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This movie makes me want to be 10 again
Jeff Beachnau15 June 2008
I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan.

What a wonderful film, so much fun and entertaining. It's the basic story of children at a summer camp and how they spend their time there. But the cast is just so great, it's obvious everyone was having a blast making it.

The film stars Lucian Masel as Fetus, a little kid at camp who has a crush on Sundae (Reva Timbers) one of the girls there. It focuses on Fetus and the rest of the kids from his cabin as they go through crazy antics and adventures and trying to avoid getting caught by the camp Assistant Director (Christopher McDonald in a great performance).

There were just so many fun moments throughout this film, all of the characters were great, with their hysterical names and personalities (Fetus, Reckless, Careless, Grandpa, The Raincoat Kid). And the dialogue sounds like what the kids would actually say and not like it was just written for them. Oh, and the soundtrack was just perfect, great uses of songs and perfectly placed during each of the scenes.

This film was one of the best at the festival. Actor Scott Beaudin who played Reckless was at the screening for a Q&A and he told some nice stories about the making of the film and how all of the cast had a great time working on it. I hope to see many of these young actors in future projects.

Narrated by John Cusack, Summerhood is an extremely entertaining comedy that's another wonderful addition to the summer camp comedies. Everyone should check this film out.
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An interesting, yet flawed, summer camp movie
Murli9 September 2012
While this is one of those feel good movies involving young children, this is a more earnest and, to a vast extent, less cliché, than other movies of its kind. The dialog is less refined, and just something that would be expected to be uttered by kids in real life.

The performances by the kids were adequate. I didn't feel that one stood out more than the other, as it seemed that the director was content to let the story take the main stage. Even though the movie's essentially about Fetus and his epiphanies at the summer camp it didn't really focus on Fetus all the time. Rather, it meandered away from him, and I feel that this is where a flaw occurred. There was no proper focus so I couldn't really connect with Fetus at times. Thankfully, his attraction towards Sundae was not one of those moments, though sadly it wasn't properly developed. Some of the dialog was muffled and didn't make sense in tying it to the story.

Having said that Summerhood is still a movie worth watching. There are some laugh aloud moments, some poignant moments, and some moments that will make you reflect about your best summer, or your first kiss, or when life really began for you. Don't let this movie pass you by.
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2008 Maui film festival
blue_klutch17 June 2008
I saw Summerhood at the 2008 Maui film festival. By far one of the best movies played. The time of the movie was set in the late 80's to early 90's. I was about the same age as the kids in the early 90's.A great job was done with the fine details to fit this strange place in time were the 80's ended and the 90's began.(the ninja turtles references made my night!) This movie is truly a instant classic if you grew up in this time. More movies should be made with this kind of truth and honesty about kids at this age. I knew way more than my parents ever thought I did. I'm sure kids today know even more. Its time we wake up to the fact that kids are not as innocent as we make them out to be. The child actors were great,it really felt like the words belonged to the kids not a script. Good work everyone who worked on this film...............ALOHA
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Great family movie, very enjoyable.
Terry Halmshaw15 April 2014
Someone wrote a review stating it's about four best friends that hate each other, this simply isn't the case and I think this person has forgotten their childhood.

This movie was very well written and even better directed.

The actors (especially the kids)did a wonderful job of recreating that feeling you only get as a child.

Kids are quite literally 'innocence personified' and this movie captures that very well, I recall my childhood and I regret trying to grow up too fast. I watched this movie and it took me right back to the first time I held a girls hand, my first kiss etc, and learning the terminology of (mostly cruel)sayings that eventually help us grow.

I'm not a child of the 80's rather a child of the 70's but there is still enough child left in me to grab this movie with both hands and become completely involved with it and remember all those years ago when the seed of things that make us who we are today was planted.

Summer camp when I was a kid was not overseen by older kids (our peers) if you will, and I think this movie touched on that whole generation gap feeling you have when you're little and someone only five years older seems old and wise, these 'watchers' were not discouraging these kids to do what they wanted, rather they advised the kids and that's how it was for me, the ever so 'older and wiser' offering me advice that was of course for the most part naive and or made up.

I'm not going to ruin this movie for others by including a spoiler, this is a movie to sit with your wife and kids, and your parents and watch their faces twinge as they too recall those little awkward moments.

