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  • On the day after his fortieth birthday, the family man and computer analyst George Grieves goes to the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure of colonoscopy with Dr. Sharazi. Along his birthday party, his friends and family tell many cases of medical errors, and George is worried about. After the surgery, George finds that his surgery had complications because of a homonymous patient, and he had received a thoracoscopic sympathectomy instead. While interned, George discloses bizarre and dark secrets about the East Wing of the hospital while his wife and family have to take a decision about his fate.

  • At 40, IT consultant George is perfectly happy with his job, wealth and family. Everything unravels after he's admitted in Mt. Abaddon hospital for a 'routine surgery' by Drs. Sharazi and Lichterhand. First his leg is ruined, then his spirit broken into ultimately suicidal paranoia, or is it deadly-frightening discoveries? His family, all with their own focus and concerns, ignores his gravest misery, even doting son Ned who films for a documentary on his ward, but has to deal with medical and administrative authorities.

  • Admitted to Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure, George Grieves discovers that his condition is much more serious and complicated than originally expected; and as his own fears begin to manifest around him, he learns that Mt. Abaddon is not a place where people come to get better... it is a place where people come to die.


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  • On the surface, this is a disturbing & thought-provoking journey from a mundane medical procedure to merciful suicide. A typical 40-year-old man goes to a hospital for a routine colonoscopy, and through a symphony of errors, is reduced to a bedridden amputee suffering from bizarre hallucinations, including a stereotypical hot young nurse, an unfaithful wife, and a sadistic orderly with pruning shears. Meanwhile, his attentive family and devoted doctor are helpless, and don't even realize the agony he is enduring. Eventually, he escapes his terrifying existence the only possible way left to him.

    But that's merely the skin of the story...

    On a deeper level, it is an examination of US foreign policy, government error (or possibly conspiracy), and the demise of western civilization embodied in George Bush, whom the writer deems 'grievously' ill.

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