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I'm Hooked
terren85561 August 2006
When I discovered that "Blade" was going to be made into a series, I was extremely skeptical; I didn't go out of my way to watch it when it first aired. That being said, I am extremely grateful that decided to watch the July 26 episode. I am all the more grateful that Spike, during that episode, announced their Sunday marathon, and that I watched. The storyline is extremely interesting and imaginative (the "ash" drug was an ingenious idea), and very intelligent.

"Sticky," while no Wesley Snipes, pulls off his portrayal quite well, and seems to be growing into the role; I think he'll only get better over time, and truly make "Blade" his own. Also, I like that the writers make it harder for his Blade than Wesley Snipes' portrayal, in that his encounters with them are not, consistently, one-sided massacres. The Krista character (aka Jill Wagner) is an absolute gem of a find. Very believable not only as an ex Iraq veteran, but as someone struggling with the hand she's been dealt, and with the inherent conflicts that come with it. Van Sciver and Chase are yet additional examples of excellent casting. Jessica Gower nails the Chase character as the ruthless and sadistic enforcer, and Neil Jackson portrays Van Sciver perfectly as the outwardly elegant but ruthless, ambitions operator--it is clear that he has ulterior motives coming out of his ears.

And that incredible child character, the pure-blood vampire "boss," was absolutely riveting, and from the second she entered the story. Hopefully we'll see plenty more of her. She looks absolutely frightening.

Am anxious to see more dimension to the Blade character--in fact, I think, that is going to be essential to the long-term success of the series. While interesting, he is not, by a long shot, among the most fascinating and intriguing characters we've been introduced to--and it's his series, after all. His sidekick (Nelson Lee)--who is clearly fearless and dedicated--is also sorely in need of more development; I'd like to know what drives him, as well. Since this is to be a series, however, there's time (hopefully) to take care of those essential elements.

Overall, "Blade" the series far exceeded my expectations; hopefully it will be on long enough to reach its full potential. As I've stated, I'm hooked.
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Really enjoyed it!
AbbiNormal10 July 2006
I myself was a skeptic of this series, because I enjoyed the movies a lot and didn't want the series to ruin that. I listened to Howard Stern the other day and he was raving about the series, and said "if you can get over the fact that it isn't Wesley Snipes, then you will really enjoy this show." And I completely agree I watched it for the first time last night and it was awesome. Watching this show is like jumping into the comic, dark and twisted.It is very different because you don't hate the bad guy Marcus, you almost feel for him, and there is a mystery about him because he has sympathy but is very powerful and strong.It great because it has a little of everything plenty of action, blood, skin and good plots. So everyone should give this show a try, once you do you will be sucked in (no pun intended.)
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It has potential...
rayzorfist5 July 2006
This series has some potential.

No, it's not the Blade movies, it is different. And that can be a good thing.

Once "Sticky" makes the role his own and stops trying to act like Wesley Snipes' Blade character, I think his role and his acting will improve.

The rest of the folks do a decent acting job and the story looks like it has an arc that can last a while. The supporting cast looks pretty strong. If Spike gives it a chance to develop an audience, I think it can stick around a few seasons.

Consider other titles that appeared shaky at first but went on to strong showings: Firefly, Buffy, heck, even Star Trek, TNG had a pretty shaky start but eventually the actors and writers found the characters and they developed them richly.
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Blade still strong after the films
Chris M5 July 2006
I loved the first two episodes of Blade, it's a great show with a great character. Jones does a good job as Blade, he's defiantly different than Snipes, but does a good job. The supporting cast is interesting, the story is as good as you'd expect it to be for a TV show. This pretty much leaves off a while after the Blade films (which I loved), keeping the movies as part of the past. The style that it is filmed seems very much like a movie, I love how it looks. It's a good show with a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to tonight episode. Pretty much if you liked all of the 3 Blade films, you will love this show.
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Great show. Prevented the franchise from sinking.
GabeShadow17 August 2006
When I first saw various pop-ups about the TV series, I was a bit skeptical in Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones being capable of playing the role of the title character, but after seeing a few episodes, he had some potential, although having a bumpy start. However, after a few episodes more, he did manage to shine and was almost on the same level as Wesley Snipes.

Story: The story takes place some time after Blade Trinity. Blade heads to Detroit to finish the war with the vampires, starting with the House of Cthon (led by Neil Jackson). Other than blade, it also follows the P.O.V. of an Iraq war veteran named Krista Starr (played by Jill Wagner), who just came back home only to find out that her brother was murdered under questionable circumstances. Starr's investigation eventually ends up with her discovery of vampires, and forms an unofficial partnership with Blade. Everything else from that point on starts to formulate on its own.

