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Like Clowns?
Christine1 December 2006
This week's episode took place a week after John Winchester's death. Both Winchester boys are devastated, and both are handling it in different ways. Dean tries to hide his pain, but it's obvious he isn't 'okay' as he's telling everyone.

I didn't care much for this episode because the premise just seemed kind of odd and a little cheesy. However, the acting made it watchable. This is the first time we meet Ellen, Jo, and Ash. Ash is hilarious, I have to say. And it's sad that he's not in a lot of episodes because he is just off-the-wall funny.

I think that "Everybody Likes a Clown" focused more on Dean's character than anyone else's. It's so hard to see someone go through someone's death like this. It's hard and he's not handling it.

The episode ends with Dean taking a crowbar to his car. It's a deep moment as he finally expresses himself. Did anyone else want to just hold him after he did that? *Raises Hand* Excellent performance, Jensen Ackles, excellent.
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Another Great Episode
katierose29519 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I appreciated this episode more the second time I saw it. Possibly because of Stephen King's "It," I find clowns pretty scary. So, the first time through, I was preoccupied with being creeped out. After seeing the rest of the season, though, you can see all the stuff "Everybody Loves a Clown" sets up. First off, this is the episode that introduces Jo, Ellen and the Hunter bar "The Roadhouse." It turns out that there are a lot of Hunters roaming around the countryside and a lot of them have heard of the Winchesters. Secondly, it shows the trauma that Dean has gone through at the loss of his father. He isn't dealing with it well and he's trying to hide his rage and sorrow behind behind his usual tough guy mask. It also sets Sam up in more of a protective role. Last season Dean was the one shielding Sam most of the time. Now, Sam's saying that he doesn't want to go back to Stanford, partly because he thinks John would want him to keep Hunting and partly because Sam sees that Dean is spinning out of control. Sam is worried about Dean and trying to get him to talk about his problems rather than keep than buried under his "I don't give a d*nm" smirk, something that will come up again in season three. All in all, you shouldn't skip this episode.

"Everybody Loves a Clown" revolves around a monster, dressed as a clown, killing people. It works it's way into homes by befriending children and then killing the parents. Sam and Dean are staying at Bobby's after John's death. The two boys burned their father Darth Vader style, but they're still not handling his passing very well. Dean is burying himself in fixing the Impala. While Sam is lobbying for the boys to take on other jobs and devote themselves to carrying out John's legacy. He also wants to find the YED and he'd like Dean to open up with him about his feelings more. Getting a message from an old friend of John's, Ellen, the boys head to the bar. She and her daughter Jo specialize in Hunter clientèle and the have a computer expert named Ash on hand, to help the boys decipher John's notes on the YED.

Since they're in town anyway, the boys begin investigating the clown killings. They get jobs at the carnival where the killings have been traced, too. They save one little girl from being clown food, but they're distracted by their own feelings of guilt and grief. Meanwhile, Ellen's daughter Jo is interested in Dean. He finds he attractive, but he's too depressed to put too much effort into a seduction. The brothers finally figure out what's doing the killings, a monster disguised as a blind knife thrower. They stop him, then Sam finally tell Dean that neither of them are dealing with John's death well and that they'll have to deal with it. Dean response is to beat the Impala with a crowbar.

There are some great parts to this episode. I really like Sam's fear of clowns. It's just so funny and random and gives Dean an opportunity to really tease him. "What's a matter Sammy? Sounds like you just saw a clown." And "You used to cry when Ronald McDonald came on the TV." When Sam fights back reminding Dean of fear of flying, Dean's retorts "Planes Crash!" Sam's response "And apparently clowns kill!" just cracks me up. And the clown in this episode is really terrifying. It's so creepy, standing out on front lawns and waving at kids. **shudder** And I like Ash a lot. His stupid hair cut hides a surprisingly smart guy. And I think it's cute that the boys move in with Bobby as they try to deal with John's death. Bobby is turning into a surrogate father for them. Of course, he gives them that "soccer mom" van to drive around, which Dean doesn't necessarily appreciate. But with the Impala out of commission, he doesn't have much of a choice. And speaking of the Impala, I think last episode Sam was seeing it as representing his brother. Like Dean, it had been damaged and needed to be fixed. In "Everybody Loves a Clown" I think that Dean is seeing the Impala as representing John. He's obsessed with fixing it and won't even talk to Sam about much else for the week after John died. But, at the end, after Sam's speech finally gets through to him a bit, Dean takes a crow bar to the Impala. Giving into his sorrow as he beats the car in an almost blind rage, over John making that deal and leaving him. It's a very powerful scene.

A lot of this episode is about people not quite fitting in and trying to find a place to belong. There's the Road House, which caters to Hunters, who have nowhere else to belong. The carnival workers are living the same, transient lifestyle. The carnival owner even tells the boys that they should go back to their old lives of school and normalcy. But Sam dismisses that, saying it's not what they want. The brothers go to Bobby's, but that's not exactly where they belong, either. Really Sam & Dean are struggling to find somewhere to fit in. Mixed in with this is the image of a clown, something childlike twisted into something evil. Sam & Dean have lost their own father, and with him the last bits of the childhood. They're on their own now, in a world filled with evil things.

