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Even if this movie doesn't quite hit the highs of its predecessor, it's nice to know that there are still filmmakers ready to respect the eternal struggles of freaks and geeks.
There are winning scenes between Wilson and the three teens as they train in various martial arts (like Mexican Judo - "as in Ju-don't know who you're messing with!") and get tips from clips of "Fight Club" and "The Untouchables."
Presents nothing blindingly new for fans of Apatow- or Sandler-style humor and when watching it, one can hear the faint rustling of old scripts being yanked from drawers for a timely cash-in, but with his high-school memories now hopefully exhausted, maybe Rogen has a good college yarn to spin.
As clunky and humorless as its title.
The Hollywood Reporter
A relatively lame exercise that never achieves comic traction.
Chicago Tribune
"Superbad” got a deserved R rating for its unmitigated and gleeful raunch. Drillbit Taylor is cleaner in mouth but far uglier in spirit. Wilson and Mann do what they can to tone it up, but their scenes belong to a different film, and a fresher one.
Miami Herald
The film emits a subtle yet distinct John Hughes vibe.
The last time I saw this much talent in a losing cause was Super Bowl XLII. Trying to mix farce with heart, Drillbit Taylor is instead as soulful as Kenny G and as wacky as public television.
A disappointing hodgepodge of rehashed clichés.
A failing-grade comedy about the wishful triumph of high school dorks over high school bullies.
Another dreadful, not-funny Owen Wilson movie, in which Wilson is the best thing.

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