Eddie: Are you sure you're not manic?

Campbell: I'm inspired, Eddie.

Eddie: What's the difference?

Campbell: Inspired is when you think you can do anything. Manic is when you know it.

Campbell: This is Campbell Bain's Looney Tunes Show. And I hope everyone in this old house is ready to rock and roll. That's right, because it's time for the Looney Tunes Show, and I want you dancin', loonies. I want you singing along; I want you clapping your hands. And stampin' your feet. If there's a strange voice in your head, get it to sing along. If there's a catatonic sittin' next to you, wake 'em up! This is for all of you having ECT tomorrow. I hope you get some good vibrations...

[plays "Good Vibrations"]

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