Among various sub-plots, one of the episodes was dedicated to exploring Blade's unexplained past from the movies.

Acting: The acting was decent, and thankfully, there was no bad spots at all. Other than Sticky having a rough start acting the role for the title character, he really managed to retain the character's "hate everything he sees including himself" attitude that Blade fans know and love.

This is a definite must-see for Blade fans, and would wash out any bad tastes the fans had with the movie sequels.
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What a Worthy Series!
don-w-abel7 July 2006
I have seen the first 3 episodes and am already hooked. Kirk Jones definitely has what it takes to pull off the role of Blade. He's got the physique and the presence albeit not quite like Wesley's. Jill Wagner's character has a somewhat physically demanding role but she is in outstanding shape ;) and pulls it off with the greatest of ease (at least from the viewers' perspective).

I am looking forward to seeing how close "Krista" can get to the pure bloods. I doubt she will meet the same fate as her brother for a multitude of reasons. So here's a thought: She is now 'Hominis Nocturna'. Blade is half and half. They have both taken the serum and both hate vampires. Neither of them has a love interest. (OK Marcus has it bad for her but that will never happen.) There is a lot of common ground developing. Maybe we'll see a little something between the two? This show rocks. I'll be pushing for another season.
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All in all a good show
ntooks927979 July 2006
I think the show has potential.

It has a good story line so far. It will be interesting to see the story progress as the season continues. I like the actors playing Krista and Marcus. They have nice chemistry.

However, the actor playing Blade needs a little work. He's trying too hard to duplicate Wesley Snipes, making it difficult to understand his lines. Maybe he needs to enunciate or maybe it's just hard for him to speak with fangs...? Either way, he needs a speech coach.

All in all it's a good show if you're a fan of vampire movies or Buffy/Angel type shows.
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Give it a chance. It gets good. Hooked by the 5th episode.
kdean-527 September 2006
I wasn't sure if I'd like it at first. I was worried it would be a silly action show with no plot, bad acting, and no depth. Even after watching the pilot, I was hesitant, and I didn't watch any more for awhile. But I did record the first season(DVR). Later, when I had more time, I went back and watched a few more episodes, in order. I got hooked. My conclusion: It's not a silly action show as one might expect. A good story develops into a great one, with a lot of intrigue and mystery. To me, its a little bit like ALIAS meets UNDERWORLD. I hope people give it a chance. There just aren't many shows like this on TV. We lost DARK ANGEL and other good shows. Hopefully this one will stick around. While I like Smallville and watch it religiously, it's nice to watch something a little darker with less teenage drama. I'm a fan of a certain kind of vampire story -- like UNDERWORLD, VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE, KINDRED THE EMBRACED, and BLADE. So, this new series is satisfying me and I hope it stays. Jill Wagner's character Krista Starr was a brilliant idea. She is a very good, very necessary, character for the series. If it was just Blade and his sidekick, I believe the series would fail quickly. And, Jessica Gower's character, Chase, is great! Scary, striking, beautiful, and very memorable. I'm also fond of Neil Jackson's character, Marcus. A good choice. So there you go, a good ALIAS/UNDERWORLD show, with Marcus, Krista and Chase as my personal favorites (so far).
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Not bad!
bigska13 July 2006
I really didn't expect much when I first started watching the pilot, but I am pleased to say I was interested enough to watch the next episode, which I liked a bit better. I think that the length of the intro was a bit too long, and the story seemed to flow better in the second. However, the third was even better. Now this is saying a lot, considering I really wasn't a big fan of the movies. I find Kirk "Sticky" Jones much less annoying than Wesley Snipes, better looking, and without the awful hairdo. As a nice plus it's got a really cool intro. The story is getting progressively more interesting. I'll definitely continue to watch!
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Promising Pilot of an Interrrupted Series
Claudio Carvalho27 September 2008
In Moscow, Blade (Sticky Fingaz) chases a vampire and discovers that Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson) is in Detroit. Meanwhile in Detroit, the military Krista Starr (Jill Wagner) returns home seeking out her twin brother Zack Starr (David Kopp). When the family is informed that Zack was found dead, Krista identifies the corpse and asks information to the corrupt detective Det. Brian Boone (Bill Mondy) that is associated to Marcus Van Sciver, supplying prostitutes to feed his vampires. Krista meets Blade and works together with him trying to catch Marcus. However, she exposes herself trying to kill Marcus, and is abducted by the evil vampire.

