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God awful show...
TheFuzz28 June 2006
Another feeble attempt by channel 7 to milk the popularity of celebrity reality TV shows. Of course the term "celebrity" is used quite loosely especially when they have such mega stars as Michael Bevan!

I must say I admire the way channel 7 work, they find that one type of show is popular and they do it to death. Unfortunately the public actually watch these shows, meaning decent TV shows lose out to garbage shows like this.

Curse the person who created reality TV, it has been the biggest blight on TV and is an insult to human intelligence. The sooner the reality TV craze is over the better for us all.

Both this and "Dancing" with the "stars" are garbage television, which intelligent Australians would avoid at all costs.
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Erika and David - a class act!
jan_gee26 October 2006
Not at all my type of show, and the reality format wasn't helped by the series being screened on a commercial channel (unlike it's BBC counterpart) but, as a David Hobson supporter, I stuck with it through all ten nerve-wracking episodes.

For the most part the competing couples ranged from the totally awful (who were the first to be voted off) to the increasingly competent, as the weeks passed and the more talented (or appealing) duos survived to the next round. But, from the very first night, for a few magical minutes the show was transformed into something truly entertaining when celebrity Erika Heynatz and her Mentor, leading opera tenor David Hobson, took the floor. They had to overcome a few obstacles, including early otherwise fine performances from Erika marred by her obvious nerves; Hobson's lack of previous experience as a voice coach (also his having to spend the last six weeks of the series commuting between Sydney and Melbourne, due to opera rehearsals); and even Hobson appearing on crutches one night, following a sporting mishap!

However, they received the most Judges votes (leading throughout the series) and against all odds and the strong voting from fan-bases of some other competitors, made it through to the Grand Final when, to the delight of their much-increased band of supporters, they won the competition!

Although I was obviously pleased by the hoped-for but unlikely outcome, I was also relieved when the series ended, as I hadn't enjoyed it at all. However, since a sufficient number of viewers obviously did, it seems that a second series of It Takes Two is planned for next year.
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Why can't we vote 0???
sb94428 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is crap.

Sometimes you need to fight that urge to turn the TV on, when there is seemingly nothing on.

This is a great case for fighting that urge.

I turned the TV off after Michael Bevan (and god knows who) sang "The time of your life" from Dirty Dancing. The hour of radio was like bliss in comparison.

(For those that don't know Bevan played cricket up until about 5 years ago, so make up your own mind whether that classifies him as a celebrity or not) Hopefully there are growing numbers of people who won't put up with this crap for much longer.
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