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Can Aang and his friends save the city of Ba Sing Se from falling into Azula's clutches?

Author: Nikki J. from United States
4 December 2006

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This is by far the best episode that Mike and Bryan have done yet! The plot, storyline, and characters were all perfect! I loved the epic battle between Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Azula! (Later the Dai Li). This was constant edge-of-your-seat drama throughout! I thought the part where Iroh guarded Katara, so she could escape and get Aang to safety. Then, on Appa, when Katara tied using the oasis water to save Aang's life, it was heart pounding! It appeared to fail, but then his Avatar State returned, and he let out a painful moan. Katara then embraced him, then we turned to Azula and Zuko. In the final scene, the Earth King remarks "The Earth Kingdom...has fallen." We then see Katara holding Aang as he rests, then looking off into the horizon. It was such a great episode, I can't wait to see how they will top the next season finale!

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Great episode

Author: rubyducky from United States
24 October 2006

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This is a great episode! I highly suggest all avatar fans watch this! It's simply filled with on-the- edge-of-your-seat action. The voice acting was wonderful. Especially Iroh, I think he was the best. Mark Hamill also does a great job with the Fire Lord. The action at the end of the episode was top notch. It's a shame all episodes aren't like this, it would really open up the show's demographics. The writers really incorporated Zuko into the plot well, given that he is helping Aang after chasing him for a good few years of his life. The episode really brings out your sense of pride and honor by the end. As I said before, Iroh really helped with that. The apex of his skill in firebending is really shown off during the episode. Let the epic fight begin! All avatar fans must watch this episode! Finally! The Fire Nation defeated! But I'm sure there's going to be more in the next season hint hint =). I'm sure we'll all greatly look forward to that.

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A great end to season 2

Author: squirrelhunter17 from Sarasota, Florida
25 January 2007

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Here we have an ending with a perfect cliffhanger.

Zuko, like many who feel strong in their convictions, turned on his Uncle in favor of his own pride. He also destroyed any chances of ZuTara ever happening (thank your respective gods for that one) Katara, Instead of healing Zuko and possibly keeping him from chasing the gang anymore, she saw Aang and got excited. Again, destroying the chance of ZuTara happening.

Aang, learned how to control the avatar state, possibly at the expense of his love for Katara. Did he lose her, does she love him, who knows, season 3 holds the answers.

Iroh is imprisoned, and aside from him, only Master Jong would be able to teach Aang firebending.

Suki and the Kiyoshi Warriors could quite possibly be dead.

Sokka has to find Suki.

And the Earth Kingdom is gone, leaving only one nation around to support Aang and the rest.

At the end of season 2, we've come to the high point in the series, from here, its all thick plot line. From here, everything is different.

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What happened to zuko....

Author: Rachel from United States
2 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILER I personally think there was no point in Zuko and Katara being together. They'll still hate each other because the writers decided to make him bad again... I think that Zuko should have joined the Avatar gang! It was pretty exciting until the end! Writers if u read this PLEASE make Zuko part of the Avatar Gang! You don't know how many fans you have crushed! (including me :( ) Especially a lot of Zutara fans...They thought that they would get together.

Thanks a lot Writers...thanks a lot...

We are crushed...some of your most important fans crushed.

But then again, i mite be jumping to conclusions.

You MIGHT make Zuko betray Azula

You MIGHT make the Avatar gang come back and fight.

You MIGHT make them let him join them ( with a LOT of forgiveness and begging...)


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