The "Pilot" of "Blade the Series" is a promising movie that gives a good expectation for the series. My wife is a fan of this series, which was abruptly interrupted in the end of the First Season, and she also liked this episode that has been just released on DVD in Brazil. The story is entertaining and the sexy Jill Wagner is has a great performance in the role of Krista. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Blade – A Nova Geração" ("Blade – The New Generation")
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Great show!
cscherrey13 August 2006
While I missed the first show, I saw the second one and was hooked. The show is improving dramatically over the weeks and has A LOT of potentital.

It seems the biggest complaint about the show is that it is not the movie. Admittedly, I enjoyed the first movie and the others were okay. But, I can't say I was in love with the movie. In fact, I was not going to watch the series because I did not care for the movie. But, I happened on it one Wed. Turns out, it is very different from the movie, but I actually REALLY enjoyed it. IMO it has more depth in the characterizations than the movie. So, I would suggest people give the show a try.

I also believe that the TV Blade is going a better and better job with his craft! I have no doubts he will continue to improve. Personally, I like him as Blade. He brings a depth to the part that I didn't feel was there before.

So, in short, its a great show and give it a chance!
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Could have been better
beisserchen23 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wesley Snipes was cool as Blade. He didn't look out of place with all his gear. Sticky Fingaz is over cool, doesn't have much to say and looks/acts like a moron. Somehow, the Krista plot does not make sense. Marcus kills her brother, he knows Krista is his sister and a soldier, what else but revenge would she want from him, what else but trying to betray him ??? I haven't seen all of the series yet, so there is hope that there will be an answer to that. I like the Marcus character - he is well played by Neil Jackson. The "bad guys" are better portrayed and more "likeable" than the so-called good ones. Some of the special effects are quite good.

Although the whole series is a bit ridiculous, it still is entertaining and exciting enough to watch it.
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Reaks of creative claustrophobia, turning "Blade" into a vampire-related drama was not a great idea
liquidcelluloid-17 October 2006
Network: Spike TV; Genre: Action, Drama, Horror; Content Rating: TV-14 (for strong language, graphic violence and gore); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

For their first big scripted dramatic series, Spike TV went to the movie well and got screenwriter David S. Goyer himself to adapt Marvel comic book character and movie trilogy star Blade for the small screen. Half-human, half-vampire, Blade (Kirk "Sticky" Jones, "Over There"), also known as The Daywalker, tries to infiltrate a vast highly sophisticated underground syndicate of vampires. Meanwhile, a battle brews between the infected, lead by Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson), and the purebloods that rule the vampire bloodline, one of the leaders of which – in the show's best character twist - is 12-year old Charlotte (Emily Hirst).

"Sticky" Jones does a decent Blade, as well as Wesley Snipes, but even at series length Blade is an anti-social one-note force of martial arts destruction. The show compensates by bringing in an original character. After her brother is shot by Marcus in the pilot, Krista (Jill Wagner) ventures into the vampire underworld, is converted and is then flipped by Blade as a double agent on the inside. With Blade left to do nothing more than grunt and growl, the show follows Krista's rise to the right hand of Marcus - much to the chagrin of his beautiful partner Chase (Jessica Gower) - as he tries to develop a vaccine to kill the purebloods.

One of the most interesting things about the "Blade" movies was that vampirism was treated like a disease and the aristocratic depiction of the vampire culture and inside of which where political power struggles between the 2 "races". It is fertile ground for a series to explore and yet "Blade: the series" feels like a monumental missed opportunity. Vampirism is now sold on the street like a drug as "Ash", but otherwise the show can't think of any new avenues to take itself down. If we aren't getting action how about vampirism as a social metaphor? The whole production reeks of an inescapable feeling of creative claustrophobia. I know should be grateful, given how few shows like this actually are on TV, but good intentions don't keep me entertained.

But the marquee appeal of "Blade" was the comic book fight scenes. While the Pilot looks great (the visual style of the entire series is slick eye-candy), as the show goes to series the action is suffocated by the Spike TV budget. In order to pay for a CGI effect of vampire skeletons exploding into dust (or a bit like my favorite, where Krista decapitates a vampire with a street sign), "Blade" scrimps and saves every penny by padding the show with endless, endless, scenes of expository conversation and dramatic dialog, effectively turning "Blade" into a vampire-related drama instead of a comic book actioner. And that is the biggest, and likely unavoidable, mis-step the show makes. All the saving does pay off in the end. If you can make it that far the show delivers a satisfying face-to-face final battle between Blade and Marcus.

