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DR. FUGAZZI - Reviews - An Interesting, Intelligent, Little Gem

Author: purplebutterflies36 from United States
16 August 2007

I'm not sure how to really describe or categorize "Dr. Fugazzi" because in many subtle and not-so subtle ways this film almost takes a perverse pleasure in defying categorization. My husband and I were first eager to see this film at Cannes because we heard that Faye Dunaway was in it, and naturally being huge Dunaway fans, we were anticipating an interesting performance from the legendary actress. Well as it turns out, Dunaway is not really the driving force in this film... I mean don't get me wrong, Dunaway does a phenomenal job in the movie, portraying the enigmatic and elusive "Detective Rowland", a character who may or may not be entirely what she seems. But then again, playing with reality is what this film is all about... that is to say, none of the characters are really what they appear to be; and the beautiful surface reality of the film cleverly toys with the more sinister and ghastly Truth about the main character "Dr. Anna Fugazzi", portrayed skillfully by the hauntingly attractive October Kingsley (who interestingly enough also directs this film). The creative and quirky process by which Anna Fugazzi's "Truth" is revealed is the central thrust of this film.

It would be wrong to define "Dr. Fugazzi" as a psychological thriller because in truth the film encompasses a lot of different genres... psychological thriller, dark comedy, horror, adult drama, fantasy. Ideally, "Dr. Fugazzi" can probably be best described as an experimental, fantasy-thriller... strangely reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" and Polanski's "Repulsion". It is important to note that there is nothing even remotely "normal" about this distinctly art-house film... the directing style is boldly unique and fearlessly peculiar, the dialogue is crisp and darkly provocative, the characters are all colorfully eccentric in their earnestness (among them, a pedophile with a little dog who utters cryptic warnings to Anna Fugazzi, a devil-costumed entertainment lawyer who runs around chasing his neighbor with a lawn mower, and a vicodin-munching musician obsessed with roast chicken). Moreover, the film's production design and costumes are bright, original and over-the-top... all of which sharply complements the film's bold, ferocious style.

It should be noted that there are some scenes in this movie that are so disturbingly memorable that you almost want to see it again just to be sure that you in fact witnessed it the first time around. I won't go into any specific details, but certainly the "broom rape" scene has got to be one of the most hilarious and most shocking scenes in the movie!! Squeamish heterosexual men, Beware!!! Clearly, "Dr. Fugazzi" is a strange and quirky movie that delights in being different from the typically mainstream American film. It is totally unapologetic in it's weirdness, and in many respects, you get the uncanny feeling that the filmmaker is laughing at the audiences' shocked and confused response. I was surprised to discover that the filmmaker (October Kingsley) is American because the film has such an international, Fellini-esquire quality to it. Aside from Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange", the closest contemporary American film that most resembles "Dr. Fugazzi" in style, language, and content is the David Lynch film "Blue Velvet". Lots of incongruous, darkly thematic material bubbling under the surface, just waiting to be unleashed onto the world.

With all that being said, here are the pros and the cons of "Dr. Fugazzi" in my opinion: The Pros: A very creative, entertaining experiment into the art of film-making. A totally insane film. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy weird, art-house-type films that defy the restrictive boundaries of contemporary, mainstream American films. Also, lots of perverse, wacky humor and sexually suggestive material that will rattle your delicate sensibilities for days to come. The Cons: If you're NOT a big fan of the weirdness of David Lynch or the risqué playfulness of Stanley Kubrick, then you will probably not like this movie or understand it's stylistic content. In order to truly appreciate this movie, you need to think outside the box and dispel any preconceived notions that you might have regarding films and film-making... otherwise you'll be offended and confused by the film's style, content, and subject matter (probably much to the great delight of the filmmaker).

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Inside The Crazy World Of Dr. Fugazzi

Author: james-ivy70 from United Kingdom
9 April 2009

Let's just say it right here and now: This film is a visual feast for the eyes. I don't care if you love it or hate it, you simply can't take away that fact. "The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi" is an original debauchery of a film. It is about as far from the forgettable fluff of mainstream Hollywood cinema as you can get, and as weird as it is, it strikes a chord deep in the human psyche. I don't think anyone could experience this film without being affected in some way, either extreme love or extreme hate. This beautiful, experimental, visual feast comes as close to depicting a surreal dream as any non-Hollywood film ever could, and maybe ever will! This film is not really a typical movie in the sense that it resembles a surreal work of art in its own right. The strange characters and the settings are unforgettable, and are as strange as they are familiar. The story is slow-moving, but steadily builds with the fury of a small hurricane. The film walks a tightrope somewhere between the reality of the world we know, and a horrific reality that we would much rather not deal with. How vivid is your imagination and how open-minded are you to experience the world of Dr. Fugazzi? These are some of the questions the viewer needs to ask before they even begin watching the film. October Kingsley is a fine example of a film maker who isn't afraid to take huge risks, and the fact that legendary actress Faye Dunaway agreed to do this film is proof of that. That's how cult masterpieces are made.

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A Wild, Fantastic Ride - Troma Has Done It Once Again...

Author: smittensight from San Francisco
6 April 2009

This film was released by Troma Entertainment, and I loved every strange minute of it! It is a wild, fantastic ride of sex, perversion, domination, and good times at a mental institution. Yes, it's weird, blatantly shocking, and filled with all kinds of gratuitous sex and fantasy type symbolism. Well, what did you expect from a Troma release? This is a very, very eccentric movie filled equally eccentric characters! I thoroughly enjoyed all the craziness, though it's definitely not for everyone and the ending is a little predictable (but very amusing). It's a very "art-house" film, but I love the genre and the style of the film.

