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Accessible, smart, entertaining, interesting, refreshing and inspiring pilot
igoatabase6 June 2009
Watching this pilot was a great and unexpected surprised. I never really paid attention to it until someone mentioned John Doe, the TV show, in an article about best cliffhangers. Then I discovered that the shows were actually quite similar.

The one thing that astonished me is that it's quite smart when the audience is the whole family. So it's quite accessible and that's a brilliant concept because these days some productions are just all black or all white. Kyle XY deals with very important topics like family issues, learning process, relationships… The protagonist almost looks like a genius baby doing his first steps and we're here to witness his epic adventure. Moreover the acting was quite good, from the children to the adults. There were also some eye candy scenes that kids and teenagers should really like as they reminded me of films like American Pie. However I found a fighting one was over the top because the character who was involved wasn't supposed to do what he did. I like to compare it to The Matrix scene where Neo first have to learn kung fu before practicing it against Morpheus in the virtual dojo. But in the end what I really appreciated was the family vibe and how well the relationships were covered. After only a few minutes you should already care about all these interesting characters and I already want to learn more about them. Some arcs were also introduced and they should convince you to watch the other episodes because they bring new elements like mystery and attraction.

To sum things up it was a great way to introduce us to the show. The last time I was so gladly surprised was probably after watching Eureka's pilot. It felt so refreshing and the story seems quite inspiring. It's really nice to see that some talented people have managed to create such a brilliant production.
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dude, where 's my belly button?!
djray653 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
New family drama with a Sci-fi touch. The plot line is an interesting if not a little cliché'. Alien or government experiment gone awry, we are not told during the pilot. Just left up to your imagination. The strangest thing about Kyle is his belly button, or lack of one. This just leads to more questions. Matt Dallas does a fine job of portraying Kyle with a endless since of wonder and child like quality. Sorry to say the other teen actors give less then convincing performances. Over all this is a well laid out family show that should hold the attention of most family members. Not prefect, but good family entertainment. I hope this show gets better as well as is given a chance to succeed.
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Kyle XY is the best
wickedfebfirst11 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this is like my favorite show ever and i really want to see what happens with Amanda. i cant wait for the next episode and i have many theories on what will happen next. i think that kyle is the clone of the victim who was found in the woods because obviously kyle is not human since he has no belly button- meaning he has no mother, i also think we will learn about kyle fairly soon and it it will show him trying to fit in with people school and maybe even Amanda. Many people think that the killer (the man in the red truck) will kill kyle but that doesn't make sense because kyle is the show. So if any readers out there have any other theories i would love to hear them.
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