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Not Terrible

Author: shop_a_holic from United States
26 August 2007

I realize that this show receives a lot of negative criticism, some of it I can agree with. Corey Feldman admitted recently that a portion of the show is scripted, which at times, is painfully obvious. But it isn't all scripted and staged. I have to say that probably the best part of this show is all the little things that Corey Haim does. His stupid yet funny comments always make me laugh. I can easily recognize that Haim is a true character. Yeah, sure, he is doing this in an attempt to kick start his career again, but he isn't fake (as Feldman can sometimes be). It's certainly no emmy winner, but The Two Coreys is worth watching every once in a while.

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Welcome Back

Author: Shaun from usa
10 September 2007

I suppose I'm in that weird age group that sort of grew up with Haim and Feldman, and yet not really. I am of that weird niche group that came just after their mega success and caught the "HBO" and "CABLE" rerunapalooza of "License To Drive" "Dream A Little Dream" and so on and so forth. I have over the years seen every one of the films these two guys have been in, some great "Lost Boys" "Licence To Drive" some awful "Busted" and "Last Resort", but no matter how horrid the script is or even sometimes how down right painful the acting can be there's still something fun about watching these two guys. I suppose they're the Crosby-Hope or Martin-Lewis of my generation. You knew even the crappy roads movies were going to be watchable because of the chemistry between Bing and Bob, and I have to say the same about Haim and Feldman. They're OK to watch separately, but together it's a complete set. I can't really explain why, it's just the way of the world. Unfortunately They're not on that same page. So, when I heard they'd be back together on TV(!) I was super excited. I was unaware that the show was scripted and because of that the show had an oddness to it...however once you realize it's totally scripted, it's really funny. They are so over the top at times that you can't help be laugh, were as if it were real, it's just totally uncomfortable to watch...I have to say that every ep. has it's ups and downs and that Suzie is so One dimensional that she's annoying to watch and listen to, they turned her into an unsympathetic character that seems spoiled and pampered. However, it's the moments, like when they're playing pool, or shopping, that you realize why you watch the's fantastic. I just wish, they would have put just a little more effort into a convincing storyline...drew out the characters a little more and fleshed out...well everything. It's sort of sad in away, they only gave us enough to wet the appetite and now it's all over...damn you A&E!!! I only hope that the Coreys can put their differences away and come out with a second season, and this time leave Suzie at home with the kid.

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I Just Can't Help It...I Like The Coreys....

Author: laciebug15 from California, USA
2 September 2007

***It's not like a sitcom or a drama so I don't think I'm spoiling anything, but I do quickly mention some situations from the show*** Moving on--I understand why people might not enjoy the show, because I'm not a big fan of reality shows myself, but from what I know of the Coreys I was curious and gave in to an episode. I wasn't too sure what I thought from that experience so I checked out some episodes "On Demand" and on You Tube, and now I am hooked. Haim's life confusion (a.k.a dependency issues with Corey Feldman) mixed with the Feldman's life organization and slight O.C.D just makes for interesting conflict and I can't help but want to see what comes of it. If you watched an episode and weren't too sure how you felt, or are just curious about the show, I definitely believe its worth giving it a chance--between speed dating, going to a "sweat lodge" in an attempt to stop smoking, and an old flame of Haim's visiting from England, it definitely has it's moments.

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Two teenage acting stars of the past reunite and try to make something happen with this interesting and fun reality spin!

Author: Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
25 July 2008

All of us who remember the 1980's especially if you grew up during that decade and were a film watcher like me remember the success, fame and heights of two teenage boy actors named Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Many of their films were so memorable the most notable hits were "Lucas", "The Lost Boys", "License to Drive", and "Dream a Little Dream". And yes they were very successful yet over the years personal problems and drugs would destroy their appearances in film and most hurtful of all it would kill the friendship that both of them enjoyed. As both Coreys were best buddies. Now finally after many years they have reunited, yet it's still a struggle as both are trying again to find success and Haim is still battling substance abuse problems. Clearly this as the viewer sees causes a conflict with Feldman as C.F. is clearly more level headed and more secure than C.H. as Feldman is married to a very hot and sexy young beauty named Susie. And it's nice to see all of these moments of joy, conflict, anger, and happy times, and past memories unfold on a reality show. Thanks A@E this series is a real winner that keeps us updated on two faded stars of the past.

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Author: Gareth from United Kingdom
14 April 2008

The shows is great, I know it is proper fake but at least they honest about. I find it entertaining. The show is at its best when the two Corey's are joking about and having friendly banter. I don't like the Susie character she is so annoying and I get real bored of the whole situation of her breaking up the Corey's. They should show more stuff of the two Corey's messing around and being themselves because they have such good chemistry. I don't like the fake stuff, I don't think they really need it. But in general the show is funny.

I've read some bad comments about the show but people should understand that this guys have been in some classic films, sure they might not be the best of actors but I grew up with their films and I really hope they go back to their routes and make a cool 80's movie.

I hope lost boys two is good, the original was great.

Haim is the man, he is so cool. I Bet the Corey's threw the best party's back in the day.

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The Two Corey's Saved Summer...

