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Doilies Diner was opened in 1955 by founder Thomas Doilie. In 1981, Thomas Doilie cleverly disguised the family style restaurant as a wedding gift and passed it on to his son, Bennett. 23 years later, Bennett Doilie found himself at the age of retirement. With two sons of his own, he was faced with a difficult decision, which of his two sons to pass the family business on to.

What Joseph Doilie, the older yet less responsible son expected was his by birthright, was actually passed on to his younger brother, Mark Doilie. Bennett handed Mark the keys to the restaurant when he graduated college in 2004. Bennetts decision brought a greater conflict to an already troubled relationship between brothers. Doilies Diner follows Mark Doilie on his first day running the restaurant.

Mark rises before his alarm, arrives early and comes prepared for anything, or so he thought. Setting the obvious brotherly feud aside, Mark is forced to deal with countless outrageous obstacles including mis-orders, mis-flushes, mis-cues and false interviews. Add to the mix the colorful ensemble of employees such as the obsessive compulsive waitress, the instigating dish washer, the overdramatic Italian chef with an explosive temper, the beautiful new hire, the waitress who creates financial opportunities, the Islamic fundamentalist with his own agenda, the defiant Russian immigrant and the paranoid busboy constantly on the lookout for the CIA and top it all off with the spontaneous antics of a group of college kids, a sports star, a senile old man and his wife, an outrageous ketchup incident and an insane coupon freak and you get all the ingredients for nonstop spontaneous insanity.

Doilies Diner is an originally quirky piece which has a bit of all of our routine day... with none of the routine way!


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