The Last Station (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

russian countess
wealth writing
love leo tolstoy
seduction author
1910s writer
secretary death
gift waking
drama queen reference to anton chekhov
private property changing one's mind
fork balcony
ex teacher bee
girls' school school
inheritance injustice
social justice nightshirt
nightgown goat
unhappiness happiness
fainting scythe
field government
russsian government essay
russian czar czarist
tea servant
imitating a chicken bonfire
lantern moustache wax
cigarette smoking eavesdropping
candelabra breaking dishes
homosexual subtext conspiracy
publisher pistol
gun yawning
dressing boy
children song
singing singer
library mother daughter relationship
subjective camera snoring
sleeping bed
forest woods
laughter water bucket
creek fleeing in the middle of the night
fleeing chicken
plucking a chicken slipping and falling
looking through a window candle
sofa touching one's forehead to the ground
running underwater scene
reference to the marriage of figaro the opera coffin
climbing out a window astapovo russia
abandoned by husband icon
dock suicide attempt
rescue from drowning lake
falling into water falling into a lake
voice over letter pen
dormitory tai chi
teletype saying cock a doodle doo
lover assistant
letter cook
prophet respect
generosity sycophant
listening to opera recording
record player victrola
year 1910 movie camera
reading a newspaper newspaper
rural setting job interview
private secretary typewriter
admiration spirituality
gardening freedom
infidelity unfaithfulness
adultery extramarital affair
last will and testament undressing
topless female nudity female nudity
manifesto delusion
doctor illness
prayer dying
photographer camera
moscow russia bare chested male
horse riding horse
friendship friend
religion politics
memory betrayal
tears crying
book aristocrat
peasant reference to god
reference to jesus christ listening to music
reference to anna karenina the novel reference to war and peace the novel
nudity idealism
head scarf horse and carriage
telegram bare breasts
axe hugging
kissing taking a photograph
photograph premature ejaculation
nervousness belief in god
mosquito sunflower
flower kiss
sex orgasm
woman on top male virgin
no title at beginning father daughter relationship
vegetarian virginity
sneezing chopping wood
beard diary
garden train station
loss of virginity train
celibacy virgin
russia russian revolution
revolution revolutionary
renouncement poverty
philosophy old man
marriage inner title card
husband wife relationship genius
count country estate
birch tree balalaika
based on novel

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