the people in the background are not running in panic.
At 1:26:55 you can clearly view damage (center of the bridge) to the "golden gate". At the end of the movie you can see the "Golden gate" in perfect condition (1:55:34).
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When the plant starts evacuating, Sandra Brody runs behind two men. When she uses a walkie talkie, she is in front of them.
When Elle puts Sam on the bus at the hospital, her co-worker is in the front seat and promises to take care of him. Later when the bus is stopped on the bridge because of the military operations, Sam is sitting near the window, midway in the bus and in the opposite side of where Elle's co-worker had been seated. In the following frames you can see there are no other adults in the bus, other than the driver.
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Errors in geography 

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository is more than 100 miles from Las Vegas, but a character at the mountain looks through binoculars and gets a clear view of a MUTO attacking the city.
In Hawaii, a loon call can be heard when the search party finds the Russian sub. Loons do not live in Hawaii.
The school bus is leaving San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. However their destination is Oakland (which they do get to we see later), is normally more directly accessed across the Bay Bridge. It would make no sense to take the Golden Gate Bridge then the San Rafael-Richmond the long way around.
After the second MUTO escapes the Yucca Mountain facility it heads toward and wreaks havoc upon the city of Las Vegas. However from Yucca Mountain, Las Vegas is in the exact opposite direction that the MUTO was supposed to be heading, which was toward the San Francisco Bay area.
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The exterior of Honolulu Airport is actually San Francisco International Airport.
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Ford boards the train carrying the nuclear warheads in Lone Pine, CA. There is no rail line in Lone Pine.
When the Soldiers are in the jungle in Hawaii looking for a missing Russian sub they are supposed to be northwest of Diamond Head but there is no jungle around Diamond Head. Diamond Head is surrounded on three sides by the city of Honolulu and butts up against the Pacific Ocean to the south. Northwest of Diamond Head is the Honolulu zoo and the Ala Wai golf course.
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When Elle is entering the BART station to take shelter, a New York- style cab is shown behind her.
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When they show the Strip in Las Vegas from an aerial shot after it was destroyed, they swing by Treasure Island and look South. You can then see the Bellagio on the opposite side of the Strip when in fact Treasure Island and the Bellagio are on the same (East) side of the Strip.
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Factual errors 

A suspension bridge is so called because the bridge is suspended from the huge supporting cables - but when the Golden Gate Bridge is attacked its cables are severed, yet the road deck doesn't collapse into the water.
Before jumping out of a plane at high altitude, the soldiers put their oxygen masks on as the door opens. In fact, they would have donned them sooner, as the pressure inside the cabin was equalizing. Otherwise, when the door opened, there would have been a rush of air escaping.
Just after the tsunami siren sounds in Hawaii, a U.S. Navy helicopter pilot radios the warning "Bravo, Bravo, target spotted offshore. Two knots due East of your position." A knot is a unit of speed, not a unit of distance.
Honolulu airport does not have a monorail/tram system.
There are two scenes where characters engage in normal conversation, even whisper while on a military helicopter in flight. Blackhawk and Huey helicopters are much too noisy to carry on a conversation without using microphones and headphones.
The soldiers in the film arm the nuclear warhead by using the standard two-man simultaneous key-turn method. However, unlike actual arming mechanisms the locks in the film are close enough that one man with both keys could easily arm the device.
When the soldiers are searching for the missing Russian submarine, it's identified twice as an Akula class nuclear submarine. However, the submarine they find is a Lada class diesel-electric submarine.
At the beginning, the spinous process and transverse process on the the large ancient skeleton's vertebrae face inward, toward the rib cage. Essentially, the back of the spine is facing forward, which is anatomically wrong (even if the skeleton is from an extinct, undiscovered species).
(at around 1h 16 mins) A tank slams into a riverbank and then floats downstream. Modern tanks do not float.
One scene shows a downed airplane on fire, with a Tower Ladder suppressing the fire with a master stream. The Tower Ladder does not have its outriggers deployed, nor is it receiving water via supply lines. A truck with its ladder raised and outriggers in would tip over. If it has a water tank, it would run dry in less than a minute.
When Ford starts the boat at the end of the movie he sets the autopilot using a civilian GPS. This is despite every electronic item supposedly knocked out by EMP pulses and civilian equipment being unhardened against such pulses unlike selected military hardware - although ironically Everything Military seems affected.
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With the defeat of the MUTOs the city lights immediately begin to switch back on. Items affected by EMP will not switch themselves back on as they will either need to be repaired, replaced or reset depending upon the design and level of protection. The electrical grid would have to be checked and restarted in stages from the Power generators or furthest affected distribution center outwards, especially given the enormous physical damage in the area.
Captain Hampton informs Dr Serizawa that the nuclear warhead they would be using would have a yield of "megatons, not kilotons" and that by comparison the 1954 explosion to kill the MUTO would be like a firecracker. However, as shown in the film's intro, the 1954 explosion was the Castle Bravo nuclear test. This thermonuclear explosion had a yield of some 15 megatons, still the largest ever detonated by the U.S. The modern nuclear device would be the one small by comparison.
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When the (false) M1A1 Abrams tanks on the Golden Gate Bridge fire their main guns at Godzilla, there is little to no evidence of the gun's blast effects in the area around the tank, which should have been very powerful and easily seen in real life.
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During the scene when LT Brody and Sgt Morales are on the bridge checking out if it is intact, they encounter the MUTO and duck down on the bridge. You get a glimpse of their M4A1 and you see that they both have Insight AN/PEQ2A laser box on top their M4's.