I truly loved this movie and although I watched this on my own, you can make book I will watch it again with my now adult children to see their reactions.

Musical score is brilliant as is the narration by John Cusack, he has a great voice for this movies narration.

There are a couple of reasons I didn't score a 10 on this film, but I'm sure those who view will know why I didn't go the extra couple of yards.

All in all a great movie that for me only brought back fond memories of my misspent youth. Loved it. 8/10
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Ignore This and Watch Meatballs.
Python Hyena16 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Summerhood (2008): Dir: Jacob Medjuck, Tony Dean Smith / Cast: Scott Beaudin, Raquel Alessi, Jesse Cammacho, Joe Flaherty, Christopher McDonald: Independent summer teen camp comedy that reflects on those innocent days of yesteryear where the door is open just a crack for the next phase of life. Unfortunately this lacks the memorable characters and funny situations that rendered Meatballs such a popular summer comedy. The big issue that directors Jacob Medjuck and Tony Dean Smith heave at us is the romantic hints between underage characters. In reflection, most of us view summer camp at the age of these characters as being anything but parading after girls. Meatballs did this but it was between the counselors and their social hyjinks. It has the total opposite affect here and comes off as creepy as oppose to funny. It also doesn't help that none of these characters are remotely memorable. Even the presence of Joe Flaherty and Christopher McDonald cannot help breath new life into tired retreads. The kids have about as much life as the average store window mannequin. It fails to teach anything about growing up whereas Meatballs bore humour from experience. What we have here looks less impressive than your neighbor's vacation slides. Best advice is to watch Meatballs and try to lose the ugly memory of this drab film ever being in existence. Score: 1 / 10
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OK - Better Than Meatballs 2
Foo Fieux4 May 2015
Canadian with rich dad and big aspirations writes, produces, directs, and stars in a Meatballs camp-hi-jinx derivative with himself in the cool counselor, i.e., Bill Murray, role. A bit raunchier and pottier-mouther than Meatballs and some of the sound quality is pretty amateur; some of the kids' lines are pretty muffled. Great soundtrack and narration by John Cusack save it from a lower rating.

Flaherty is hapless camp director and McDonald plays well his comic villain role a la Shooter McGavin. Tripper and Rudy, ah, I mean, Careless and Fetus get their respective girls. Cute but derivative. Still better than Meatballs 2, et seq.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507814 March 2015
Coming of Age films are amongst my favorite types of films, and I was really excited to sit down and watch the critically acclaimed Age of Summerhood. I really liked the fact that for once, the actors were actually portrayed by kids the same age as their characters. Many times in films like this, the kids are portrayed by much older actors, in order to spare the young ones from the language and grown up elements expressed in the film, but in 2015, what kid hasn't heard the F word before? Using real kids made the film a lot more authentic and because of it, those funny moments were really funny. The film is the story of a group of ten year old friends, and their adventures at summer camp. I wish I could give a better description than that, but that's really all this film was about. Most coming of age stories are about life changing events, that will come to define the main characters life. Sometimes they are about a crime or first love, but not in The Age of Summerhood, as this film is nothing more than a film about kids at camp. While the writers briefly touch on typical coming of age elements, the film doesn't really get into them, in fact, the film doesn't really go into anything, as it's a series of short scenes, some funny moments, and nothing of substance. 10 year old, Lucien Maisel, stars as Fetus and he was great. As I said early having real kids play the roles, made the jokes that much funnier and made the film feel that much more authentic, but it's completely wasted on a film that just doesn't go anywhere. Age of Summerhood is too cute for adults and too raunchy for kids, it's falls in the middle. While my fellow critics loved it for it's authenticity and the debut of future stars, I found the film to be just one big jumble of kids acting like kids, with the occasional laugh, Age of Summerhood is not a bad movie, but not all that entertaining either.
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Sorrowful collection of unfunny
zif ofoz7 July 2014
Not one funny scene and yet every scene tries to be funny! This movie is a choppy collection of 'kids at summer camp misbehaving' and trying to be lovable rapscallions but it fails at every turn.

The plot is questionable due to it's constant meandering between the love interest with that too tall girl and 'the boys shenanigans' .... dead end!

The counselors are stoned or just lost in how to portray their character. Then the four daughters ....really? I thought this was a kids movie.

Don't waste your money - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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