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Exclusive: Jon Knautz on His Upcoming Film Something Fierce

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen the work of Jon Knautz (Goddess of Love, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Shrine) but now we’ve got exclusive word from the writer/director about his next project, Something Fierce! Knautz tells Dread… Continue Reading →

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Cast announced for Jon Knautz’s ‘Something Fierce’

Jon Knautz’s (Goddess Of Love, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer) latest feature, Something Fierce has added Alexis Kendra (Goddess Of Love, Hatchet II), Stelio Savante (Eisenstein In Guanajuato, Jo The Medicine Runner), Rachel Alig (Coach Stage Stage Coach, Ghostline), and Elizabeth Sandy (Goddess Of Love) in lead roles.

Something Fierce sees a love-addicted woman, as a means to distract herself from an affair, befriend a cleaning lady, badly scarred by burns. She soon learns, these scars run much deeper than the surface.

Knautz is directing from his script, co-written with Alexis Kendra. Something Fierce is slated for a late July production start date.
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Halloween Treat: Jon Knautz’s The Cleaning Lady Gets Down & Dirty

We’re kicking off our most special day of all days with a treat from director Jon Knautz, much beloved in the horror community for films like Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Shrine, and his latest, Goddess of Love (review). He’s… Continue Reading →

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Shudder Provides Perfect Halloween Binge Watching

You may have heard about Shudder, the new streaming service backed by AMC (yes the very AMC known for Mad Men) aimed at rabid horror movie fans. I'd only glimpsed a fraction of what the service had to offer --- until now. And I'm thoroughly impressed, I have to admit. For people like me, Halloween is every day. (Insert Ministry's titular tune here.) For more general cinephiles --- or those who want to get in on the Halloween spirit --- Shudder has an incredible array of horror films from pretty much every sub-genre that I can see. If you want to get started on your Halloween binge watching right away, persuse the Halloween section for fun films like Murder Party, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, and...

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October 2016 VOD Releases Include Phantasm: Ravager, Under The Shadow

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While there may be a serious lack of theatrical horror coming our way this Halloween season, fear not genre fans, as we have over 15 different horror and sci-fi titles making their way onto smaller screens this October, which should help take the sting off a bit. Several great films I happened to catch earlier on this year at various festivals – The Greasy Strangler, In A Valley of Violence and Under the Shadow – are all making their VOD debuts this month, and you also have the remastered version of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm and the series final sequel, Phantasm: Ravager, to look forward to as well.

Other notable VOD releases for October 2016 include The Windmill, The Unspoken, ClownTown, Fear, Inc., Vampyres, Halloweed, and Goddess of Love from Jon Knautz (The Shrine, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer).

ClownTown (ITN Distribution) – October 4th

Clowntown tells the story of a group of friends who get
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Erotic Thriller Goddess of Love Lands Distro with Terror Films

Two of the best recent indie horror films to cross our path were Jon Knautz’s The Shrine and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, and his latest, Goddess of Love, is heading our way soon now that Terror Films has acquired North… Continue Reading →

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Patrick’s Favorites of 2015

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I’ve heard 2015 described as a bad year for horror, but that hasn’t been my experience. Between seeing a bunch of movies I really enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy for years to come) and the horror I’ve enjoyed through other outlets, I’ve been a happy genre fan this year. Here are some of my highlights:

We Are Still Here: Writer/director Ted Geoghegan’s debut feature may lack some of the nuance and technical polish of some other movies on this list, but no other horror movie has stuck with me as much this year. I love the wintery atmosphere, I love the loooong the film builds, I love the way that ghosts are depicted not as spooky things that float around and slam doors but instead are angry and vicious and have the immediacy of zombies. Most of all I love the way that
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Wff 2015: Newborn. Creepy Apartment. Paranoia. It's All in The Sublet [Trailer]

It's been a while in coming but it's finally arrived. Our first look at writer/director John Ainslie's feature film debut The Sublet and it's definitely something to get excited about.

