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Emotionally sophisticated, humane and worth talking about for hours.
Of the two timelines, the one featuring the teenage Diana is more involving than the one featuring the adult version. Both lead actresses give fine performances, but Thurman has less material to work with.
Charlotte Observer
The fact that I didn't understand a film, that its ending can be interpreted at least two ways and maybe three - all likely to be "true" - usually sends me growling in disgust from the theater. But The Life Before Her Eyes has grown on me in memory.
The best thing about The Life Before Her Eyes, a somber meditation on fate and friendship, is the way it captures the close relationship between two teenage girls.
The Hollywood Reporter
Boasting two terrific performances by Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood as the adult and teenage versions of the same character.
Chicago Tribune
Beautiful, horrifying, exasperating and just plain weird.
It's sad to see such subtle, wrenchingly emotional work expended on such trifling material.
When the big twist is revealed at the end of The Life Before Her Eyes, you might think the only way to appreciate its cleverness is to see the film again. I did that. It didn't help.
Perelman pays such cooing attention to surfaces that our response to violence carries no more importance than our response to the delicate jewelry around the adult Diana's neck.
Consider this more a consumer warning than a movie review: The Life Before Her Eyes will draw you in, then intrigue you, then bore you, then bewilder you, then make you crazy with its incessant flashbacks and flash forwards, and finally leave you feeling like the victim of a fraud.
What this heavy-handed film mainly has to endure is a clunky story structure and an ending that wasn't original when it was seen four decades ago on "The Twilight Zone."

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