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jvliv10 October 2007
Very refreshing. Ms. Irene Lucio as Maria Eugenia and her eye and facial expressions remind me of the great Charlie Chaplin, not too many people have that ability to make you laugh by just looking at their expressions. Emilo's character, dorky looking is the typical nice guy predestined to fail, nice guys always end up last, but he perseveres in his pursuit to catch the attention of the girl he likes and believes to be in love overlooking the fact that love has always been so close to him that he couldn't see it. The movie gives you a good lesson on friendship and teamwork. The movie is very good, different, simple yet comical. The linguistic expressions for those knowing "pouertorrican" Spanish are accurate. Situation presented can be a reflection of real life at a private school in Puerto Rico. What makes this movie so appealing is its simplicity I loved it, can't have enough of it.
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Excellent Film
rpmorales28 June 2008
This movie was a fascinating look at modern day life in a Puerto Rican high school. It is funny and witty with great young performers who carry the movie brilliantly from scene to scene. It is a great family movie that all members can enjoy yet the message to young people about love and the loyalty of good friends is well presented without falling into a moralistic trap.

Too bad Puerto Rico doesn't produce more gems such as these. If it did Puerto Rico would be a world leader in film production for markets in the US, Latin America and Europe. Once this sleeping giant awakens look out!!!
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Great movie for the whole family!
kuzko23 May 2007
Part teen comedy, part caper, with a dash of romance and a whole lot of thrills, "Casi Casi" is a refreshingly fun, funny, and exciting romp through High School. The movie follows the adventures of Emilio (Mario Pabon) as he enlists his five pals to help him woo the girl of his dreams, the popular Jacklynne (Maite Canto). Of course, everything goes wrong in the process, and the resulting mayhem is a joy to watch. Kids will get a kick out of this, and parents will be thoroughly entertained as well.

The first half plays like "Clueless" or "The Breakfast Club", as we are introduced to the quirky group of friends and their arch-nemesis School Principal. As the plot unfolds, the tone shifts into more of a caper-comedy, and by the time the second half starts, it's a break-in heist movie in full-out "Mission: Impossible" mode, complete with chase sequences, daring rescues, and many exciting close calls. There's no violence, blood, or guns, but the film somehow creates a level of urgency and excitement not typically found in teen comedies.

The palpable danger is provided in spades by the main villainess of the movie, the deliciously evil Principal Richardson (Marian Pabon). Her penetrating glare alone is chilling enough, and as she progressively loses her temper she is a sight to behold! The acting is great across the board, and is evident in the chemistry between the six kids. They have a very convincing group camaraderie, and behave like real friends. Most of the action takes place in the hallways of the school, which gives the film a tense, claustrophobic feel. The music deserves particular attention, with a great blend of sweeping, epic orchestral score and flavorful Latin salsa tunes. It elevates the emotions and succeeds in transitioning from romance to comedy and adventure without missing a beat.

The DVD includes a very candid and entertaining full length audio commentary by the writers/directors, as well as a fun half-hour "making-of" featurette. It's really amazing to see how a film can be made with such few resources available (it was shot with one video camera and edited on a home computer) and still provide compelling, honest, and exciting family-friendly entertainment. Highly recommended!
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alex-nawoichik28 March 2011
This Puerto Rican movie is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. While it may seem childish at first glance, it serves a grander purpose, and sends an endearing message and moral to all of its viewers.What is the message? That love is tricky, as Emilio finds out, and even though you may believe that one girl is the girl of your dreams, sometimes true love is right beside you the whole time. Also, this movie shows viewers the importance of staying loyal to close friends. This movie has ever aspect of a captivating film - a hero, a villain, and a wonderful ending that features a moral that the viewers can take in, and apply to their own lives. The evil Principal Richardson certainly adds a sense of unpredictability, especially when the group of friends are in the computer lab, changing results of the voting.
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So stupid, it's actually genius
Lizzy m22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about a teenage boy living in Puerto Rico, named Emilio, who grows a crush on the his school's most popular girl. I admit, I sounds cliché, but the humor, characters, crazy plot line, and moral of the story is what makes this such an adorable film. Basically, he tries to run for school President in order to impress his crush, with the help of his loyal and hilarious group of friends. One of his friends overhears the girl chatting with some other girls, and soon discovers that she is also running for President. So Emilio is now running against the girl he likes, uh oh.. The movie is goofy and stupid, however that's what makes it so great. The movie knows how silly it is, with it's dramatic mission impossible theme to it and ridiculous characters. The art of stupid- comedy is no mistake, but yet is often misunderstood as a mistake. Also, if you are a non native Spanish speaker who is currently trying to work on their Spanish comprehension, is is a great movie to practice with, for the dialogue isn't too hard to understand (warning: there is quite a large number of cursing, if case you're not all into that). I watched this in my Spanish 4 AP class a while ago, everyone in my class was glued to it, and we all cracked up throughout the film. I was shocked of how entertaining it was, and everyone else in my class seemed to grow fond of it as well.
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Loved It
adkulak1123 January 2015
My Spanish class teacher put this film on for us once when we had no other assignments to do that day. Naturally, I went into this film with low expectations, thinking it would just be some slapstick comedy film with references that I, an American, would not get. I was sorely mistaken. The chemistry between the 6 stars is impeccable, and the performance of the frustrated principal is hilarious. I'm not sure how many times the "run-for-class-president-to-impress-the-girl" story has been done, but this is the movie that does it perfect. If you are looking for a good, wholesome laugh, grab this movie, turn on the English subtitles, and enjoy.
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