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Sex & Nudity

  • While the movie appears aimed to a younger audience, it contains some mature content. Recommended MPAA: PG-13 for language including sexual references - most involving children
  • Several of the boys make references to homosexuality. One boy asks another boy if he is gay and jokes while attempting to kiss him. Later, two boys have I'm Gay written all over their chest and arms.
  • Several boys make references to having sex with girls.
  • Several counselors are seen making out throughout the movie. One of the head counselors has three 'slutty daughters' who are seen making sexual advances on several of the teenage counselors, who are all then fired.
  • A counselor talks to two young boys about how they should 'love the muff' and own the women, but they fail to understand the sexual undertones the man was referring to.
  • A counselor standing at the top of a tower strips his shorts and underwear, flashing himself to his friend and a girl who he is in love with. We see his buttocks up close and from a distance where several boys are watching on.
  • There is a lewd stick drawing of a girl with breasts.
  • Both young girls and boys make references to 'boobs', sometimes referring to their growing bodies.
  • A counselor talks to his friend in front of several young boys, telling him how he needed a hand-job. When one of the boys asks what a hand-job is, the counselor explains that it was medicine. The whole table then screams hand-job repetitively.
  • We watch a young boy's sexual fantasy involving an attractive girl he just met. He imagines two girls making out in front of him while one of them kisses the other woman down her body, but the boy is interrupted before his fantasy becomes too explicit.
  • A man talks with a counselor about his headaches, a young boy walks up and tells the man that he needs a hand-job.
  • A group of kids play spin the bottle, the same boy and girl are picked twice. The first time they briefly kiss while the second time they fall backwards while kissing for a long time, but we mostly only overhear the kiss. The same boy is picked again by another girl, where he has an more intimate kiss.
  • It is implied that two counselors have sex, they are seen in the morning with life-preservers covering themselves.
  • Near the end of the movie, 'Hey we want some Pussy' by 2 Live Crew plays over the intercom all over camp while several of the kids are seen dancing to it, a couple of the counselors are seen dry humping canoes.

Violence & Gore


  • Several of the young children swear a lot throughout the movie. Mainly one boy gives the middle finger several times.
  • In one scene a boy screams, 'What the f*ck', after another boy gives away everyone's ration of bread at lunch.
  • Near the end of the movie, 'Hey we want some Pussy' by 2 Live Crew plays over the intercom all over camp.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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