That unit has been discounted and would not have been issued to US armed forces since 2010. The new SOCOM block 2 has the PEQ15 laser box as a replacement. The biggest difference in the two units is that PEQ16 has a Visible Laser with IR laser and IR laser designator. While the PEQ 2 only had an IR laser and IR laser designator. This US Army has replaced all PEQ2 models with the Insight AN/PEQ15 and in case of the navy and marines it would be PEQ 16. (Dependent on units and missions)
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When Dr Serizawa heads to the flight deck to watch Godzilla's approach, two F-18s are seen taking off straight ahead and then banking left. The F-18 takeoff program is automated; the pilot puts his hands on the cockpit rail, and after the aircraft is launched, it flies into a gentle right hand turn, until the disorientation of the catapult launch passes and the pilot resumes control.
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In the film, the US Army is sent to the Yucca Nuclear Waste Repository when the characters realize that there is a second spore containing a live, female MUTO. Dr. Serizawa describes the site as the place "where you send all of your nuclear waste". In reality, the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository was scrapped. An amendment to the Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011 finally killed the project. Nuclear waste from U.S. nuclear power plants is currently being held at those plants until a new arrangement for a final disposal site can be made. Opposition to the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository remains high among environmentalists and Nevada residents, among others.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

After the flying MUTO gets the missile boat from the Bay and drops it on the highway to get the missile, on one of the vehicles on the highway, the windshield wipers are moving even though they were just hit with an EMP. Windshield wipers are analog devices, not controlled by the cars digital computer, therefore not impacted by EMP.

Plot holes 

The atomic bomb the soldiers transport has a blast radius of 20 miles. Near the end of the film, the timer has five minutes of time remaining. The helicopter carrying Ford couldn't have traveled 20 miles in that time, nor could the boat travel that distance in that time in order to prevent the city from being hit by the blast.
It's well established that the MUTOs are sensitive to radiation, enough to detect the reactor of a deep-diving submarine. So when they decide to use a nuke for a decoy, instead of removing the warhead and putting it in a radiation-proof container to try to hide it, they put the whole missile on an open flatbed railcar and transport it over open country.
If it was possible for a plane to fly high enough to stay out of EMP range then it was impossible for the creature to knock out spy satellites.
The decoy boat had been hit by an EMP cutting it dead, it would not restart on its own.
The MUTO is seen generating and using an Electromagnetic Pulse as a weapon but EMPs only affect electronic systems and have no effect on organic systems (such as animals or plants) at all. There is no reason for an animal that has been cocooned underground for millions of years to have ever evolved an EMP weapon or the instinct/knowledge of how to use it against an attack from modern military aircraft.
The MUTOs are said to meet in SF to mate. However, presumably only minutes after they meet for the first time the female's eggs are shown to contain moving embryos.
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Revealing mistakes 

Many times during the film in areas that are supposed to have suffered from an EMP strike there are still lights on.
When the army is going to check in Nevada if the female MUTO is still captive, two helicopters fly low, close to some military vehicles in desert scenery. They are very close to the ground, but no dust clouds are formed.
When Joe and Ford are exploring the quarantine zone, a helicopter passes overhead. The camera pans to show the helicopter reflected in a rear view mirror. When Joe and Ford pass the mirror in the same shot, they are not reflected.
While searching Yucca Mountain for the female Muto, they show the soldiers clearing each room before finding sunlight. This seems rather unnecessary when there is a helicopter flying overhead and half the mountain is missing.
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A BART station sign is briefly visible as Elle and Sam descend into a station for shelter. The sign's font and graphic design are completely unlike those of a real BART station sign.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Godzilla first exits the water in Hawaii, his sheer size causes a massive tsunami. Every other time he enters or leaves the water, it hardly moves. It's especially noticeable when Godzilla returns to the water after the final battle scene; he only creates small waves when he enters the water and submerges.

Factual errors 

When Joe Brody is in the ambulance, the clamp on his IV is closed, so no IV fluid is running.
When Ford's father is dying, the medic says he is having "a-fib," which stands for atrial fibrillation. AFib is very rarely fatal; likely he meant V-fib or ventricular fibrillation which can often be lethal. Also he mispronounces vasopressin as "vah-zo-pressin"), a drug used in crashing patients to emergently raise blood. It is pronounced "vayso-pressin".

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