On the down side, I really don't like Jo very much.

My favorite part of the episode: Sam and Dean arriving at the carnivals owner's office and seeing two chairs. One ordinary office chair, one horrible looking clown chair. Watching the boys nearly knocking each other over, trying to get to the normal chair first is hilarious.
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Grief and Clown
Claudio Carvalho9 June 2008
While grieving the death of their father John Winchester, each in his own way, Sam shows to Dean a message in John's answering machine of a woman called Ellen offering her help. They seek Ellen and arrive in the Harvelle Bar, in Medford, Wisconsin, a place where hunters like to gather themselves. Ellen introduces her daughter Jo and the former MIT student and genius Ash that asks for fifty-one hours to give a hint of the demon. While waiting for Ash, they become aware of an evil clown in the nearby Cooper Circus that is slaughtering families and they decide to investigate, meeting the Hindu creature Rakshasa that takes the human form to feed with human flesh and uses children to be invited to their homes.

In this good episode, Sam and Dean grieve the death of their father in different ways: Sam expresses his pain while Dean hides it while trying to fix his car. There are new characters – Ellen, Jo and Ash – that probably will participate in the show, and the demoniac clown is really creepy. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Todos Amam o Palhaço" ("Everybody Loves the Clown")
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The most frightening episode of the entire series!
Red_Identity9 September 2010
Everybody Loves a Clown is the scariest episode of the entire series. Why? Because it involve a clown.

In all seriousness, the episode is not only scary because it is about a clown, but the writing, directing, and the cinematography are spectacularly frightening, especially in that opening scene. The episode is sure to raise a lot of hairs, and I say, bravo to the show for that. The episode is simple in that respect, but it also shows Dean and Sam unable to respond to their actual feelings following the event in the Season 2 premiere that will change their lives. Ackles especially shines in this episode, and the only flaw in his performance is in the last shot of the episode, which seems a bit too controlled and unsubtle. However, other than that, this episode is one of the strongest of the season and to date, after all 5 seasons of the show, is the scariest.
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Creepy clowns
EmmyRoseXox15 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not usually scared by Supernatural but this episode scared me completely. Anyone whose childhood nightmares included clowns will love/hate this episode. Shortly after the death of John Winchester, Sam and Dean, who are staying at Bobby Singer's, find a voice mail on one of their fathers old phones that leads them to Ellen Harvelle and Harvelle's roadhouse. Ellen, a old friend of their father, offers her son Ash to help Sam and Dean on the hunt for the YED. While Ash is working on identifying a pattern, Sam and Dean offer to take a job that she found concerning a clown who kills parents. In order to do so Sam and Dean get jobs working at the carnival, which puts them in close proximity to suspects, and Sam's greatest fear, CLOWNS...

Favourite part of this episode: DEAN: I know what you're thinking Sam...why did it have to be clowns. SAM: Haha very funny. DEAN: What you didn't think I'd remember. You still bust out crying when you see Ronald McDonald on TV. SAM: Well at least I'm not afraid of planes. DEAN: Planes crash! SAM: And apparently clowns kill.
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And apparently clowns kill.
zombiehigh181 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Season two seems to be getting even better than season one with another strong episode following the premier. A week after John's death, The boys are still staying at Bobby's. Dean is burying himself in fixing the Impala, refusing to talk about John and suffering under the crushing weight John's last words had laid on his shoulders. While Sam who is lost in a world where his father is not there any more and Dean is acting in a yet scary way. Sam is obviously broken up about John's death but is more concerned about Dean. When they find a voice mail on John's phone from a strange woman claiming to know how to help John with something. The boys head to the "Raodhouse" a bar where hunters hang out and the boys are introduced to a world they never knew it existed. They meet Ellen a female hunter running the bar and her daughter Jo who is clearly interested in Dean. But Dean declines stating it's "the wrong time wrong place". Ellen tells the boys she can help finding The Yellow Eyed Daemon and introduces them to smart but funny looking Ash. While waiting for Ash to do his research, The boys take up a job where a clown uses children as access to feed on their parents. Dean is taking his anger out on Sam who seems all of a sudden concerned with what John would have wanted. So Sam finally confesses to Dean that he feels guilty for the way he was with John and expresses to him how much he misses his father, Telling Dean that he is not all right but neither is Dean. Dean clearly affected by Sam's words embarks in an episode of rage taking it out on the poor Impala in a heartbreaking scene.

My favourite scene is when Sam and Dean where looking for Mr. Cooper, Dean is misunderstood by the blind and the short guys while Sam is enjoying the whole thing.

