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Australian TV comedy hits rock bottom

Author: Lexx-2 from Melbourne, Australia
13 July 2006

Scattered amidst the elephants graveyard of bad Australian television there has always been one dependable genre: the sketch comedy show. Whilst our country has only made a handful of genuinely good sitcoms, the sketch comedy genre has been the source of numerous gems. "Fast Forward", "The Late Show", "The Big Gig" and "The Micallef Programme" are just four examples of great Australian comedy.

Sadly, the last few years have not been so kind, with duds such as "Skithouse", "Big Bite" and the disastrous "Let Loose Live" going some way to degrading a once reasonably proud tradition. Now along comes "The Wedge", an amalgam of every single thing that is wrong with Australian TV comedy.

If you're the kind of person who finds bogans, wogs, fat people and overbearing laugh tracks automatically funny - without anything so intrusive as wit or irony - this is the show for you.

"The Wedge" tries desperately to be a "Little Britain" or "League of Gentlemen" for Australian audiences, which is a worthy idea, except that to succeed in that goal, the writing actually needs to be, y'know, funny. All the performers try too hard to be funny, as if you were stuck watching a bad university revue. The writing is loaded with tired stereotypes, grindingly predictable setups and lame puns (Sandra Sultry - stop, my sides!) backed up with the world's most unsubtle laugh track (Laugh dammit! LAUGH!!!!!) which often runs when there isn't even a joke! If "The Wedge" had run on Nine or Seven it would have been axed within six weeks. Ten may be more patient, but based on what "The Wedge" has come up with so far, that goodwill is sorely misplaced. It's truly disheartening that Ten has given a 26 episode commitment to this garbage when we have some of the best stand-up comedians in the world who can deliver more laughs in 30 seconds than an episode of "The Wedge" can muster in 30 minutes.

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Just as you thought Australian sketch comedy couldn't get any worse...

Author: Jim Dixon from Australia
14 July 2006

This show really is dreadful. The writing is banal, the performances are forced (the actors seem somewhat embarrassed) and the humour is so incredible infantile that you'll wonder how it got the green-light in the first place. There's been a lot of awful comedy on Australian television lately, with Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant running amok and lowering all our IQs with their ridiculous banter. This dreck steals the show however. It does not get much worse than The Wedge. What is most grating about this tosh is that they expect to hold on to our attention by showing the exact same gags over and over and over. The fact that this has a prime time spot on channel 10 while Chris Lilley's ingeniously created We Can Be Heroes went by practically unnoticed by the general public is a sad tragedy. Please do not watch this show, if the ratings drop enough maybe channel 10 will put it out of its misery and look for something decent to put on. There is honestly nothing about this program to praise.

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Never before.....

Author: LordChoxden from Australia
17 September 2006

...have I seen a show that is as pathetic as The Wedge. What were Ch 10 thinking when they decided to run this show. It is seriously not funny, and thats a big problem for a show that is supposed to be a comedy.

A bit of advice for anyone tempted to watch this show...Don't. I cannot even begin to describe just how bad this show really is. It is pure unadulterated TOSH. If anybody knows of a worse show, I'd like to hear about it. Channel ten, it is high time you got your act together and actually put something on your station that is entertaining.

Steer clear


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The worst show I have ever seen

Author: Chinkwo China from Australia
3 November 2006

You can not get any badder than this! The Wedge, by anyones standards, is the worst show, ever, of its kind. It's tired, tired, tired. There are no redeeming factors to this show.

Before I even set sights on this show I was told it was bad, but I thought I would give it a go. Big mistake, I should have listened, this show is the WORST piece of crap I have ever laid my eyes upon. I want to emphasize that 'WORST SHOW OF ALL TIME'. Watch this show at your own risk.

Man, this show makes suicide look funny.

Get rid of it, and do it now.

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don't waste your time watching this

Author: Byron Levene from Australia
10 August 2006

this is possibly the worst television sketch show ever spawned from the loins of the ten network, or any network for that matter. this show perpetuates right-wing neo-uber-conservatism politics at the expense of Australian culture. the show is neither funny, witty, clever or even entertaining. alternatives to this show include suicide, corporeal mortification, or just turning the television off--permanently! avoid like the plague, this show will do more damage.

all the sketches portray the worst of Australian society and then take it to the worst extent, people in Australia are not that screwed up, nor are they ultra-conservative. australians are good people, this show makes us look like total scum!

