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Exclusive Interview: Carlos Sanz talks rescuing Jeff Bauman in Stronger, what Bauman represents, Crank, and more

Robert Kojder chats with Carlos Sanz about his role in Stronger

Carlos Sanz gives an incredibly moving and emotional performance as “the hero in the cowboy hat” that saves Jake Gyllenhaal in the Jeff Bauman biopic Stronger. On the TV side, he’ll also be appearing in the brand new series Ten Days in the Valley which premiered a couple weeks ago on ABC. From both the big and small screen, Carlos has been seen in films such as Runner Runner, Crank and The Take; and on TV starring in 24, NCIS, Bones, Scorpion, The Fosters, The Closer and The Shield. He’s also the older brother of SNL alum, Horacio Sanz. An award-nominated theater artist, he has worked around the world including the Royal Shakespeare Company, and worked alongside such talents as the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

First of all, congratulations on being a part of the film. It
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Wamg Giveaway – Win The Infiltrator Blu-ray

Oscar nominee and four-time Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) plays an undercover Federal agent who infiltrates the globe’s most powerful cartels and takes down the largest drug and money laundering operation in U.S. history in The Infiltrator. Directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Take), the screenplay is written by Ellen Brown Furman, based on the memoir by Robert Mazur and also stars Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds), Emmy Award winner John Leguizamo (“Freak,” Chef), Benjamin Bratt (Traffic, “Law & Order”), Yul Vazquez (Captain Phillips), Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis (Best Supporting Actress, Moonstruck, 1987), Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter franchise) and Oscar nominee Amy Ryan (Best Supporting Actress, Gone Baby Gone, 2007).

The Infiltrator will be released on Digital HD, VOD, Blu-ray & DVD on October 11. Special features on the Blu-ray, DVD and iTunes Extras include Audio Commentary with Director Brad Furman and Bryan Cranston,
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Why ‘The Infiltrator’ Director Brad Furman Abandoned Studio Films to Make Indies Again

Why ‘The Infiltrator’ Director Brad Furman Abandoned Studio Films to Make Indies Again
Brad Furman is a competitor. The director of films like the unexpected smash hit “The Lincoln Lawyer” (and, later, the Ben Affleck- and Justin Timberlake-starring disappointment “Runner Runner”) can’t quite pinpoint the source of that motivation — but it’s what’s driven his career since he made his first film, “The Take,” for less than a million dollars way back in 2007.

“I personally feel when somebody tells me I can’t do something, or I’m afraid of something, that’s typically when I dive in,” Furman recently told IndieWire.

The challenges that have pushed Furman haven’t exactly been unique – he’s one of any number of rising directors, mostly male, propelled to big studio features on the strength of one or two smash indie hits – but they have inspired him to do something pretty bold: Return to his indie roots to get films done the
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You Don’t Need to See Brad Furman’s ‘Runner Runner’ Once, But You’ll Need to See His ‘Fast Forward’ Twice

This is another edition of Short Starts, where we present a weekly short film(s) from the start of a filmmaker or actor’s career. Brad Furman‘s latest movie, Runner Runner, has been getting terrible reviews. Like really, really terrible. I think we at Fsr even just avoided it entirely. That’s a shame because his first two narrative features, The Take and The Lincoln Lawyer, were pretty well received. And prior to that, his shorts were successful, too. His debut is called Fast Forward, and it involves the 1981 shooting of President Reagan. Rather than recreating the incident entirely, Furman takes the familiar TV footage, which millions of us have seen over and over before, and mixes it with peripheral reenactment where necessary for an added fictional component. Using the real material is for good purpose as the point of the film seems to be that the footage — and much of television like it — is confusing
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Film Reviews: Opening This Week (Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2013)

A critical digest of the week’s latest U.S. theatrical releases. Where applicable, links to longer reviews have been provided.


Distributor: Warner Bros.