It was nice to figure out that Sam is afraid of clowns, it just gives another layer to his character. And I liked Dean picking on him. I also like the final scene where Dean gets scary angry creating a dent in his precious Impala (to Dean the Impala is a reflection of John and he takes out his anger on it because he is angry with John who died and left him and Sam alone, angry with John who laid down the crushing weight on his shoulders without further explaining, angry with John because deep down he knew that John had done some deal to die in his place).

A excellent job introducing new characters on the show. The whole cast did a pretty awesome job. Jensen was amazing as always. Jared did a fine job, he especially portrayed Sam's fear towards clowns in a very nice yet convincing way. The supporting cast were no less. I'm looking forward to seeing Ellen, Jo and Ash again.
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This was scary!
theatrerocker0512 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was a really good episode, but I ended up having nightmares. I'm terrified of clowns, and this didn't help. But it was good. The dialogue between the characters seems to be getting wittier and wittier by the episode, which is nice. I enjoy Dean's Master of Snark comments. He just makes me fully laugh out loud. Good stuff there. They seem to be really amping up the scare factor this season, which is great. It makes it seem more about the plot and not so much about one very gorgeous and sexy and amazing guy {the fabulous Jensen Ackles} and one okay broody guy {Jared Padalecki}. I think this season will be even better than the last one, and that's saying a lot, because I really loved the other one. I'm glad to see that there is a lot of action in this season. It's going to be great. I get really excited every week for it!

Keep it up guys!
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Poor Impala...
GM_Lloyd7 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The scare of the week: a rather disturbing clown that eats little kids' parents. As usual, the creature comes from a real myth and a pretty good one too for a horror series. Very nicely filmed and edited, the soundtrack was as amazing as it always is (especially the song used in the recap – that worked just so damn well) and as usual, they investigate the phenomenon giving it some good and unexpected twists and finally they kill the bad guy. The only thing that bothered me about this episode is that with such a freaky monster, it could have been far more scary and disturbing than it ended up being. Apart from that, it was simply a wonderful episode in my opinion.

I had heard there would be new hunters joining the boys this season and I was scared this awesome series would be ruined by your typical cheesy characters (especially because one of them happens to be a pretty girl). However, I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was great from all three actors joining the show and their characters are good and surprisingly realistic too.

I noticed the dialogue has been made more believable between the brothers and it's making their relationship even more convincing than it used to be. Jensen Ackles is great as usual – even better in this episode, I'd say – and Jared Padalecki has improved so much that it really makes watching this episode about ten times more gratifying.

I especially like this episode for the development in characterization. The brothers are still very much the Dean and Sam we know, but we get a fresh approach at them in this new season, - triggered mainly by their father's death – allowing us to get to know these fascinating characters better. Dean is definitely having some trouble keeping everything on the inside as he used to do, although he's trying so hard it's painful to watch (in a VERY good way). The scene where he pretty much destroys his precious Impala is just priceless and incredibly shocking, as it is the first time we see him snap completely. Sam's wishes to do what John would have wanted him to do was a surprising turn as well and I think it's really working for the narrative of this series. This new approach is a pretty good idea for a series I think, because then it doesn't get repetitive as I reckon happened with "Desperate Housewives." Very good and original first season, but after that it lost a lot of strength and I think that's partly because the narrative just didn't change. Yes, the plot developed, but everything else stayed the same. Supernatural, I'm happy to say, starts its second season from a new perspective.

Overall, I'm giving it a 10 out of 10 anyway because it was just so freaking good. Dean losing it with the poor Impala makes up for the lack of jumpy and freakish moments completely.
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A good show
mm-391 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Every body loves a Clown is a good show for starting the second season. The show introduces new characters, while the Dean and Sam characters develop, and the clown itself is a great bad guy. The new characters add new life to the series. Jo and Dean have a sexual tension which is obvious. Jo is not over taken by Dean's demeanor! Ash adds comic relief with line's like being the serious up front party in the back comment. Bobby and the mother is the new anchor to replace John. The Sam and Dean conflict is great which shows that Sam is a little smarter than Dean. Dean's super cool behaviour is killing him. Believe me shock and pain will get to you, I am a lot like Dean, and Dean breaks with his behavior towards the Impala. Dean still has his defensive wit with the I feel like a soccer mom with the mini-van to replace the car. I really hated the evil clown, we all know a evil clown was going to hit the show one day, and I enjoyed the clown getting it. Winchester Boys are about 10 or 11 and 1 in the win column. I believe the Trickster is the only one to beat them. 8 out of 10.
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clowns !!!!!
tackyjacky847 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this episode was a great follow up. The beginning was great with the music ,it was more like a music video.then you see that the dad is dead i mean i though that he would come back life or something, but no he is dead. Then the highlight of the show was that the creature was dressed as clowns scaryyy! Then you see that the impala isn't back to normal. But the clowns I'm my option scariest episode of the second season.Sam confronts dean on how he is dealing with his dads death dean says he is fine .IN this epiosde you see a new side of dean. then finally at the end dean gets so upset about his dads death he grabs a crowbar and smashes the window and the trunk of the impala that he spent so long working on and makes a dentin the trunk!!! fantastic episode!!
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