I should also make the point that the TV-14 rating given to the show by Spike is wildly, irresponsibly, inappropriate given the language and level of gore on display here. "Blade" is a basic cable TV-MA if I've ever seen it.

* * / 4
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Blade the half-human half-vampire hunter on the small screen
Terryfan17 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Blade the Series had so much going for it the problem was it was on Spike TV and after one season they throw it under the bus which is a shame too.

Sure the series might not has been as big as the movies themselves however it did have something for Marvel Comic fans and Blade fans too.

It lasted only 12 episodes which is again a shame because given the right network it would have been made into a interesting TV series.

The plot of the series takes place after the events of "Blade Trinity" where Blade (Played by Sticky Fingaz) along with his new partner Shen (Played by Nelson Lee) resume hunting vampires in Detroit. Later on Krista Starr (Played by Jill Wagner) who has just return home from a tour of duty discovers her twin brother has been murdered and begins to investigate.

When she crosses paths with Blade she soon discovers the world of vampires, unfortunately this leads her to Marcus Van Sciver (Played by Neil Jackson) and Chase (Played by Jessica Gower).

Learning her relations to the man Marcus killed he decides to turn Krista into a vampire. Now forced to work for Marcus, Blade and Krista agree to work together let her be his inside person within Marcus' inter cycle.

The plot of the series was pretty promising from the start having a anti hero inside Krista with Blade being the main anti hero of course.

Each episode you see Krista struggle with her human and vampire side as Blade does what he does best.

Marcus as the main antagonist his present in the series was that of the classic villain, cold cruel and evil. What he shows to the public is a rich man wanting to help the city but when the doors are close he is pure evil with Chase being his most trusted.

Overall Blade The Series had a interesting story line going for it it just that the network wouldn't give it a chance which is a shame.

If you're a fan of Blade check it out.
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Good Show, but Blade sucked....
leeuniverse14 June 2012
The show was actually good, especially the female star of the show. But the Blade character himself was absolutely terrible. He had no acting ability at all. All he did was look serious and had a fake serious voice. Terrible actor.

Show would have been perfect had it not been for the Blade actor. All other actors were also good at their job.

Also, it really irritates me that TV shows keep always being canceled, even good ones, and even though they do reasonably well. Just because they don't "win" some stupid ratings war, they think the show isn't good enough to keep. Further, they do stupid things like showing two good shows in the same time slot, and then they wonder why a show that might be good, doesn't get the ratings they want, if another show is slightly better. Then what's new of course, they both get canceled.... Fools. :(
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Kirk Jones packs little "fang" as the hunter in "Blade: The Series"
MikeSmash5 July 2006
All of us who are fans of Blade, whether it be in the comic or movie form appreciate quality action/martial arts, great actors/acting, & a leading man who brings the title character to prominence. I was so looking forward to enjoying "Blade" with his cool demeanor & fantastic martial arts displays. Being a martial artist myself, the thrill of a TV series starring Blade caught my attention immediately.

Unfortunately, rapper-turned actor Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones is way above his head taking this role for the TV series. Jones is no LL Cool J, Busta Rhimes, or even Queen Latifah for that matter. Jones' portrayal of the fearless vampire hunter is beyond wooden; boringly comatose fits more in this case. Being a die-hard fan of the films expertly done by accomplished martial artist & actor Wesley Snipes, I find it hard to imagine any actor taking on the role of Blade without the athleticism & martial arts skills it takes to successfully pull off such a demanding part.

Jones looks awkward at best in the action sequences & could not copy Snipes' rendition of Blade to save his life! I was so disappointed with Jones' portrayal that I may not be watching much more of the series. The rest of the cast has a lot of potential but will have to carry Jones unless another actor is cast for the lead. In short, dump Kirk Jones & find another actor worthy of Wesley Snipes' Blade. As a concerned fan, I hope "Blade: The Series" does not stop fans from going to the theaters for any more "Blade" flicks. And hey Jones, stick to rap & give up acting!!!!!
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The jury's still out
angus brewer6 July 2006
The vast majority of the cast members show promise, and the plot line seems to have been thoughtfully written. I'm not crazy about Sticky Fingaz' portrayal of Blade--his performance in the debut was wooden, as best--but I'll reserve judgment for a few episodes, and hope that with more experience comes more confidence, which will lead to better acting.