About halfway through Alfonso Cuaron’s astonishing “Gravity,” Sandra Bullock, playing a lost astronaut stranded 375 miles above Earth, seeks refuge in an abandoned spacecraft and curls into a floating fetal position, savoring a brief respite from her harrowing journey. Of the many sights to behold in this white-knuckle space odyssey, a work of great narrative simplicity and visual complexity, it’s this image that speaks most eloquently to Cuaron’s gifts as a filmmaker: He’s the rare virtuoso capable of steering us through vividly imagined worlds and into deep recesses of human feeling. Suspending viewers alongside Bullock for a taut, transporting 91 minutes (with George Clooney in a sly supporting turn), the director’s long-overdue follow-up to “Children of Men” is at once a nervy
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Film Review: ‘Runner Runner’

Film Review: ‘Runner Runner’
Whatever his shortcomings as a director, Brad Furman clearly has a knack for timely casting. 2011’s “The Lincoln Lawyer” was a watchable yet unremarkable courtroom drama elevated above its station by a lead turn from Matthew McConaughey just as his late-career resurgence was taking flight. Debut feature “The Take” boasted a key supporting part from recent Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale. And now with “Runner Runner,” Furman snags Justin Timberlake in an intermission between blockbuster album releases, and Ben Affleck between directing an Oscar-winning film and beginning his term at Wayne Manor. Yet despite his stacked deck of a cast, “Runner Runner” adds up to little more than a charmless, paint-by-numbers thriller unlikely to escape the forces of “Gravity” in its early October release.

Starring as a Princeton grad student of indeterminate age, Timberlake plays Richie Furst, a former Wall Street striver whose young career was derailed by the 2008 meltdown. Attempting
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How John Leguizamo Paid $15K To Get Cast As Pablo Escobar

A few weeks ago, we shared this Tweet/image of John Leguizamo donning prosthetic makeup to transform into Pablo Escobar for a test shoot of the soon-to-enter-production drama King of Cocaine, formerly called Ballad of Pablo Escobar. My #escobar screen test! I killed it!! Its btw me and another dude! John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) July 16, 2013 At the time, Leguizamo was facing off against Elysium.s Wagner Moura for the title role in the wake of Inside Llewyn Davis.s Oscar Isaac departure. Deadline now reports Leguizamo has since come out on top, and that the makeup mock up above was a major factor in the filmmakers. decision. Director Brad Furman, best-known for helming the Matthew McConaughey vehicle The Lincoln Lawyer, needed no convincing. He had previously worked with Leguizamo on his feature directorial debut The Take back in 2007. Not only was he impressed by Leguizamo.s
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John Leguizamo Bought A $15,000 Fatsuit To Get Cast As Pablo Escobar In King Of Cocaine

Proving that he has the financial chutzpah to portray famed Colombian drug magnate Pablo Escobar, John Leguizamo went to great lengths to prove himself to the creative team behind the upcoming King of Cocaine, one of two Escobar-themed films currently in development (the other, Paradise Lost, stars Benicio del Toro).

To what lengths did Leguizamo go? Well, he did what anyone would do in his situation – invested $15,000 of his own money on prosthetics, to prove that he was up to the task. Director Brad Furman (whose previous work The Lincoln Lawyer also starred John Leguizamo) already wanted Leguizamo for the role, but producer and financier Scott Steindorff remained unconvinced that the diminutive actor could convincingly take on the role. In an Escobaresque duplicitous scheme, Furman convinced the disbelieving Stendorff to submit make-up tests to production company Relativity, without attaching Leguizamo’s name, and it worked. Once Relativity saw the results
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Ellen Page to Star in Queen & Country; John Leguizamo to Play Pablo Escobar in King Of Cocaine; Lea Thompson Joins The Left Behind Reboot

A few casting notices: Ellen Page is in negotiations to star as a British spy in the comic book adaptation Queen & Country.  Fox sees franchise potential. John Leguizamo will play drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the biopic King of Cocaine, taking over after Oscar Isaac dropped out. Lea Thompson joins Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, and Jordin Sparks in Left Behind, an adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic Christian books. Details on each project after the jump. Page has made three movies---Juno, Whip It, The East---with Fox Searchlight and worked with the mothership studio Fox on the X-Men series.  Variety says Fox has long wanted a franchise for Page and believes Queen & Country to be the right opportunity.  The comic book by Greg Rucka follows "a British Intelligence agent who tries to stop an international terrorist plot after her identity is compromised and as her personal demons spiral out of control.
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Relativity To Distribute ‘King Of Cocaine’; How John Leguizamo Won Pablo Escobar Role

