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"Charlie Jade" Identity (2005)

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While trying to secure a fake ID, Charlie discovers that Gemma Gitano, his soulmate from his orphan days in Cape City, is working for Galt as a hydrologist on the Vexcor facility reconstruction. When Galt and Porter get wind that Charlie is on her trail, they see it as an opportunity to finally nail the elusive detective. Meanwhile, Gemma is more concerned about a strange fluctuation in water levels at the Vexcor facility. When a pool of foul water in Gammaverse alerts 01 to brewing trouble, he knows its time to leave his family and return to the game. But his wounds have left him with an altered molecular structure, and unable to travel easily between worlds. Back in Alphaverse, Detective Tukarrs confronts Rompkin with new evidence about missing Vexcor employees that only she knows are trapped in Betaverse. Reena infiltrates Vexcor as a hired messenger.


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