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A wonderful TV moment
zebulonguy8 July 2007
I so wish I could see all this programme. About 10 minutes of it are shown on a video of TV westerns. Eric Fleming ( trail boss Gil Favor, Clint Eastwood ( Rowdy Yates ), Paul Brinegar ( Wishbone ) all show up in their Rawhide outfits. For fans of the series and especially Eric Fleming, it's a fantastic programme to see.The quiz follows it's usual pattern as the guests play out charades. It is so obvious Eric and the others are really enjoying this change of pace.It's also a very rare opportunity to see Eric Fleming as himself.He and Clint Eastwood seem to get on well during the show.I just can't understand why this has not been released as an extra on the Rawhide DVD release. If you can find this programme you are very lucky indeed. A golden gem from TV's past.
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