Author: painterjane25 from United States
13 August 2007

The Two Coreys is great fun and a refreshing new show for summer. As the episodes go on, it get's more humorous. The sweat lodge episode is my favorite so far, and Haim's birthday ep was sweet. As far as nostalgia goes, seeing these two characters again is a blast, and I look forward to it every week. It's cool to see Feldman happily married and responsible. Haim is still adorable and you're constantly rooting for him. Both are perfect and hilarious in all there scenes together. Though the show seems a bit set up, with it's Odd Couple premise, it's heart is in the right place. Like other posters I've read, it's just wonderful to catch these guys in any venue or forum. They still have that Corey chemistry! Hopefully A&E will continue with more than 7 eps.

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My opinion on the two coreys.

Author: filmman3000 from Thailand
19 April 2010

I saw the show after Haim's death, the show was getting so much talk here.

After the first two or three episodes. I thought it would be cool. Then it got a cheesy, immature and way too Personal.

The first episode with the girl from PETA coming over was funny. Feldman being stiff and Haim inappropriate.

It was just harmless fun. Then the show tried to be serious and stopped the comedy.

Also it ended on bad note.

One thing they did right it was an entertaining show, never was boring. Haim and Feldman are first class entertainers.

The second season was way too serious they dropped the comedy completely.

Them exposing their sexual abuse was to much for me.

The psychiatric would have been better has comedy.

I felt they could have done more for Haim like him exposing those funny paintings of his. Have an exhibition.

The saddest thing was Haim toward the end being a complete drug wreck and Feldman being out of option to help him.

I feel that if they had tried to be fun instead of dramatic the outcomes would have been better.

It too late now, but what ever.

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Stuck in Time

Author: Maidenlexey from United States
2 June 2008

I was a very big fan of these two guys when I was growing up. Cory Haim more than the other. I watched all there movies over and over. Their faces plastered my bedroom walls to the annoyance of my father. I even ordered this video that followed Cory Haim around in his free time. I watched the first episode of this show I was hoping to see two men that had grown from the boys they had been, but I don't think they have grown one bit. They, Haim the most, looks and acts like a boy in a man's body. Where he was cute and funny when I was a girl, has turned into a moron as an adult. It is sad really. I couldn't stand to watch it.

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Corey Haim.....I hear you

Author: dvmdoggie from United States
16 August 2008

Hi Corey,

Nicki is trying to get you to see yourself the way others view you. She will not enable you no mater how respectful you try to be. Fifteen rehabs in 15's not working. But, I believe I might be able to help you to drop the defensive attitude that feeds your need to feel better.We all want to feel better..less stressed..less crazy...Your doctors are not doing what is best for you. They are giving you what you claim to need. Corey..the brass ring you are reaching for is within sight...the merry-go-round you are on keeps speeding by the ring..but it is within your sight. Let me help you bridge the distance between you and that ring. Nicki is right on track but she can only help you if you let her in..really in. Every crack and every corner needs to see the light of day. I have been where you are. I see and hear me every time you open your mouth...Nelle works for you..she wants to see you succeed and she is very sweet but she is not strong enough to guide you through all the shark infested waters you insist on swimming in. The ad in Variety was a bad idea. There was nothing personal about that personal ad. Your heart was in the right place but the words mean nothing without the follow through. Making amends from a distance is like suiting up for the game and never getting off the bench and you are not the water boy type!! I am not a big fan of Reality TV or Hollywood ,though I was born and raised in La Jolla. I viewed Hollywood for what it is. Unhealthy! A close friend told me to watch your show because she felt I was "at one time"... a female Corey Haim!! And she felt I could help you since I was a survivor of needing to swallow a pill to feel better!! I finished Veterinary School and have my own practice and I did it all without one pill!! You are truly a warm and fuzzy iron clad marshmallow!! You are worthy of helping...I know this because your side kick Feldman convinced me you were. He knew you before...before you chose to step out of yourself and let others run and ruin your life. Like me...we are responsible for giving up the control not for the deeds done to us. I don't think you really understand the difference but Nicki is trying to help you see this. If you want to email back and forth it's cool with me. I am not the kiss and tell type so this is not a set up or as you would call it "a stunt"......This is from my heart...which you have touched. You are your own biggest critic...I don't think anyone in your life has been harder on you then you yourself!! And the past is the past..we can't change that. But the future all unchartered waters..the only guarantee I can give you is that those waters will always have sharks in you navigate around those "man eaters" is completely up to you. If you have the courage to put everything out there on national TV every have the courage to change your life. I believe God puts folks in your life for a reason...perhaps that is why I am emailing this to you..I don't know...but I felt compelled to I am giving it a whirl. Let me know how I can help. Mel PS. what the hell is a spoiler?

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Two Coreys Too Many!

Author: handyoaka from United States
2 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's interesting that Corey Fedlman and Corey Haim do all right for themselves when separate, but put them together and there's trouble. They come across as has-beens who can't or won't accept the fact that their moment in the sun has long ago set. The end result is "The Two Coreys", which should be renamed "The Two Losers". It may sound harsh, but sometimes the truth can be very harsh.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, wherever you are, stop living in the past. For better and worse, what you did then you did then. Move on, go your separate ways, do separate things, establish names for yourselves as adult performers, not former child stars who live in the past. You will be a lot more successful and develop greater self-respect!!!

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