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Season 2

9 Sep. 2007
Forced Entry
College student Stay Hendrickson disappears while living away from home at college in Tempe, Arizona. The police are unable to locate her and because she has Diabetes that requires the insulin injections that were left in her apartment her father Roland turns to a psychic in desperation. Psychic Gale St. John advises her father that Stacey has been murdered and describes in detail where her body can be found. The Tempe police contact Gail and take her information as a courtesy to the father. When Stacy's body turns up in an area exactly like the one Gail had described...
Finding Amy
Amy, a college student from Maine, comes up missing after clubbing one night with friends and meeting a stranger named Jeff. Detectives turn to radio talk-show physic, Vicki Monroe, after their investigation comes up short.
23 Sep. 2007
River Rat
An elderly woman is brutally murdered in her small-town Louisiana home. A psychic in far-away Honolulu knows what the killer is wearing.
2 Dec. 2007
Homestead Horror
A man is raping elderly women in the small town of Homestead, Pennsylvania.
23 Nov. 2007
Bad Company
A shady Vancouver nightclub owner goes missing. His distraught fiancée reaches out to a psychic. The truth is not pretty.
Tunnel Vision
Police find two Canadian girls murdered in a small town. Baffled detectives turn to famous psychic, Noreen Renier, to help identify the murderer. A conflict develops between Reiner's visions and the forensic evidence found at the crime scenes.
24 Feb. 2008
A Psychic for the Defense
The wrong sailor is about to be tried for the murder of a colleague's wife in Jacksonville, Florida. A psychic is brought in to defend him, and save his life.
5 Oct. 2007
Home After Dark
Psychic helps Arkansas police save teenage boy abducted from Food Center parking lot and held by horrific abductor.
28 Oct. 2007
The Wrong Man
Memphis Police have a prime suspect in the gruesome killings of two prostitutes. Can a psychic, Carol Pate help police to stop a psychopath?
28 Oct. 2007
Lady Killers
An elderly woman living alone in a New York project, is stabbed to death late one night in a frenzied attack. For the next two years the case remains unsolved. Though police have a prime suspect, they lack evidence to tie him to the case. But when a prison informant gives Detective Mike Mucci a tip, the officer is surprised. A sex offender has been bragging about killing an elderly woman to his cell-mates. Is he connected to the original suspect? And if so, how? When Mucci asks psychic Phil Jordan for help, he hands Jordan a stack of mug shots. Jordan wastes no time ...
Lured to Death
When a man disappears after accepting a ride from a strange woman he met in a bar, Rosemarie Kerr uses her psychic abilities to lead investigators in a search for the missing man.
17 Feb. 2008
A Vision of Murder
Police in an upper-class New Jersey town find a nurse beaten to death in her home. Her boyfriend becomes a suspect, and the victim's sister seeks the help of psychic, Nancy Weber, to get some answers.

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