PS: its also boring as a demtel infomercial

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One of the worst shows I've ever encountered

Author: Sakman1 from Australia
30 January 2007

Usually with horrible television shows, you can still understand how some people would enjoy it. This film defies that rule.

If you were a religious person, the fact that this show got optioned for a second season would make you question your faith.

This show is absolutely terrible. It consists of clichéd, stereotyped, "bogan"-like characters. Each sketch (of which there are only about 7) has one punchline (if you could even call it that) and each sketch ends the same way. The exact same jokes doing the exact same characters. How this show stays on air is beyond me.

Watch one episode of this show. That's all you need to know every character (or one dimensional, one joke, repetitive, shallow shell pf a character).

The jokes are lame, exhausted, old, reused, predictable and completely unfunny.

Please cancel this show and blacklist the actors from ever working again.

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Author: dearg_ghrain from Australia
2 January 2007

From the beginning till the end of each episode 'The Wedge' relies of cheap and often out dated humour which portrays Australians as a bunch of idiotic bogans. Further more producers feel it is necessary to add an obvious canned laughter track to make scenes funnier than they really are with very little effect. Even the actors appear to be embarrassed by the fact that they are starring in such a miserable show which puts their acting on par with the writing. Catherine Deveny has even given the show a bad review in an article in The Age despite the fact that she was actually one of the writers for the wedge claiming that the producers required the writers to "rewriting" and "blanding out" the script to appeal to a wider audience. To top of the negative reviews from the public and other professional critics alike the wedge has been criticised by Who Magazine and was awarded the "honour" of the fourth worst t.v. shows of 2006.

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Truly awful rubbish!

Author: danny_rat from Australia
19 August 2007

Watched a couple of episodes of the first season, it was terrible. Thought I would give the second season a chance as Cal Wilson has joined the cast, but even she can't lift this rubbish, Honest I can't believe it got a second season as it is the same unfunny pap as the first season. Many skits are repeated over and over e.g the Sandra sultry skit, it was almost funny the first time but went nowhere or the mental school girl with the web cam, Ahhhh not even slightly funny. One small benefit the skit of the sisters who joke about leaving their kids in the car while gambling seems to have been pulled, pity the whole show couldn't follow it!

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Some alright material surrounded by a lot of cr*p

Author: night_lex from Australia
21 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of current Australian sketch shows are terrible. Actually, they pretty much all are. When I first heard of the Wedge, I didn't know what to expect, I didn't even know if it was a sketch show. I only heard about a few hours before it premeired, and so, I watched it. The first episode was alright, having a few laughs. It also introduced that girl on the webcam, easily a contender for the most unfunny recurring sketch ever. But, all up, it wasn't bad. It was about a 5 1/2 out of 10, looking like it would get better.

Unfortuanatly, the good slowly left, and the webcam girl remained. There is more then that that ruins the show, but I really hate that sketch. Anyway, It really just stopped being funny. There are some good and funny bits, like cooking shows which has a different host each week (A famous character/person), though a lot of the time, it's just the same jokes about the people who are hosting it as everyone else is saying, such a Bono and his wanting to get rid of poverty.

I'll be fair, the show is alright at times, but unfortunately, most of it is just plain bad. It's a shame shows like Fast Forward, The late show etc. aren't being made, at least not in sketch form they aren't.

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Not for the easily offended

Author: loneandersen from Denmark
13 October 2007

The Wedge is a sketch show which takes place in the non-existent Australian town of Wedgedale. Here we meet a variety of recurring characters, like the farmer, the local sports hero, the two gambling slags and the psycho teenage girl, who's stalking the college's heart throb.

Not much is sacred in this show, so if you're easily offended, steer well clear. On the other hand, if you enjoy shows which take the p**s and satirize things like local news reporting, sportsmen as role models and those awful British "documentaries" about people fighting e.g. fat, this show is for you.

Another plus is the fact that it's Australian - it makes a nice change from the usual US and UK sitcoms and comedy shows.

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