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26 Jan. 2009
Moustache Mayhem
Todd gets a hold of one of Agent K's ray guns in an attempt to gain super powers, and winds up growing a mustache, which somehow convince many people that he's an adult. In order to spite Riley, Buzz buys his own mule named Princess Buttertail, who turns out to fall in love with Prince Cinammon Boots.
30 Mar. 2009
Todd and Riley come home early from school to find out that their parents have been replaced with two "perfect" parents. Todd and Riley think Conrad is out to get them, so they go with Tasumi, Shelton, Jacobo, and C.A.R. to Fleemco Headquarters to find out why. They soon find out that Doctor Skorpius has kidnapped Dick, K and Conrad and has taken over the company! They defeat Doctor Skorpius and Todd finds out that Conrad is really their uncle. In the end, Riley and Todd start helping to run the business.

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