Faye Dunaway delivered another great performance and so did October Kingsley, though she is in almost every scene. I got a signed copy of the DVD so I am very pleased!! I will be spending many happy nights with the DVD trying to figure out exactly what the hell it all means in the true Freudian sense of the word.

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A Very Strange Film - Loved Every Minute Of It

Author: Max Guber from London
6 April 2009

This a very peculiar, crazy, little film. It was released by Troma, and rightly so. It is remarkably similar to some of the works of David Lynch. There is a lot of provocative visual images, dream sequences that make sense if you're not expecting it to, and some very entertaining characters that run around with all sorts of "issues".

I would have to agree with the first comment on here. You are either gonna love or hate this film. It is perfect for all Troma fans, and viewers of alternative media and counter-culture cult film fans. There is a decidedly original flair and style to the film that I think cult fans will appreciate and Faye Dunaway fans will love seeing the aging actress in good form. The story itself and the way it unfolds through sex, fantasy, and symbolism is quite fascinating, and I daresay, it might be a little bit more intelligent than most American audiences are used to getting from their movies. After watching the film on-line, I purchased it for my own personal collection. It's a perfect movie for parties and European fetish orgies.

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Not even a B movie!

Author: nmlal68 from Lisbon
10 May 2009

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I really cannot understand why some people here are writing wonders about it. I ask myself what kind of movies they are used to.

To make it short, Kingsley is not only a very poor screenplay writer, but also a very bad actress and an even worse director. There is no rhythm, no energy, no wit, no will. Everything is so poor that you might think the whole project was intended to be a practical joke all along. Overall acting is bellow what could be accepted in a B movie, except of course, for Faye Dunaway, always a great lady on the screen. In fact, when Kingsley acts alone with her, she seems to improve a little bit. My question is... what was Dunaway doing, mingling with that mediocre crowd??? Difficult to understand...

Keep away from this piece of trash! There is no other way to describe it.

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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

Author: manansanghvi from United States
18 February 2010

They should have rules here at IMDb that people who've made the films shouldn't add reviews, because any review that gives this film higher than 1 star (mind you there's no option for zero)....has got to be someone from the movie cast and crew, most probably the self obsessed director/actor. There are a lot of good low budget movies out there, so the budget wasn't the issue here. I'm no expert here but I could have acted a whole lot better than some of them actors...if I had agreed to work on such a ridiculous script. It is highly likely that Faye Dunnaway had no clue what she was getting into when she agreed to do this movie. All in all, stay away. Don't fall for the film cover.

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Narcissistic crap.

Author: cheesenwine79 from United States
20 July 2010

The director of this little picture sure has her eye on the prize, as she casts Faye Dunaway as a gawky, awkward psychologist. Good one dear, this is just stupid, narcissistic crap. It's just an excuse for the writer and director, a rich kid, to put herself on screen and go crazy in an attempt to show how good an actress she thinks she is. She also believes that she has what it takes to bring about shock value in the tradition of 70s B flicks. Again, not going to happen here. Al we have is a student project that cries for attention because it's director cries for some status quo she will not get. Not like this anyway. Get outta town Kingsley. Your film SUCKs-SUX-SUKS-SUCS! You know what that means? It means it is not good!!! It's BAD-AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hope to see more from October Kinglsey

Author: CoKeen from Copenhagen
10 April 2009

The camera angle, the light, primarily one performer - I rather had the impression I was watching a piece of theater. If you're not attracted by the actress, if you don't enjoy watching her, it will not work for you. For me it did, moreover, it felt like I attended the rise of a great talent.

The story is about lunatics, this easily attracts my interest. On my ranking list "Shining" pins the lower end opposing the Belgian "Calvaire" which I guess is hard to beat. David Lynch was mentioned here, but that's something different, though if you can enjoy his movies you're more likely enjoy this one too, rather than if you waiting for the next "Saw" sequel.

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Interesting low budget flick

Author: kslowder from United States
14 April 2009

It was obviously very low budget, but I think the director shows promise. The actors need to work on their authenticity (with the exception of Faye Dunnaway). The storyline was pretty intriguing, although predictable for someone that's watched a lot of movies. However, I like the fact that the story actually comes to a conclusion of some sort, although some editing at the end would have been beneficial. I can't stand movies that just sort of fizzle out with no sense of completion, so I applaud the director for picking a decent story that actually ends at a logical point. It's also nice to see a woman of apparent Indian decent in a lead role.

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Ultra Weird and Ultra Cult

Author: catherine-wilshire from New Jersey, United States
9 April 2009

This is a typical ultra-weird cult movie, surreal to a fault and filled with incredible, off-putting images and really funny dialogue. It is October Kingsley's first feature length film. Unfortunately, the film itself reeks of experimental cinema, which in plain English means that the movie is definitely not for all tastes. It is fascinating to watch, but it never escapes the "student project" mentality. In fact, if this was a film made by a student, I would have given it A+, but as a commercial enterprise this movie deserves a C+. The movie provides food for the intellect (after all, the movie takes us inside the main character's mind), with lots of symbolism and sub-texual surrealism. I admire the film's boldness, but I surely did not enjoy this film much. Still, it is a must-see movie if you're a fan of cult cinema. Kingsley is a fascinating filmmaker/actor, both on and off screen. Hopefully, her next project will be more commercial and less "experimental". I just found this film a little too strange and a little too provocative. However, the film indeed has a challenging and original style to it. The un-rated DVD version is amazing though, with some interesting behind the scenes information and tidbits regarding Faye Dunaway and the other actors.

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