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Season 1

7 Jan. 2007
Episode #1.1
Monday, November 3. Police detective Sarah Lund is about to leave her job in Copenhagen to move to Sweden. Troels Hartmann is gaining ground in his efforts to lead his party to power at city hall. Theis and Pernille Birk Larsen are the happy parents of three children. The discovery of the blood-stained belongings of a young girl prompts a police investigation that will change the lives of all involved.
14 Jan. 2007
Episode #1.2
Monday, November 3-Tuesday, November 4. Nanna's parents identify her body, and details of her sufferings are uncovered. Lund keeps postponing her departure, and tension arises between her and her new partner as they investigate the connection to city hall and a known criminal identified as the driver of the car Nanna was found in. Hartmann is faced with the choice of cooperating with the police or protecting his political future.
21 Jan. 2007
Episode #1.3
Tuesday, November 4-Wednesday, November 5: Lund and Meyer track down the driver, who ends up injured in the hospital, but also supplies an alibi. They refocus their investigation on Nanna's school. When the story of the connection to his campaign breaks, Hartmann finds himself in media turmoil. The Birk Larsens try to cope with their loss as they arrange the funeral.
28 Jan. 2007
Episode #1.4
Wednesday, November 5-Thursday, November 6: The police investigate the crime scene they have found at Nanna's school and suspect her classmates Oliver and Jeppe of wrongdoing. Sarah Lund's fiancé shows up in Copenhagen, and she promises to leave for Sweden without delay. Meanwhile, Hartmann learns that a trusted employee has sent a suspicious email.
4 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.5
Thursday, November 6-Friday, November 7. Hartmann has won a new political ally, but is drawn into the murder case again when the police uncover new information which turns their suspicions towards teachers at Nanna's school. Theis Birk Larsen is troubled by the financial strain of the house he bought before Nanna's death. He begins to grow weary over the lack of progress in the case and seeks his own sources of information.
11 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.6
Friday, November 7-Saturday, November 8: Lund and Meyer investigate teacher Raman al Kemal's actions on the night of the murder. Hartmann learns of foul play at city hall, and his campaign is put under pressure when his opponent reveals Hartmann's ties with the suspect in a TV debate. On the day of Nanna's funeral, Lund is finally on her way to Sweden, and the appearance of one particular guest makes Nanna's father offer him a ride home.
18 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.7
Saturday, November 8-Sunday, November 9. Lund decides to stay in town to continue the investigation even though it puts her relationship with Bengt under strain. Rama is questioned as the main suspect. When Hartmann chooses not to suspend him, it puts his political position under threat.
25 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.8
Sunday, November 9-Monday, November 10. The police locate the place where Nanna was killed, and Rama is charged with the crime. Hartmann is fighting for his political life, but ends up making a tough choice. Meanwhile, Bengt is in a car accident on his way to Sweden, but tries to help Lund from his hospital bed. When the evidence is cast into doubt, Rama is released, but someone has other ideas.
4 Mar. 2007
Episode #1.9
Monday, November 10-Tuesday, November 11. Theis Birk Larsen's brutal punishment of Rama is interrupted by the police, and Theis is arrested. Lund and Meyer refocus their investigation on the car used by the murderer, knowing that if they do not make progress they might be taken off the case. As it becomes known that Rama is no longer a suspect, Hartmann shakes things up at city hall and relaunches his campaign.
11 Mar. 2007
Episode #1.10
Tuesday, November 11-Wednesday, November 12. Bengt leaves for Stockholm. Lund and Meyer are hindered in their investigation by a secretive boss, but Lund continues inquiries and is dismissed for her sins. Hartmann strikes a deal with higher powers in order to secure his bid for mayor, and a public debate is the scene of a change in political fortunes. Theis is released from prison, new secrets are uncovered about Nanna's last months, and in a last bid to forward the investigation, Lund unlocks the door to a new piece in the puzzle.
23 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.11
Sarah and Jan know who they are looking for but are puzzled by their superiors' reactions.
30 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.12
Sarah and Jan interrogate Troels, whose private information opens a new can of worms.
7 Oct. 2007
Episode #1.13
The spotlight of the police and media is now trained on Troels Hartmann, and he feels his political career is crumbling. Meanwhile strange things are going on at the town hall with fatal consequences.
14 Oct. 2007
Episode #1.14
Troels's political opponent Bremer wastes no time in taking advantage of his discomfort.
21 Oct. 2007
Episode #1.15
Sarah has walked into a life-threatening situation.
28 Oct. 2007
Episode #1.16
Sarah won't get on board when her superiors insist that Nanna's murder has been solved.
4 Nov. 2007
Episode #1.17
Sarah and Jan are convinced there's a link between Nanna's murder and an unsolved case.
11 Nov. 2007
Episode #1.18
Sarah and Jan check out a warehouse to look for evidence but something unexpected happens.
18 Nov. 2007
Episode #1.19
The hunt for a missing suspect takes an unexpected turn.
25 Nov. 2007
Episode #1.20
Having been taken off the case, will Sarah succeed in nailing Nanna's murderer?

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