  • Deadline
Relativity To Distribute ‘King Of Cocaine’; How John Leguizamo Won Pablo Escobar Role
Exclusive: Relativity Media has signed on for King Of Cocaine, and the long-gestating Brad Furman-directed biopic of Medellin Cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar is finally in shape to start production in Colombia in January. In an intriguing development, John Leguizamo has been set to play the lead role. After watching actors from Oscar Isaac to Benecio Del Toro circle this and other Escobar pics, Leguizamo got the job basically because he refused to take no for an answer, a trait that Escobar could probably relate to if he was still alive. Leguizamo, who was born in Colombia, has long felt he was born to play the role of Escobar, who rose from poverty to riches as a notorious drug kingpin until his murderous reign ended in a hail of bullets in 1993. How did Leguizamo get the job? Furman made his first film with Leguizamo, The Take, and he has always
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Runner, Runner: An Upcoming 2013 Gambling Movie

Fans of Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake anxiously await the September 2013 release of Runner, Runner, a film about an offshore Internet gambling operator and his star student. Director Brad Furman, relatively new to the film world, has two major motion pictures under his belt; The Take from 2007 and The Lincoln Lawyer from 2011. The film also boasts star Leonardo DiCaprio as a producer.

Ben Affleck’s career has spanned movie genres, with his last blockbuster Argo based on real life events in Iran, involving the daring rescue of six American diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis. Argo swept the board at the Oscars.

Affleck tried his hand at directing first in 2007 with Gone Baby Gone and then in 2010 with the critically acclaimed The Town. Affleck has also starred in a number of Kevin Smith’s cult classic’s including Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma, where he and co-star Matt Damon play
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Best Opening Musical Scenes!

Recently heralded as showcasing the world’s biggest flash mob in the opening sequence of a movie, Step Up 4: Miami Heat is quintessentially 2012: dub-step, iPads, and a rebellious mob spirit. It also makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, as ferocious choreography binds with bouncing low-riders and optically illusive street art to create an intoxicating mix. The opening sequence is an a clear pace-setter for the movie, which impressively manages to keep up that pace and then some for the duration. Don’t miss it in cinemas next Friday 10th August!

Step Up 4: Miami Heat is the next, must-see instalment in the worldwide smash Step Up franchise,which sets the dancing against the vibrant backdrop of Miami. Emily (Kathryn McCormick) arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a young man who
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Exclusive Interview: Sam Upton Talks Summit Films' Latest Thriller Gone

Up-and-coming actor Sam Upton stars alongside Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, and Wes Bentley in Gone, and we had an opportunity to chat with him about his experiences making the film and what we can expect from the thriller, which hits theaters today.

In Gone Seyfried plays 20-something Jill Parrish, who comes home from her night shift at work to discover that her sister Molly has been abducted. Jill, having escaped from a kidnapping the year before, is sure that the same serial killer has come back and taken Molly. Unable to convince local police officials of her suspicions, Jill sets out alone on a heart-pounding chase to find the killer, expose his secrets and save her sister, all while the police, particularly Officer McKay, played by Upton, are hot on her trail so they can find her before she hurts herself or anyone else during her quest to get her sister back.
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Russell Peters: Funny thing about hockey

  • Cineplex
Russell Peters really has adapted to life in L.A. — he's doing this interview while driving around the city in his convertible.

The stand-up comic and sometime actor (Source Code, The Take) actually splits time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, two cities that bear very little resemblance to his hometown of Brampton, Ontario.

Although Peters is incredibly proud of being Canadian, and more specifically a Brampton boy ("I'm B-town for life," he says), he never took a shine to Canada's most beloved pastime, hockey.

That's interesting, since he stars in Breakaway, a Canadian movie about a young, hockey-crazy Indo-Canadian named Raj Singh (Vinay Virmani), who goes against his family's traditions and starts an all-Sikh hockey team.
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Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Offers Ideal Vehicle For Matthew McConaughey

Chicago – It’s easy to forget just how good of an actor Matthew McConaughey can be with the right vehicle. He delivered what may be his best performance to date in Jill Sprecher’s 2001 multi-character drama “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing,” in which he played a slick lawyer whose unbreakable self-esteem is shattered by a sudden crisis of conscience.