Ainslie is best known around these parts as the screenwriter of the wonderfully awesome Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review) and though he's worked on a couple of other projects in the years since that wonderful bit of horror, I've anxiously been anticipating The Sublet since it was first announced. The movie stars Tianna Nori (seen earlier this year in the excellent The Demolisher ( [Continued ...]
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The Sublet: Your First Look At The Poster For Canadian Horror Flick

TwitchFilm is pleased to give you the first look at the poster for John Ainslie's upcoming chamber piece, the psychological horror flick The Sublet. The film is about to start its tour on the festival circuit so it is time to start ramping up some interest in this intense little horror flick. Black Fawn Films & Breakthrough Entertainment announce poster for The Sublettoronto, On, - After a successful run with films like Bite, Antisocial and The Drownsman, Black Fawn Films & Breakthrough Entertainment are excited to release the poster for their latest horror feature film collaboration, The Sublet.Written and directed by John Ainslie (writer of, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer) and starring Tianna Nori, (The Demolisher, Clean Break), Mark Matechuk, Krista Madison (The Dirties, Project Avalanche) and Rachel...

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Loverboy Has a Bone to Pick in Girl House: A Movie Review

Director: Trevor Matthews. Writer: Nick Gordon. Cast: Ali Cobrin, Adam Dimarco, Slaine, Alyson Bath and Elysia Rotaru. Girl House is an effective slasher film. From one of the filmmakers of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007) and The Shrine (2010), Trevor Matthews, Girl House brings a lot of bloody murder to the small screen. Full of dark humour, this indie horror feature also updates the slasher feature, with its use of technology; Girl House is often shot unconventionally. Also, the film's central antagonist uses some of this technology to his own advantage as he violently tries to heal his perceived sexual humiliation. Girl House is an excellent slasher feature, with a fresh look at this genre. The story begins with Loverboy. Played by Slaine, Loverboy experiences sexual humiliation at an early age. Two girls insult his man parts. But, Loverboy gets his revenge on a remote bridge. Fast forward several years, Loverboy has adapted to adult life,
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Icons of Fright Interview With Girl House Director Trevor Matthews

Director Trevor Matthews might be one up and coming force to reckoned with when it comes to the horror genre. Having played the stressed out and pissed off title character in 2007’s Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, Matthews has now unleashed his first feature directorial debut, the very entertaining (and Very Scary) Girl House (out now in limited theaters and VOD). Part examination of how childhood bullying and trauma can lead someone to commit horrific acts and part straight Halloween-like slasher film, Girl House doesn’t pull a single punch when it comes to giving horror fans a visceral punch to the face, and it’s impossible to forget once it’s over. We had a chat with Matthews recently about the film, and it was quite fun to do. Read on!

Trevor: Hey, how’s it going man?

Icons: Great! First off, Girl House completely caught me off guard. Obviously
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Jack Brooks Director Returns to Horror With Erotic Thriller Goddess Of Love [Trailer]

Sometimes you attach an idea to a director that just takes on a life of its own. That's what's happened to me and Jon Knautz. I really enjoyed Knautz's Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review). I remember seeing it and recall an image here and there but the movie mostly escapes me now. I have a vague memory of being intrigued by the trailer for The Shrine but I never got around to actually seeing the movie.

A large reason why Knautz has camped out in my subconscious is because he's Canadian and I have a soft spot for home grown talent and it looks like Knautz's extended stay has paid of [Continued ...]
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Trailer: Jack Brooks Director’s Psycho Sexual Goddess of Love

Jon Knautz won favor in 2008 with monster mash horror comedy debut Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and followed it up with the Euro occult thriller, The Shrine. Now, Knautz is readying his third feature, erotic horror Goddess of Love. With a presence at the currently underway Efm, the first, Nsfw trailer for the film has…

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Efm 2015: Goddess of Love Explores The Dark Side of Venus

Our friends over at Twitch landed themselves the first trailer for the next film from director Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Shrine), entitled Goddess of Love (formerly The Dark Side of Venus), and we have it for you… Continue Reading →

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Goddess Of Love: Trailer Premiere For Jon Knautz's Erotic Psycho Sexual Thriller

After making his debut with horror-comedy hybrid Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer director Jon Knautz heads into much darker territory with his third feature, the erotic thriller Goddess Of Love.Says Knautz about this tale of a dancer turning on her lover when she suspects he's having an affair, "I wanted to make a film that puts the audience inside the mind of the insane so you could experience the story from their point of view rather than watch it from the outside. Glenn Close may seem like the 'bad guy' in Fatal Attraction but what if you experienced the film from her perspective? In her eyes she's not doing anything wrong... and that's just interesting to me. Good or bad is just an opinion of the...