My biggest issue is with the combat scenes: more money and time should be invested in training Kirk Jones; the director needs to pace the action better; or the choreographer ought to rethink his/her sequences. Even the gun battles seem oddly envisioned and strangely out-of-synch.
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The Truth About Blade The Series
aek600030 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK now the first time I was introduced to the Blade character was the Spiderman Cartoon in the 90's and I loved it. I am not one of the die hard Blade fans, I did not see any of the Blade films in the theaters until Blade Trinity came out and I must say I enjoyed the film franchise so when I heard that spike was going to produce Blade on TV I thought hey that's cool but its not going to last.

Well I'm happy to say I was wrong, I have watched every episode in order on spike and at first I thought the show was good and the stories were great this show reminds me of the Highlander TV show that was very successful. Now at first to be honest I thought Sticky's Blade sucked he was kinda flat and didn't seem to bring Blade out at all unlike wesley snipes portrayal which was great.

But I just finished watching the 'Hunters' episode which I believe is the best episode yet and may I say that Sticky has officially become Blade he's really got the character down referring to the scene where he says "cant smile asshole" and throws the vampire out the window so Blade and he's doing one hell of a job he is Blade! OK so your abit skeptical about watching this TV show, all you need to know is Blade the series has good solid acting, strong characters, and great stories I love the direction this show is going and I hope that Spike realizes they have a very good show that has a bright future. Blade the series has all the qualities to be a successful and long term show.

I've been reading on the message boards that the die hard film fans do not like the show and want it cancelled, all I want to say is this show is not a movie, these stories are different and its a new outlook for the franchise and all you die hard film fans must realize this and if you watch this show without your decision already made you will realize that Blade the Series is a strong and fun show to watch its very intriguing and fun to watch I easily give Blade The Series a 9 out of 10 and the way this show is going I wouldn't put it past them to receive a 10 out of 10 for next season. It's a must see and beats the crap out of Desperate Housewives
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Lack of Snipes is a benefit, not a handicap
paul-247829 July 2006
The lack of Wesley Snipes in the lead role here is a benefit, not a handicap. It has allowed the effective suspension of disbelief that a fantasy series like this needs. Instead of looking at Snipes, we're looking at Blade. Much better.

Despite the silly and rather stereotypical name, "Sticky Fingas" does a good job in the title role, and Nelson Lee is good as the loyal sidekick and Neil Jackson as Marcus van Sciver is convincing in the lead bad guy role.

All in all, a good attempt (I rated it at 7/10) at pulling the Snipes vehicle onto television. I just hope the series doesn't descend into formulaic TV rubbish.
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Blade the series is much better then the movie trilogy!
sharjil_ali19 July 2006
Blade the series I think will be a hit. It has lots of potential and the plot is getting more and more interesting as I watch each episode. The reason I say the series is better then the movie is because the plots of the movies got worse as each new movie came out. The first movie was good, I really liked it. I liked the plot and the frost character. The second one was retarded. And then the 3rd one would have been good, but sucked because Dracula is supposed to be such a bad ass vampire but died so easily. The only good thing about the 3rd movie was Jessica Biel (cause shes hot). But overall, I think the series is real good and going to improve if spike allows another season.
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Buggy's Before The Horse On This One!!
gurochuck17 July 2006
I pretty much agree w/ the overall consensus on this one. I too believe that, giving what I've seen so far the benefit of the doubt, that the one "setback" (my attempt at diplomacy) w/ this project is its main subject, Blade! I've been accused at being 'overly lenient' to say the least when it comes to my viewing tastes but I think a lot of viewers will agree that I'm pretty justified on this one.

Stay w/ me on this one. The real problem w/ this project is that the big budget trilogy has already been done. Now practically anyone whose been following Blade and his adventures since then is pretty much "fixated" on the image of the main character as he's presented on the big screen. This is a huge hump for many viewers to get over and the more dedicated the Blade fan, the harder it will be for them to take Kirk "Sticky" Jones seriously. It's almost unfair to cast Jones in the same light as Snipes.

