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31 Mar. 2008
Space Family Daring
For a change, Fleemco asks the Daring family for help in testing a spaceship that they sponsor.
9 Jun. 2008
Phone-less in Pleasant Hills
Buzz discovers the Daring Kids' ability to replace adults, and abuses that power to the hilt when he finds Riley's cell phone.
7 Jul. 2008
Celebrity Starr (see "The Frog Prince," Episode #2.5) has returned to Pleasent Hills to make a movie about her romantic fling with Shelton Klutzberry and seeks auditions from the boys at George Stapler Middle School for the role of a character similar to her ex-flame, a role that's won by Todd Daring. After the movie crew is relocated to Hollywood along with the rest of the Daring family, Riley finds that the whole script is not only a gross exaggeration, but a blatant smear campaign against Shelton, and tries to talk Todd into bowing out of the project.
21 Jul. 2008
Glee by the Sea
The Darings take a family vacation on a tropical island, but Todd and Riley aren't having any fun at all. Todd is bored out of his mind until he falls head over heels for an older girl, who's also being pursued by a surf bully. Riley goes into sudden withdrawal over her absence from the company of Johnny Hitswell, and Agent K finds her free time interrupted when she encounters Dr. Skorpious using the island as a staging point for apparently yet another fiendish plot.
15 Sep. 2008
Tasumi Unmasked
A video game character who looks incredibly similar to Tasumi leads Riley on a desperate search to find out the real reason why she's always dressed in battle armor. When the truth is finally revealed, she finds that while Tasumi's life doesn't revolve around fighting giant dragons who rampage through Tokyo, it's still somewhat fantastic. Todd does battle with a one-man-band after losing said video game to him during a competition on the streets of Pleasant Hills.
29 Sep. 2008
Pleasent Hills Confidential
Todd decides to sell his ability to make replacements to the other kids at Geoerge Stapler Middle School. It's his excessive use of such replacements that puts Fleemco's very program at risk of being discovered and therefore terminated. And when Amanda McMurphy gets on the case, the chance of Todd & Riley losing their ability to replace mean, crooked, and incompetent adults becomes even greater.
8 Dec. 2008
Dick Daring's All-Star Holiday Stunt Spectacular V
Dick Daring hosts a 1970's-style Christmas variety show, produced, directed and co-starred by Riley. In his opening monologue, the patriarch of the Darings theorizes that Santa Claus is in fact a stuntman. Todd performs his own twisted version of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Special guests include Carson Palmer, a reluctant Josh Duahmel, and Ed Begley, Jr. who preaches environmentalism. Dustin Dreamlake sings his new hit "Get My Santa On," Buzz Winters tries to read a poem on the show, Agent K tries and fails to hide her identity, and Dick performs an ...

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