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Parody Trailers: ‘The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie’ and ‘Riverdale’

Take a break from reality for a minute with a couple of trailers for films you'll never see. Or, as it really goes, trailers for a couple of films you'll never see that are quite a bit like a great many other films you have seen. The Boston-set movies of the past decade get sent up in The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie, while Riverdale offers a new, ugly perspective on Archie comics. First up, The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie, which mashes together ideas from The Departed, The Town, The Fighter, Good Will Hunting and many more. (And that Whitey Bulger [1] reference is one for the real hometown kids.)[via TheHighDefinite [2]] The film's YouTube [3] page says, There's only one city with this much Oscar-worthy drama, and it ain't New York. From the people who brought you "The College Town" comes Boston's ultimate story of crime, boxing, child-losing, bank robbing and equation solving. Starring: Mat Dann,
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Weird Web Wednesdays: Better Late Than Never

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