W/ that being said, one has to put oneself in a certain mindset when watching the series (granted I'm aware that that's a lot easier said than done). For one thing, we all can agree that Wesley pulls off fight sequences MUCH better than Sticky. But remember, Blade is an immortal vampire killer...PERIOD!! Never in any of the comic book tales is it written that Blade only uses flawless, proficient martial arts tactics to kill vampires. The big screen presentations had this luxury because the lead actor has a martial arts/boxing background. Sticky barely has an acting background!! So you really can't fault him for the choppy, dry and lackluster fight sequences. Had the series been done before the movies, I think it may have been better received simply because you wouldn't have had anything to compare it to.

Other than that, everything else seems to serve its purpose. The 'Chase' and 'Krista' characters are presented pretty colorfully and of course one of the reasons their respective actresses were chosen is because they make great "eye candy." And while the 'Van Sciver' character gets to be a little gimmicky at times, I think overall it goes over real well. I must also admit that the story is growing increasingly more intriguing. It might even be too early for me to accurately comment right now but I had to say something at this point. I guess my only fear is that this may come to a very intense build-up only to have a somewhat bland letdown as closure simply because the main actor was unqualified to bring any life to his character.

My advice to anyone watching this series is try to be as objectionable as possible. DON'T try to compare it to the big screen presentations or you'll be setting yourself up for major disappointment. But you never know, we're only approaching episode 4. Overall, so far, it's a somewhat decent attempt.
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God awful way to kill a franchise like Blade...
jtps27 October 2006
Wow...I'm in amazement that there are people comparing Sticky to Snipes, that's like comparing the best 5 star hotel to sleeping in a dumpster. Sticky couldn't act, he couldn't fight, he showed no emotions, the guys not an actor, he's horrible, and the worst choice I can think of to play Blade and take over that role from Snipes.

As for the show, why was it called Blade, it should have been called the Jill Wagner show as her storyline was the main theme, not Blades. Bad call number 2 for the show.

And lets not forget how they took everything from the movies, tossed them aside, and just did whatever they wanted to with the stories and such. You don't base a TV series on a very well liked movie franchise and then crap all over what the movies have done and shown.

I'm very happy this show was axed, maybe if this happened more often instead of people just accepting crap Hollywood would get the message and put out some decent stuff.
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disappointing to say the least
wundermun24 August 2006
I've watched the series and am disappointed to say the least. The show's writing is appalling at best. Thought jill wagner is hot, the series title is still blade, yet she is 80% of the show. blade has no redeeming qualities. little or no fighting skills, other than choreographed, no personality skills other than barking requests to people. the shows writers spend too much time on marcus and kristie, trying to get viewers to sympathize with marcus and not portray him as the bad guy he is supposed to be. kristies character should have never been left with marcus but should have been fighting with blade all along to avenge her brothers murder which was her original task, yet the writers gave no time for her and blade to build up an alliance and trust in each other. he also offers no respect for his sidekick. Let the show die a deserved death - and find a better gig for jill wagner.
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Sticky Fingaz?
adease1-15 August 2006
The series has kept me watching this far. The only downfall is the main character, Blade. After seeing Wesley Snipes play Blade, it only seems fitting to see someone with more martial arts experience star behind him. The preciseness and speed of the moves is part of what makes Blade so awesome. I just don't think that "Sticky Fingaz" adds up to Blade. I really just would have liked to see a better actor play such a great role as Blade. Krista (Jill Wagner) is a breath of fresh air. The way she holds on to her humanity makes vampirism seem that much more attractive. I hope this series lasts for a while. Maybe even Sticky Fingaz will grow on me. I can only hope.
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Give it a chance.
WakenPayne26 November 2012
I love the three Blade movies. I decided that I might give this TV show a shot. First of all I have read some of the previous reviews comparing this show to Buffy, Angel and Supernatural. Try and do that, of course you're going to hate the series.

One minor complaint that I do have is where are the other characters? Make Morbius have a guest appearance because the only thing close to another character from the comics appearing on the show was a mention of Moon Knight in the pilot ("my colleague Marc Spector's area of expertise"). If you're going to include new characters then that's completely fine, but I want other Marvel characters aside from Blade.

Also Kirk Jones (Sticky Fingaz) does NOT have the screen presence of Wesley Snipes playing Blade. If you walk in expecting Snipes from Fingaz then please, don't even look at it. Fingaz does a decent job but he is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON SNIPES.

This show will be worth your time. The actors are good, as is the writing. The show is low-budget (even more so than something like Lost Girl) which is a reason why you shouldn't go comparing it to something like Buffy or Angel for that matter. If you know what to expect you'll like it. However, if you do like it then don't expect a closed plot line (I HATE how many cancelled TV shows I have watched end on an open plot line).
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