Conan the Barbarian (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

warrior mask
barbarian soldier
warlord revenge
tavern slave
attack pirate
monastery capture
boy monk
thief sorcerer
witch battle
woman bound spread eagle dancing girl
passionate kiss natural bridge
boarding party vengeance
poisoned trebuchet
two on a horse run over
horse drawn wagon spyglass
sailing ship shackled
avalanche pile of bones
dying to save son burning village
killed with own sword shot with an arrow
suit of armor cavalry battle
anvil four against one
egg test
newborn caesarean section
woman in labor pregnant
fetus pulp fiction
prehistoric times 100th century b.c.
alternate history stone age
paleolithic age 10,000 b.c.
hyborian age house fire
forging a sword volley of arrows
cavalry starts with narration
catapult adventurer
dark hero ambush
single parent single father
husband wife relationship ritual
freeze frame student teacher relationship
man hits a woman tied up
bound and gagged righteous rage
showdown waterfall
subterranean impalement
catfight rope bridge
crushed head crushed to death
animal attack underwater scene
drowning disguise
supernatural power damsel in distress
creature slow motion scene
stick fight explosion
exploding body jumping from height
fall through floor sorceress
hammock walled city
kicked in the stomach kicked in the face
punched in the chest killing an animal
palace castle
demon demonic possession
resurrection back from the dead
flashback escape
female warrior disfigurement
gash in the face slingshot
threatened with a knife dagger
knife kidnapping
female nudity nun
pipe smoking oracle
interrogation severed nose
dungeon arm wrestling
interracial friendship megalomaniac
world domination male nudity
topless female nudity mercenary
slave camp burned to death
horse chase foot chase
severed head campfire
master apprentice relationship assassination attempt
assassin henchman
neck breaking head butt
decapitation axe
drifter anti hero
mountain goat
evil sorcerer fire
child in peril murder
murder of a pregnant woman pregnancy
fistfight beaten to death
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the head severed arm
fireball stabbed to death
stabbed in the head stabbed in the back
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the foot snow
woods death of wife
no opening credits based on comic book
based on comic dual wield
black magic giant octopus
tentacle tasting blood
prophecy human sacrifice
loss of nose topknot
falling through ice rite of passage
father son relationship father daughter relationship
incestuous desire caesarean birth
death in childbirth name in title
hand to hand combat 3 dimensional
box office flop seeing father murdered
chase horse
wagon blind archer
archer jealousy
ancient person on fire
evil man boat
bare chested male serpent
good versus evil bare breasts
warrior woman mutilation
throat slitting brutality
jumping off cliff falling from height
premarital sex massacre
slavery child warrior
death princess
king rescue
eye patch one eyed man
blacksmith sandman
suicide torture
murder of father fictional war
axe fight battle axe
bow and arrow shot with a bow and arrow
stabbed with a spear stabbed with a sword
fight fighting
remake cult film
magic battlefield
strongman swordsman
sword fighting sword and sorcery
sword and fantasy sword and sandal
sword fight sword duel
disarming someone combat
mixed martial arts martial arts
tough girl spear
gore blood
blood splatter violence
tough guy one against many
one man army adventure hero
action hero hero
robert e. howard sword
three word title muscleman
based on pulp magazine death of mother
death of father character name in title

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