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Lightning to Bring GirlHouse & The Blackout to Afm

More out of the American Film Market on the eve of its start here in Los Angeles... Lightning Entertainment is taking out The Blackout and GirlHouse, two new titles to land on our radar. These are films that are merely looking for distribution right now. They'll be touted and looking for a home at Afm.

The former is by Louis Mandylor, while GirlHouse comes courtesy of Trevor Matthews and Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer).

The Blackout stars Lymari Nadal, Costas Mandylor, Jordan Marder, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Bill Sage, Abe Benrubi, and Grant Harvey.

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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes release details for Out of the Dark, Travelogue of Horror, and The Hunted, a trailer for The Scribbler and The Pyramid, a look at The Walker Stalkers’s music video Talk Dead to Me, advanced screening details for L.A. Slasher, and much more:

Out of the Dark Release Details and Photos: “Vertical Entertainment and Participant Media today announced that Vertical has acquired U.S. rights to Participant’s supernatural thriller Out of the Dark, and slated the film for an early 2015 theatrical release.

Starring Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, and Stephen Rea, Out of the Dark is a ghost story set in South America, where a young family’s new life turns from promising to terrifying when they are forced to confront ancient legends, ghosts, and a haunting family secret.
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Help Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Director Explore The Dark Side of Venus

Though you may not know his name, there's a good chance you've seen and enjoyed one or both of Jon Knautz's two debut efforts. He came onto the scene in 2007 with the hilarious Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and proved he could do more than horror comedy with 2010's The Shrine.

Now, Knautz is working on a third horror flick, and he needs your help. Read on!

Knautz has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds needed to bring his next film to life, which is titled The Dark Side of Venus. Described as a thriller, it centers on a troubled stripped named Venus, whose life is upended in the wake of her boyfriend shacking up with another woman. Disturbed to begin with, she soon spirals into a state of maddening psychosis.

The fund runs through May 20th, and Knautz and his team are looking to raise $20,000 to
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Exclusive: Jon Knautz Explores The Dark Side of Venus; First Look!

Around these parts we're big fans of filmmaker Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Shrine) so when we hear of a new project that he's involved in, we're all ears... or in this case all eyes! Read on for your first word and look at The Dark Side of Venus!

Directed by Knautz and produced by Alexis Knight and Knautz from a screenplay they wrote together, The Dark Side of Venus stars Knight (pictured) along with Woody Naismith, Elizabeth Sandy, and Monda Scott.

Look for much more on this one soon!


An emotionally unstable woman begins a volatile descent into madness when she suspects her lover has left her for another woman.

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First Teaser & Poster For Chris Ethridge’s Horror Thriller The Morningside Monster!

The Morningside Monster is an upcoming horror thriller (currently in post-production) which comes from director Chris Ethridge and has quite interesting cast on board. In case you’re not so familiar with this project let’s just say that both Nicholas Brendon (Criminal Minds) and Amber Chaney (The Walking Dead) star in it. Sounds good? Sure it does, so make sure you check out the first teaser trailer and poster for the whole thing in the rest of this report!

Chris Ethridge directs the movie from a script written by Jayson Palmer, which centers on:

…the discovery of a brutally murdered corpse in the woods of the otherwise-peaceful small town of Morningside, NJ. Racing against time, Sheriff Tom Haulk and his deputy, Klara Austin, embark on a desperate journey to catch the killer, pitting them against friends, enemies and even each other.

Beside Brendon and Chaney, The Morningside Monster also stars Robert Pralgo,
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