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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and gore, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • Jack makes out with another student.

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple fight scenes.
  • Multiple instances of axe violence and one instance of gun violence.
  • An assault.
  • One instance each of impalement and stabbing.
  • Pig heads are shown on spikes.
  • The Professor repeatedly bumps into a door causing a bloodied lip.
  • A shelf is shown which contains a human skull among other skulls.
  • Jack crushes a monster's head in.
  • The original monster is shown eating a raw rabbit (?)
  • Most of the violence is graphic.


  • Some strong language.
  • Multiple instances of religous profanity. ("Christ almighty" "goddamn" "heck" "hell" "jeez" "Jesus")
  • Five instances of insulting or derogatory terms. ("babe" "dick" "gay" "pussy" "son of a bitch")

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two instances of cigarette smoking and one instance of pipe smoking.
  • Two instances of vomiting.
  • One of the students tries to sell the other students hashish (never shown).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The monsters look very fake, using it for a more comedic effect. The only thing that will upset you is hearing a poor dog getting eaten.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A monster attacks and kills Jack's family.
  • The Professor swallows a human heart.
  • A tentacle comes out of the Professor's body which he then cuts off with scissors.
  • Uncle Emmet eats a dog and a young boy's hand.
  • The Professor transforms.
  • The Professor attacks the students and transforms several of them.
  • The monsters eat a student and the janitor.
  • The Professor eats a student.
  • The Professor's head explodes.

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