Over the past decade, McConaughey has chosen projects that seem designed to ignore the promise he sported in his earlier work. An assortment of forgettable romantic comedies have required him to do little more than fulfill the role of charismatic eye candy. What’s striking about McConaughey’s triumphant comeback effort, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” is the fact that it casts him as a lawyer not unlike the one he played in “Thirteen Conversations,” or for that matter, 1996’s “A Time to Kill.” Perhaps it’s the tension of a courtroom that
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Exclusive: The Lincoln Lawyer Director Brad Furman

For a director, picking your second film can be the hardest decision, especially when there are many expectations after your first movie. While Brad Furman's The Take didn't really make too many waves, his second movie The Lincoln Lawyer is a lot more high profile, not only because it's based on the best-selling 2005 novel by Michael Connelly, but also because it stars Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey plays Connelly's character Mick Haller, a defense lawyer doing business from the back of his Lincoln town car who's been hired to defend a wealthy realtor (Ryan Phillipe) accused of raping and beating a prostitute. At first, the case seems pretty straightforward until Haller starts noticing parallels to a previous case years earlier of a murdered prostitute where the wrong man may...
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Darren Aronosky Will Not Produce Drama Intricate for Director Brad Furman

Director Brad Furman has found himself a follow-up gig as the independent film Intricate.

Scott Franklin is set to produce the project. Previous reports on the Internet have mistakenly stated that Darren Aronofsky and his Protozoa Pictures will be involved with the project. Aronofsky denied that he would be producing Intricate.

The film will have the 1990s New York City setting when there was a violent drug trade economy and strong connections to the rap industry and is inspired by a true story about a highly touted college basketball recruit who ended up in the drug underworld after his basketball career did not go as planned.

The movie is about where this man begins and where he ends, with New York City as an important character,”

said Furman to the Los Angeles Times’ 24 Frames.

Brad Furman is a director, writer and producer best known for his gritty, provocative, delicate style.
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Brad Furman to Direct ‘Intricate’

Director Brad Furman has chosen his next project as the independent film “Intricate.” The film is inspired by a true story about a highly touted college basketball recruit who ended up in the drug underworld after his basketball career did not go as planned. “The movie is about where this man begins and where he ends, with New York City as an important character,” said Furman to the Los Angeles Times’ 24 Frames blog. Scott Franklin (“Black Swan”) is set to produce the project. Earlier reports on the Internet incorrectly stated that Darren Aronofsky and Protozoa Pictures will be involved with the project. Aronofsky will not be producing “Intricate.” The film will have the 1990s New York City setting when there was a violent drug trade economy and strong connections to the rap industry. Furman has previously directed the 2007 “The Take,” starred John Leguizamo, Tyrese Gibson and Rosie Perez. His upcoming
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New Video Clip from The Lincoln Lawyer Starring Matthew McConaughey

Lionsgate has released a preview clip from director Brad Furman's (The Take) new legal drama, The Lincoln Lawyer. Written by John Romano (Nights in Rodanthe), The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the book of the same name by prolific crime novelist Michael Connelly and stars Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller, an L.A.-based criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car. Haller realizes he may be in over his head when he takes the case of a Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) accused of rape and attempted murder and discovers that his client may, in fact, be guilty. John Leguizamo, Michael Pena, William H. Macy and Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei also star.

Next Showing: The Lincoln Lawyer opens March 18

Link | Posted 2/15/2011 by BrentJS

Matthew McConaughey | Brad Furman | The Lincoln Lawyer
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New Trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer

  • ShockYa
New Trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer
Lionsgate just released the latest movie trailer for the upcoming drama “The Lincoln Lawyer” by director Brad Furman (The Take, Buried Alive in the Blues) and starring Brad Furman (Eastbound & Down, Tropic Thunder, We Are Marshall), Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler, What Women Want, Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride), Ryan Phillippe (Flags of Our Fathers, Cruel Intentions) and William H. Macy (Keep Coming Back, The Tale of Despereaux, He Was a Quiet Man). Synopsis: A lawyer conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills. Stay tuned to for the latest movie news and more from “The Lincoln Lawyer”.
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